Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing - What a Luxurious!! - Galaxy User Guide

Hi sorry Hello with Bang Ripiu here the Samsung Galaxy S Seven is one of Samsung's flagship in 2016 and what happened to the box Yes and the price is around 9 million and can be purchased from Prima Abadi. If you are in Jogja So Prima Abadi is the shop that I am, Eh, next to the Demangan market, just stop by Oops. The color is a flashy item and we open it. I'm really curious about it. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is infected with a tree. The magnetic fox is really cool. Here it is, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is gray, okay. It's really cool, I swear, the first time I held a flagship, it's a Samsung, Here you should read a lot of. There's an HP, ejector sim on the board, okay. There is also the same communication OK with this USB cable.

Maybe this is plugged in here for data transfer, yes and there is also OK. Let's turn it on, just redefined: Galaxy S, Seven, OK Wow. It's AS7 box Oh my God it's in kretek-, kretek, hey, oh yeah, mehehe! Here it is Samsung Galaxy, S4, Wow, crazy, coy! Oh yes, someone forgot something so our blog is klicked. Also, in the AC - chapters, we begin immediately. Ahaha OK, we're filled with a box containing a Samsung Galaxy, S4 and The. First impression is that Budi is really very sexy, very premium, very elegant and I, really like the metal one. Then the body cover is already a squirrel class Yes, the glass looks very elegant and of course, very comfortable to hold, hold it for the full specifications, I'll.

The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass for the use of a Super AMOLED 5nc screen. Hi, with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, equipped with TouchWiz UI. The Android is already the latest version, version: 6 MHz Mothbite chipset, qualcom, msm8996, Snapdragon 820 ram, 4, and a 5 megapixel front camera with fingerprint, Don't want the sensor to support wireless charging and the battery is 3000 Ampere Soul. If you really want to have a Galaxy S7 and are in Jogja, just stop by Prima Abadi, so Prima Abadi. This is located on Jalan Gejayan, opposite Demangan Market. Yes, I love the location. I love that the Google Map is included in the video description. Okay, eh, hands-on with this Samsung Galaxy S7, sure.

Let's just wait for the lips to be right, when I'm finished it will be uploaded on the Bang channel. Let's take a Samsung Galaxy S7 unboxing video that forgot to like and subscribe to the bank review and voltmeter channel with Instagram on the bank review channel to your friends Okay Guys, the lounge..

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