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You heard this guys? MTB HD here and a couple years ago Samsung made a surprise product announcement called the Galaxy Note edge, with this crazy display hanging off one side and for a random, unexpected phone. Since then it has got a lot of attention that the product has evolved and again into Samsung's entire flagship line-up, which brings us to the galaxy s 8. So this new phone looks awesome and that is as typical headlining feature is how good it looks and how well it's designed and then of course being a flagship phone. It has all the bleeding edge specs inside and the hardware that you'd expect from a premium Android phone.

This phone is built in like pretty much everything about the outside of this phone is high and well-built and awesome the display slides over both sides and does so smoothly into the back frame. While last year's phone cranked it better and if you want to talk about modern or the future of smart phone design, this year has been a shift to these really tall displays. Make these slightly taller candy bar shaped phones. The best part of these super thin bezels on all sides is that the footprint of the phone shrinks a lot. I think that the top fingerprint sensor might look a little better in some cases, but it's definitely harder to reach with my larger hands.

So I am sure that this is through a week of using the phone that eventually I could get used to, but for most people this just makes it a two-handed phone - and then all the time the glass over the camera actually does a good job of deflecting smudges that come from errant fingerprint unlocks, but a clever way to get around it. You can better distinguish the fingerprint sensor from the camera on the back, so fun fact highly recommended in either direction. Samsung's word on this is now offering you with a bunch of other ways to unlock your phone biometrically that don't use a fingerprint sensor mainly being iris scanning and face unlock. I didn't expect to like this answer mainly because the face unlock can be essentially tricked with a picture of you.

So that is no good and the iris scanner typically requires that you hold it up at a weird angle you don't normally hold your phone, which is a little awkward, but this iris scanner might have a wider angle lens or the sensor has improved something. It is better because I don't have to hold it quite that awkward angle anymore and it does a pretty good job of unlocking my phone when I'm not like he set up it. I did not expect to use it, but a lot of times I just hold the phone up and start using it and it would unlock for me so that turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Aside from the awkward tallness of the phone and the fingerprint sensor, the Galaxy Estate is the best industrial design of any smartphone and long.

Even though there are other phones out now and coming soon that are tall display thin bezels still gotta, add on all metal and glass has expandable storage through a micro SD card slot still fully ip68 certified. So you can spill water on it and it's cool that still has USB type-c charger with a quick charge. Still has wireless charging still keeps the headphone jack and speaker below average and is downward facing it could be the worst part of the phone's build, but that comes with the territory when there is no room on the front and you want to water-seal your phone so back to the screen. It's amazing, I would say it's the best display on any smartphone again, it gets extremely bright, so it's visible outdoors or whenever and it's an OLED.

So it has fantastic color and contrast ratios and dynamic range also and it is super high resolution on both phones 20 960 by 1440. All that makes for a great media experience, a great web browsing experience and great scrolling through Twitter and Instagram and seeing a lot of stuff at once. The box, particularly like a lot of games, will have to be updated or may never fully support that so you either have the black bars on either side or can punch in and of course most videos aren't in that aspect ratio either. Unless you hit the button in the software to punch a little bit in, then you lose some of the frame.

I think the screen is awesome and with its curved edges and curved corners, I'm a fan, and then there is the inside of the phone, and since this is a flagship, Samsung is pushing things again to the highest end of what's available except for one area, but there are some pretty high-end specs in here, Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540, GPU, 4 gigabytes of RAM and at least 64 gigs of storage, and this is the first phone to ship with I have just dropped that very strongly and make the performance aspect pretty much taken care of the same way. It's Samsung software on top of Android 7.0 and it actually has its pros and cons like that.

But it's really still Samsung eyes with all the colors and some interesting quirks here and there with the paginate adapter and the couple extra animations - nothing too crazy or extra - but it is not necessarily better than not having it. Edge screens have gotten better, there are now a couple of features like note with smart select and jiff maker, where you can select a part of your screen to make an animation or even take round screen shots of all kinds of things we didn't have before. So you know there's interesting stuff that you can put in there. I really like the extended screenshot feature where you can take a screenshot but then it gives you the option to scroll down and extend that as much as you want. I am really glad that made its way back to this phone, but yeah.

Now one of the biggest new features in the software department of the Galaxy s8 is called Bixby. So they found a way to use an app to remap the Bixby button to do what they want, probably in the Samsung settings. In the first place you can make it the default for the button, but in regions where people don't use, Bixby or Bixby is not supported or a language is not supported, yet or it is incomplete. It could be a legitimate, useful and separate feature well yesterday. Samsung actually patched it up and blocked any remapping of this button on the Galaxy S 8. Give you that so that, first of all, the voice feature is not yet activated and it won't be added until later this year.

That's a pretty rough start, but aside from that, it does show you some cards, your gallery, your upcoming calendar events, maybe some weather or some frequent contacts but then this pretty quickly devolved into a bunch of Samsung apps like themes and wallpapers and Flipboard and a bunch of stuff that I, don't use so really working in catch-up mode to do all that Google does with Gmail and navigation cards and flight status, and all that now the only place that used some interesting stuff is in the There's a big Snake button that if you press it it can recognize images in the viewfinder and search for them, whether it's images or it's a product, it will fetch you Amazon to search to buy it.

I've seen Google goggles try this a couple of years ago and it was about the same pretty high-loop stuff with Bixby. Sometimes it thought it was a baseball hat. I don't know how to get it to work better, but no dice. So aside from this biggest new software feature being kind of a swing and a miss on this phone, I'm completely fine with the software on the s8, it's cleaner, it's much more refined. It is out of the way I like it now the camera on the back. It wasn't really mentioned and we assumed that it was practically the same camera as last year. It has the same specs, no dual cameras like some of its rivals : it is a 12, megapixel, f, 1.7, aperture, dual pixel autofocus optical image, stabilization top-notch stuff but yeah same as we've already seen, but turns out.

Honestly, most of the difference will come from better image processing, but the photos and 4k videos from Galaxy S. 8 look fantastic, as you would expect. Maybe leave a comment if you want a direct comparison to its predecessor, but can imagine that you can see the samples in great detail. Great contrast, color and sharpness are excellent and fairly aggressive auto HDR modes so the dynamic range is also pretty wide. Rarely blows out the highlights like a lot of other phones, woods. It's a pleasure to take photos and videos with such a nice screen of course. This is Samsung we’re talking about here, and it recently had one of their phones literally explode when they tried to push the battery to the limit.

So almost I can't blame them for playing it safe this year, but yes I tested the 3000 milliamp hour battery on the Galaxy s8. I had a night where I went to sleep with 22% and I woke up with 8% in the morning, so that is pretty terrible standby time and I was gonna start the day with the battery dead, but I was left with a 100 percent battery no problem threw it on the charger for about an hour. So you pick your battles there, Samsung just played with the battery safe.

So at the end of the day, the Galaxy s8 is awesome and it's so Samsung that this project was born from the crazy, like backburner project that was the Galaxy Note edge and now every phone like this has that crazy edge display and I'm glad they keep doing it, and you had to give Samsung credit for making a phone that can stand out in an era for how good it looks. Well this little mini era where so many phones are accused of looking the same, this one really does stand out in a pretty awesome way and I. Little unmapped buttons, tiny software quirks here and there, maybe the speaker is not the best, but as a complete package, this is an awesome phone..

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