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Samsung Galaxy sa + Ltd and touch screen replacement, guide, warning that you are performing this repair at your own risk. Apply heat to soften the adhesive with a precision knife create enough space to insert a playing card and carefully dislodge the rear glass panel from the chassis. You'll need to dislodge the very short fingerprint reader cable from the motherboard before moving the glass out of the way Use the spudger to help. The Galaxy S 8 plus fingerprint reader from the adhesive strapping it to the rear panel [Music], remove the following : 15 Phillips screws, [Music] pry the upper antenna assembly that is combined with the NFC and Wireless charging panel, easily lifting the lower antenna assembly.

Use a playing card to force the si+ battery free from the adhesive securing it to the frame. After a short struggle out pops a 3.85 volt 3500 milliamp per hour Samsung Galaxy S A-Plus battery disconnect the bevy of cables from the Galaxy S, a Plus motherboard - [Music] use the screwdriver to detach the daughterboard connector on the underside of the motherboard then extract from the Samsung phone. Remove the following: 5 Phillips screws, extract the daughterboard from the mid frame with the spudger in hand. It includes the Galaxy S 8 plus USB Type-c, Headphone jack and primary microphone [Music]. Cables, power cables, the Bigsby and volume buttons are trapped inside the outer case and can't be removed.

Securing the curved AMOLED display to the s8 plus mid frame take your time and apply additional heat as needed. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter..

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