Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases & Covers Top 5 - Galaxy User Guide

Hello and welcome to this top five cases, roundup for the new Samsung, Galaxy S. Nine. All the cases featured within the video are available worldwide today and links will be left for all in the description and comments below, with the clear view stand cover from Samsung available in a wide selection of colors, the Clear, View or otherwise known in other territories, as SVU standing cover looks fantastic when applied, which can match or jazz up your new phone, what's more, the case with its premium. While it may not be the most heavy-duty case in the world, it does guard your screen and keep your phones nice and scratch-free - which can only ever be a good thing.

The front cover also can quickly turn into a handy media-level TV stand, making it ideal for watching movies, hands-free on the go and at home. You can also weight the phone by simply opening the front cover, as well as answering or rejecting incoming calls with a simple swipe, while the functionality is limited to only a few actions and to truly use your phone you need to open the front cover as you would, with any other wallet or flip style case the convenience of the case in situations where you will want to use it. . In my opinion it makes it a great choice for any s9o looking for excellent protection and style with some conversation start functionality. Up next will be a look at the XO shield, a clear case from Elixir an easy option that ticks all the boxes.

You need it to Alex ARS XO shield delivers exceptional, clear protection which is ideal for those looking to protect their s9, but at the same time maintain its stunning good. Looks they clear back in the sides and allows Samsung's to shine perfectly, while the reinforced bumpers are able to prevent drops and bumps that can happen at any time? The great thing about this extra shield is that all this protection comes at no cost with the case still feeling extremely sleek and slim in hand. We now move back to Samsung with our third pick in this lineup. This comes in the form of their official Alcantara cover yet again in an impressive array of color options.

The Alcantara finish runs throughout the case for an incredibly smooth finish that's great to hold this sleek styling neatly broken up, with the use of subtle, color - matched metallic borders and buttons that really add to this case design there's also some very nice, subtle Samsung branding I like thanks to its understated appearance and again. This finish also runs into the inside of the case, providing some nice soft cushioning for the back of your phone so it can be easily scratched. The symmetry series is each of our two boxes famous for its qualities but in a much slimmer package with all the military-grade drop protection you could wish for.

It looks crystal clear but the overall appearance will not win any awards but the simplistic nature will appeal to many. I also really like the smoothing coin on the camera port opening, as this makes using the relocated fingerprint scanner extremely convenient, with all the branding and top notch build quality that you've come to expect from OtterBox. The Symmetry series for the s9 remains a top pick for any owners looking to provide rugged protection for their s9, but not over-stagger their device at the same time. This Sentinel comes packed in the stylish case, and also an easy-to-apply glass screen protector that ensures total all-round protection for your Galaxy S 9.

The great thing about this combo is that by purchasing the Sentinel you take the hassle and headache out of finding a reliable screen protector. At the same time, the Sentinel case itself features a really slim and slim design that looks fantastic on the carbon fiber edges at the top and bottom that contrast beautifully with a sleek matte finish that runs throughout overall; the Sentinel makes for a top option that will protect your s9 perfectly..

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