Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs and Features Rumours 4K display, EPIC Design & Viv Digital Assistant - Galaxy User Guide

Samsung Galaxy s, 8 specs and features 4k display rumors, epic design and web digital assistant. He created the design in NX Quichotte and the result is a very rounded smartphone in a sort of Jet black hue and sporting a dual camera on the back. Interestingly, the flash and other camera ekin isms are horizontally integrated below the main camp, not vertically. The device also seems rather wide compared to the narrow predecessors and the display has ultra-narrow bezels, which are also slightly cured towards the sides, but not like an edging.

From what we see, the back is no longer made of glass, so it is either metal or polycarbonate. If you like this video subscribe to My Channel and put a comment below bye.

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