Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair From Start To Finish - Galaxy User Guide

Today we got a galaxy s, 8 t mobile version and the screen is torn down pretty good. Later there will be some things about that volume power so that we will start by taking the back off, and this is extremely difficult to do. You're gonna need a little help from a friend to put the pic in there for you once a gap is started. Otherwise you might find it difficult but you have to apply a lot of force just to get a gap started and you might need both hands for that. If you have a friend standing nearby who can push the picture in for you when the gap is started. You did not see and I didn't show the total time it took to heat up the back, but you can see that I was using a heat gun. I then preheated it on a hot plate and then used the heat gun to get it even hotter.

The fingerprint reader is here right here along a cable. There's also a NFC antenna, and you know it is probably OK if you get a little bit of a nick in it along the edges. But if you tear out this NFC antenna, you are gonna have to replace it. There's the pop connector right there for the fingerprint reader so you want to be careful when you remove this so that you don't rip the cable right there.

If you a good job of removing the back, you'll see that the adhesive is still in pretty good shape, I just pointed out the fingerprint reader again, it's very important not to damage that our adhesive is all over the edges and it is in good shape so that we'll be able to reuse it if you damage it or mess it up on a really bad you'll want to replace it, get some fresh and just pointed out a bunch of screws we are going to take out those screws These Samsung's have always got the screws stuck before they come out, so I usually get them out with tweezers. It's certainly not very much like the s7 in many ways, but one of the nice things about the s8 I. If you want to swap out the charging port, you would do the same thing that we've done till now and then there is your NFC antenna.

We do have a little sticky adhesive on the edges that you want to go and separate, be careful not to tear it. Like I said, if you get a little Nick along the edge there it'll probably be fine, but if you tear it completely you're gonna have to replace it. So these little plastic caps are kind of fit into the frame with little little dings around the edges and they fit underneath the frame and you just zip them loose and it will come out right. There are three separate pieces that sort of fit together like a puzzle along with the NFC antenna so once this is removed you'll get access to the charge port and you will get access to the battery. The first thing we will do is to remove this battery and sand the charger port down there at the bottom as I was.

On the right side, that is the video cable that I just mentioned as you can see. It matches that and all rounded. On the right hand side there is where the port of charge is. The two antennas is actually a third here, more like a pop connector style and we will disconnect the bottom of this motherboard from the charge port dock and forgot to take the SIM card out. If you remember to take that out first yep there, it is now I have to sort of reposition the board a little bit so I can get that tray to pop out [Music].

As you can see, once that's removed, it comes out pretty easily and now we can get access to the back of the screen through a small spot that we will be able to push on and that will help us and get a small gap started again to put our pick there, and at this point it really doesn't matter that the screen is already damaged and so we don't care about trying to salvage or anything else. You want to also be sure that unless you want to remove the battery first you don’t puncture it or damage it in any way. As we know, this can be a very dangerous problem, so the screen is actually crying to the fullest extent.

It sticks everywhere and there's the battery again if we don't put a tool into that and it's kind of nice not having to worry about the small buttons under the edge of the screen that can easily be torn or damaged. So now the glass is just going to come off by itself and then we will remove the rest of the display from behind it, which is very thin. So this isn't the whole display, but it is part of it and, once again, our adhesive is in good shape and we will go in and remove any glass that could be left behind. Make sure there is nothing that could cause the screen to crack or prevent it from resting flat on the frame.

But if you do a good job of removing the screen, you can keep all of this intact and it is still extremely sticky - which can sometimes create trouble when trying to work on it. If you apply any pressure at all, it will stick to your mat, so make sure that your mats are free of any kind of glass or other debris. We're going to reconnect this motherboard everything the way it was before we took it out and then we gonna test it out. The display and another nice thing about the s8 here is that once this board is placed, it doesn't have to be removed to put the new screen on there is a small gap in there near the connector to slide the cable. Through you can see that the frame is still stuck to the mat, so we're gonna have to.

Do a quick test of the screen to make sure it is okay, this is not really necessary for the video, but for the sake of it from start to finish, I just thought that I would go ahead and leave it in because it is something that you should do before you put the screen down permanently or you may have a real problem, trying to get it back off if it is defective in any way, so I've had an s8 here. I haven't either had an SI plus or not, but I thought I'd go ahead and make the video now, since I happen to have one in here. So there is not a total, I mean there is a lot out there, but there is not as many as some older phones I do not know.

This cable first make sure the connector is seated correctly so that it's not out of alignment and if I go to put the screen permanent it will be stuck and it will not go off without causing damage. So we apply a little bit of pressure on the screen, but not enough to damage it, as you know. We don't want to crack it right again, so we don't put too much pressure around, but we want to apply a little bit of pressure all the way around and make sure everything is connected and seated properly before we close it back up, there's a little thing right here.

This little thing at which I am pointing can fall out, and it did in this video if you happen to notice that at one point it drops out on the mat - and I move it out of the way - and we put it back in the video. So, you have to make sure that if something unexpected happens that you pay attention to what you're doing so that you can catch it and that you don't lose a part that needs to be somewhere in the phone and just happen to notice that one piece doesn't come out without a whole lot of effort. Put back on, reconnect the fingerprint sensor, and we will end up using it here shortly after another good test. What's going on? My fingers are just too fat and too big to fit in there properly and be able to get that.

So we're going to use the spudger and connect that with the spudger and then we put our finger back in and just check it and make sure it's all the way down it is properly seated. Once I'm satisfied, that's okay, we will go down and put the back down again, apply a little pressure around the back, and that bad boy is good. It put our sim tray back in and we'll go for a final test chair so we check the cameras and we'll make sure it's charging properly. Ok and just look around the edges, make sure there's no gaps, make sure everything is nice and seamless, and since there is no SIM card I can't actually do a test call, but it'll be alright.

When you are doing this repair you can do a more thorough test if you want to go through practically every function, but for the video we are just doing a few quick checks to show that this all is working well. As long as you do everything carefully, you should not have problems with the phone and we're charging it. You can see the lightning bolt in the battery there, but then power it off and then plug it in..

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