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Hey, I decided to do a full review of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 I'm probably the most excited Galaxy S8 guy on YouTube, because I've been talking about this phone for so long and it finally comes here and in this video we do a full review of this tone. Talking about everything you need to know about the Galaxy S, should you buy it if you upgrade from the s7 edge or s7 or not? Or should you go for another phone when talking about everything and for those of you wondering about the unboxing video that will come later this month when the official pre-order slash retail versions will come to the market, so yeah, let's go right into Galaxy s8 and this is actually the altered, gray color. It looks super stunning and has kind of a purple, look to it in some light conditions.

So the answer to this question is yes, it is worth getting from the galaxy s7 edge, the s7 family, or if you have another galaxy, s6 or s5 model, it is absolutely worth upgrading to the s8, because this is an end of an era that we can see. This was also a phone, and this is the phone phreaking - undertaker has retired I mean it really is the end of an era, a start of a new chapter. So yes, and my answer to your question is it worth upgrading? Yes, it is worth repeating from the s7 or s7 edge to the s8 to the SL plus, but there is a but if you don't want to upgrade, if you want to stay on the galaxy s7 edge because it's still a great phone and it's still pretty fast, although I'll be doing a speed test with the Galaxy S a in the upcoming video.

It's still pretty futuristic and has the same camera as the galaxy si. Now that that question is answered, let's get right into the full review so of course with the build quality of this phone. So it looks very similar from the back to the Galaxy s7 edge of last year. It does have this new edition of the fingerprint scanner, which is a completely risky mediated decision from sensing, because we heard that it will have the finger scanner in the front of the display at the start, but couldn't do it in time.

Now it's on the back and it is a bit of a weird position to be honest, because when I am holding the phone with my right hand I can easily unlock my phone like this, but when I'm using it with my left hand, a finger is on here, and then you know I just move my finger like this, and most of the time I have my finger. You know finger cute so that can affect your pictures. You know if you capture photos from the main sensor, so yeah that's. Was something I notice a bit of a flaw in the Galaxy Asset Design and again.

This is something that I will get used to after using it for some time and you can see in comparison to a 5.5 inch iPhone 7 plus it looks and feels a lot smaller like it really is a really handy phone and as I said, the Galaxy S a would be a perfect choice for most people because it is having a large display. So if you look at the bottom of the phone, we have the USB Type-c 3.5, millimeter, headphone jack and the speaker on the top of the phone we get this tray along with microphone holes. So this tray is of course for the SIM card and micro SD card on the right side of the phone with the power button, just the power button and on the left we get the new big speed button with the volume rocker and again on the back.

Here it isn't the brightest, but it's like it is like you can't feel it with your finger. So that's a good thing because now you can only feel the camera and the fingerprint sensor and move around it. That's a bit of change I've noticed around this part, and of course we do have that sense of logo here at the bottom a bit of a numbering thing. This phone is a 5.8 inch quad HD display and it has a resolution of 2220 by 1080 P. You can raise the resolution to 1440p in the setting if you won't do this but I'm using it on default because I want more battery life so yeah. We do have the new navigation bar buttons, so the back key, the HOME key and the multi talking key and you can actually change the colors all these keys in the settings.

With these keyboards, there are a lot of tweaks to be able to perform. The experience is amazing when you're watching YouTube videos actually allows you to have this full screen experience and that's going to change the way you use your phone. How you enjoy the content on your phone and that I mean to be able to press this display. You are not going to be able to know this random touch compared to the older models. You know that it is responsive from the front, not from the sides. It is an absolute beastly combination ; you're going to have a really good, fast experience with this phone stuck in a lag or anything like that. Of course I'll do my speed test and my gaming comparisons in the future video.

Please stay tuned for that, but yeah, in general no problems are going to be present. It does also a very decent job in benchmarks, quite high compared to Android department and high when it comes to the unto, actually do benchmark even higher than the iPhone 7. We talked about the software coming with Android 7.0 New Gait Compared is called as Samsung experience, UI compared to the TouchWiz UI, so the name changed and I've done a lot of reviews of this UI on the older models and similar to that. But there are a lot of new changes specifically for the Galaxy S8. Now you can double tap the time and that will allow you to take a look at your music.

So you can alter the music or play and pause right from here and, of course, you get your normal information once you get notification from the site, let's say Instagram or any other applications can appear here and then you will double tap it and interact with it. With such pressure you can press it and still take you to your home screen directly. It basically allows you to go to the home screen or your pattern - page and yeah. It actually has a bit of a forced touch or three-toed touch. You know the future flagship like a full time employee. 3D touch display with the future flagship that we work with third-party apps and all so ya.

Benefits multitouch thing here that not a lot of people are mentioning, so unlocking the phone again see the usual Samsung look is there you can go to the app drawer now there is the ability to hide the app drawer as well as enable it so I. If you want to do that you can also change the size of the grid and the button apps. So I can hide that if I apply it and you can see that the app button is now gone, we also get the swipe gesture like the Google pixels. So then you of course get your split screen multitasking by holding down an application and then it allows you to launch more frogs. This is actually one of my favorite features from Android Nougat, and this was something that Samsung phones have been using for a long time.

There is a thing called lightning here that basically shows the notification which kind of goes up. We also have a blue light filter that is like a night mode. I have the Power setting tool in the Mac, so you do have the ability to decrease the display just like the galaxy s7 and the s7 edge. One of the best software edition would be the Samsung phone with the torch. What's trending on Facebook, you get all that stuff and of course you can turn location to a long, big speed. You do more stuff and give you more information and you can go into the main settings of the big speed and basically if you want to disable it, you can disable that, and these are the current application that it supports.

You know about the big speed cars and it will be supported for third-party applications and it will support a lot more applications in the future, so yeah, the big three is there and you also get a secondary AI assistant which is going to be pretty common on all Android phones, which is Google Assistant. Take a look at the main settings and you will see that we have a very similar look here. I have not seen much change so I will be doing a separate video talking about the tips and tricks and hidden features. We do therefore have a device maintenance, tab One-stop shop for your phone to manage its data and clear useless files.

Also, we have an advanced feature: tab, which is the place where you can see all your special features like smart stay, one hand mode finger, sensor gestures. I mean the power button is actually gone, so that is there and we, of course, get options like multi-window palm swipe to capture the screenshot lost lots of things, of course, my favorite video enhancer, which basically takes the full potential of this beautiful quality display. When you are, you know how to use media and are watching beauty videos, things like that. So overall, the Galaxy Estates, UI, is actually my favorite.

Even before DSA the s7 was my favorite I like what is doing with their UI and providing things like you know the theme engine and all that stuff and a bit more like stock Android. So basically you can set them all up at the same time and you know your phone ultra secure. It is absolutely fast, like samsung, says, and I've tried to bypass it actually by using a method. You know that by taking that photo on a different phone it didn't work and I've seen a video where it did work but for my Galaxy S a it didn't work so it is actually pretty secure and then we have the iris scanner, which we seen on the note. 'The iris scanner is really not really needed because the facial recognition is really fast.

Apart from the new Big Speed integration, there is the new Bigsby - Vision button here and with the camera - UI, which allows us to scan some objects in over our You Know - View by pointing the camera at them at these objects. If I scan this little iPhone, the iPhone 7 you can see it gives me these two options for image and shopping, so pressing the image will show some stuff related to that. The same thing you can do with the shopping thing, so yeah there is something that will be perfected in the future with some updates doesn't work that much in the moment, because Bixby is only in its early stages, I guess and so switching to the left will give you all your effects and to the right will give you all your modes.

So you have the pro mode panorama lot of great things going on here, so we also have improvement on the front. Pretty impressed by the S7 s, camera I honestly wanted to do a camera sensor, at least on the Galaxy s 8 plus model, but that did not happen and that will happen with the Note 8. Outdoor you get great quality pictures. We have aperture F of 1.7 for that and the same thing with the amazing autofocus capturing the 4k videos.

I've never seen any major drop in battery percentage, even with full brightness and Wi-Fi all the time, and it uses around 15 hours is very similar to my galaxy s7 edge, maybe a bit better but yeah, for me it's a pretty good use, but then again, I'll do a separate video on the battery for the s8 and the s8 plus and share it with you guys. My experience generally would not be a big concern for people who actually go for the Galaxy, s8 or DSA plus and are concerned about the battery, because they have done the right optimisation. So right now I would say if you want the best of today, the best of this era, the new era then the Galaxy says the phone is to go and certainly worth your hard-earned money.

Yeah that was my full review I hope that you have enjoyed it and have again enjoyed Galaxy S8 content..

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