Samsung Galaxy S7 In 2022 (Would It Be? - Galaxy User Guide

So the samsung galaxy s7 is one of those devices that came out many years ago and it is actually six years old this year, which is very interesting, and it's so funny because this was one of the last samsung devices of their Galaxy series to have that home button. And when you look at this phone now, it is almost anonymous of looking at something like an iPhone 8 because of the design of the Home button. But there are still so many features of this particular Samsung phone that I am still surprised by how premium of a device this thing is so many years into its life cycle.

Now I would really not recommend anyone using this phone unless you were to customize rom it, but even then I probably wouldn't recommend it just because of the security vulnerabilities and everything related to that. Links in the description will be down, you can download them from there and help support the channel. At the same time, starting with the outside, the Samsung Galaxy s7 had a lovely 1440p 5.1 inch super amoled display and, as I mentioned before, this is a very, very good panel - it's a flat panel - but there is nothing wrong with that. That was pretty hard to find, but this is still a very good looking panel for sure. It just so happens that it has a bunch of bezel around it, which isn't the best thing to look at.

But it's still a very nice looking panel and as I mentioned there is really not much to complain about, you had a capacitive button on the front. You had the home button and this pretty much covers it for the front. Now we had the Micro-USB port in terms of the rest of the body, the bottom of the body. This was one of the last Samsung galaxy s, series devices which also had this micro usb port. We had a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot. Eventually, with the Galaxy s8 we did have the USB c port, which was cool, but this phone still had a headphone jack and a micro sd card slot as well, which is something we really don't see anymore.

Like I mentioned, you also had a wireless charging, which was really cool, and you had like this curved back on the back, which was kind of interesting. It feels a little cooler in the hand versus like just having a flat back, so I'll definitely say that this phone still feels way more premium than it should, and you can probably buy these things for like 50 in so many places, and I'm still surprised how premium feeling this particular phone is still in 2022.. It has also a 5 megapixel wide angle lens on the front. Now you can actually do 1440p video on the front, which is quite interesting, and on the back of the samsung galaxy s7 you can also do 4k at 30 frames per second, which is another really cool thing.

So when you actually have something like this samsung experience software you know, that this thing had. But for me, it was not a big fan of it at all, but one thing is certain: Samsung packs in a bunch of features into their cameras, and the thing about the Samsung galaxy s7, camera ui. Is that still a lot built in features you can see on the screen? If this camera were to be released on the latest Samsung Galaxy phone, I would be upset because you know it lacks a bunch of things such as 4k 60 and no 8k video we now have no 4k 60 on the front.

The fact that it only has a single camera lens, no telephoto lens or ultra white sensor, but I would still say I am pretty surprised by how much of a camera that it still has in 2022, so I mean that in terms of camera setup that covers it here, as I mentioned, this thing is pretty much outdated. It is not receiving any more updates and that’s really not worth it at this point just because of the security weaknesses. Now, the Galaxy s7 did get a couple of updates here and there, which was actually pretty crazy.

I think that during the last two years it got maybe one or two updates and the galaxy s8 just got another update, but at that point even it's really not worth it you get a very slow phone, a phone that just doesn't have as many features and although the price tag feels more premium than it should, the internals are always consistent and they're fairly old. For the most part, you definitely can feel that you're using a six year old smartphone. You know the galaxy s7s, and if you would do that, I would love to hear your experience on it. I attempted to do it last year but some of my Galaxy S7s could not install the rom.

Now that in terms of performance side things, this device, some models had the Exynos 8890 octa chipset, an octa-core cpu with 4 gigabytes of ram on each of these models. What I will tell you about the performance side is I think the galaxy s7 is a pretty slow and glitchy device, especially now in 2022, and one of the main reasons for this is the gesture-based design. That really makes me feel like I'm using a very archaic phone and this is not a disc for the Galaxy s7. A series may present better performance than this thing nowadays. On top of that, if you are doing a light task, you know if you are calling people and texting people or browsing the internet.

I mean you probably won't need too much to do that kind of stuff but if you are trying to do heavier intensive games, heavier intensive apps and you are trying to even go on like snapchat and Instagram and have a good experience with it. If you don't really mind the you know, opening and closing of apps and it being a glitchy experience and all that stuff, then maybe you might be able to get through with this, but at 20 years old in 2016 this was probably the fastest or one of the fastest phones of that year. But now it really isn't and I would definitely avoid trying to use this phone in 2022 so in terms of performance that covers it out there now lulling it with battery life off.

This phone actually had a 3000 mAh battery inside it which was actually a pretty decent size battery for sure. It also had a wireless charging, which is always great to see, and you know I think that this phone is. So in terms of that it pretty much covers the subject and to be completely honest, I think that the Samsung galaxy s7 is no longer worth it in 2022. I think it's a phone that probably meant a lot at some point in 2016. It may have been the best phone of the year, but now it shows its age! Looking back it is 1440p and it still looks beautiful; the home button and the bezels definitely age it a little bit, but it's still a good looking phone for sure you have a Micro SD slot, which is always something so beautiful to see on these devices.

The glass back with wireless charging is really cool. The camera quality is not even that bad, which is actually pretty interesting. I love every single one of you guys more than anything else, hopefully in the next video, I'll catch you guys with peace until then [music]..

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