Samsung Galaxy S8 specifications and release date. - Galaxy User Guide

We want to bring up this video and give you some info and details on these upcoming sa specs leaks, rumors and all that good stuff. However, the smaller ones, still quite big, will be set to display a 5.8 quad HD AMOLED display, while the plus model will have an even bigger 6.2 inch screen. The look at these two numbers and Samsung is certainly ending up big for these new phones. It will also feature a 12 megapixel : Dual pixel main camera, an 8 megapixel front camera, 64 gigabytes of expandable storage up to micro, XD, 4, gigabytes of memory and will feature either Snapdragon 835 cpu or xenos 88 95 chips with all the full specs listed.

While most of the info on these smartphones has been announced here at the mwc 2017, we also have a release date for you guys. According to our sources the release date was moved back a week due to supplier issues. This will be Korean models and then release in the United States sometime after that. So this also means that these films were later released on the g LG g 6, which looks to rival the s8, will be released much earlier as this release date has been set for Marched in We'll see what happens with all the info said It'll be pretty interesting to see what samsung can come up with these new smartphones, obviously their Galaxy note.

7 was a pretty big failure so they're looking to bounce back here and what is their latest and greatest flagship, let's see how it goes that about wraps up this video guys We just want to bring the news of these coming SI specs and the release date and all this good stuff. If you have any further questions comments or concerns, sir, if you check out the link below a gas description, the full info can be found there. Thank you so much for watching wccftech, TV signing I'm Drake..

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