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Hey guys, Saki here from Saki Tech for this video I want to talk about the Samsung Galaxy s8 and its specifications which were released by someone called Eldar now Eldar is a russian blogger and he's also a samsung insider he's a longtime Samsung insider. He happens to get early access to many Samsung products before they are released in the market. Okay, he has been a reliable source of information for a long time now. He's not just a low-level blogger, he is actually editor-in-chief of mobile, all right and according to his Twitter profile he is also an analyst. It looks like he knows what he is talking about and has a good track record. He has also revealed a lot of Samsung Galaxy, S8 and S8 Plus specifications, and he did this on his website.

The article that he produced is in Russian as well. So unless you can read Russian you are not going to understand it or you can use a translation. software I gonna drop a link here in the description. You can now go and Google this and see what kind of specifications some of the variants of the Samsung should expect. As you know, Samsung Galaxy phones always come with a Snapdragon and an external processor. The other phone, the other variant of Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus, will be an X in the US. As for RAM, he says, Eldar says on his website that the Samsung Galaxy s8 and the s8+ will have six gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage for your phone and of course an SD expansion slot.

Point 2 inches in same form factor same size that we have for the s7 and s7 edge that is wonderful. Okay, we're going to get beautiful and gorgeous improved AMOLED displays on small phones and he has clearly said that the phone is gonna, run Android, 7.1.1, Nougat alrighty, and what else he said was that the battery capacity of the s8 and s8 plus is going to be almost the same as the s7 and s7 edge. Now s7 had a battery capacity of 3000 milliamp hours and s7 edge had a battery capacity alpha of 3600 milliamp hours. He also confirmed some of the basics so we are gonna get the USB Type-C connector at the bottom.

There is going to be an iris scanner and in front of the phone so that you can unlock the phone with your eye eyes and looks like there is going to be a voice assistant, just like Siri and Cortana, but Samson's version is called Bixby. That's bi, X, B Y, so Bigsby will be Samson's new voice assistant. These are the specifications you can expect on the Samsung, Galaxy, s8 and s8 plus camera. The improvements are just going to make it better, okay, and that is basically what he said on his website.

So now that's it guys, processor, us a Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 88-90, 5, 6, gigabytes of RAM on the phone 64 gigabytes of internal storage To get you started and of course, SD expansion slot so that you can expand storage if you have a 3000 milliamp hours battery on the SLS and 8 and thirty, six hundred milliamp hours on the S8 plus USB type c, iris scanner and headphone jack included and that is all we know so far from that website. So it's not going to be like espy will have a lower camera than the s8 Plus.

But if you look at the leaks we have online, and if you look at the back of the device on these leaked photos and renders and schematics, we do not see fingerprint sensors on the back so I highly anticipate that the fingerprint sensor in the front will be built into the display if not. But he was not able to comment about that and you guys get it anyway thanks for watching this video. If you have any information and resources, just drop them down below the links. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or if you can't hold your excitement in the s8 drop, a comment below and of course, I will make more videos for the s8 and I also promise to make a video in which I'm not driving my car.

The reason I do this is because it is very easy to do, all I do is I jump in my car, press that record button I start talking, then I go home and edit. Okay, but when I'm in the studio it takes a little time to get the lightning correct and produce. The video anyway, make sure to, like I said, subscribe to sake, tech. If you don't like it and I will see you in the next video, have a fantastic day, guys [Music] .

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