Samsung Galaxy S7 Unboxing and Impressions! - Galaxy User Guide

Everybody here is Tim Schofield with the Samsung Galaxy s7 in my hand, I also bought the Galaxy s7 edge, which I'm gonna do in a separate video I. You guys, guess you on Twitter, got a mixed response so I decided to do separate videos. This will be an impressions unboxing on the s7 and tomorrow I will have a video showing the impressions of the s7 edge with some comparisons with the s7 and then I might just throw them in some water and see how they react. But anyways, we open up the galaxy s7 and see what's in the box and I'll give you some impressions on the device. On the back, 32 gigabyte, black Onyx galaxy s7 gives some information about the device.

Now I'm gonna go ahead and slide this guy open, I've broken the seals on it already and it looks like there is a flap you open here and you are immediately greeted with that galaxy s7 with lots of wrappings on it. I am actually gonna turn this on because the battery is embedded and starts killing. All of this information off I'm gonna strip off the back sticker pretty soon as well but we're going to set it to the side. Wow, I show you what else is in the box and of course you get the exact same thing in the s7 edge box, which is why I do not do this in my a7 as a video. So let's go and that's it so that we have a Sim ejector welcome, Start Guide, its Galaxy Terms and Conditions, all that good stuff so nothing too crazy out of the box.

Okay, it is just a tint haha check out other purple, but they are actually white and speaking of headphones. I finally found some I can recommend they are closed case, so no headphones, I will link to them in the description, but they're pretty inexpensive, they're, like 20 bucks, see case Co. Is they in my ear, especially when I am running that was the big thing. I needed a volume slider on this little controlled option uh. This is everything in the box with your charger and your phone, your headphones and the transfer as well. It feels kind of similar to a note 5, just a smaller variant obviously with a little curvature right here to the back that makes it easier to pull off the table because it doesn't sit flat and has a small gap right here.

So here's a look at the bottom very premium feeling, though so similar in material to the galaxy s6 and just the design up top. You get that mic at the bottom charging headphone speaker and another mic just there and the camera bump kind of feels like it is. A bit less so it doesn't protrude as much as the s60, which is a nice addition. I'll skip through this with you real quick, because nothing out of the ordinary should be. I'll stop. It feels like you gonna have to do it a decent amount of times moving your finger all the time, so it knows how you're actually going to put your thumb on it. If I brake a bit and success, so very quick, I'm gonna just hit, show content screen lock has been successfully set up.

Okay, so here is where you can use this little USB connector to copy content from an old device. It just says Galaxy devices, not too sure if that is going to work... I gonna do it later just because I don't want I don't need to actually transfer anything from any other phone, but a nice addition I guess if you are coming from a galaxy or iPhone or Blackberry, I'm not going to turn on easy mode stop ooh device data collection. They throw this on there, it says it may take 24 hours to complete the process and we are now at the home screen with some bloatware from t-mobile as well. So before we sign into any account or download any apps, I'll go right out of the box to the initial storage.

So, you saw that I skipped through the setup and here it is so total storage is 32, gig and available 23 and half gigabytes. The home button feels very good positionings. If I am seated it there, one of the buttons might be a bit lower than I would like, but it's not too bad. The fingerprint scanner attempting to go up works well to that new app screen a little different animation. I will do video on that, one that comes at the camera very quickly. I'm not going to turn off location tags. Fantastically, gonna be the best camera at the moment. Right now, being g5 might give it a run for its money once it arrives, but looks amazing can't complain at all.

I can still not complain about the s6 or No 5 camera as you can see from the sunlight there is a decent amount of fingerprints gathering on the back of the device. It is also a little bit slippery I would be a little nervous to drop this device, would it throw us or something on there?, Stay tuned on my social media might talk about that in just a second, but overall, I have lots more videos coming on the s7, so stay tuned. Click this Subscribe button, including the Galaxy S7 Edge video tomorrow so that click subscribe to be notified from it hopefully enjoyed this video. If you clicked the thumbs up, you found me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, all the links in the description below, and as always guys..

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