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The Samsung Galaxy S. Seven eight is one of the highest smartphones currently available in Indonesia. With this series the body is encased in metal and glass. We also chose silver because it is rare and shiny, but as usual the back is easily fingerprinted by the way the Galaxy S is so dominated from the front by the screen. The top and bottom edges are small, but still there is space to put LDII in the Ih above and one physical button, last2 shop Batam below this physical button. In the past if there were some Galaxy S series users who lacked this storage, Samsung offered a micro SD slot that was integrated into the second SIM card slot aka hybrid. Now if you look at the port hole on the Galaxy S Advance does not have a cover even though this smartphone has an IP67 certification.

This smartphone should still be fine if it is immersed in fresh water as deep as one and a half meters for 30 minutes, but Diving Smartphones as expensive as this is not wise, Samsung's flagship smartphones are certainly packed with many interesting features on the Samsung Galaxy S Advance. One of the left or right screen environments can display your favorite contacts, software, weather forecast, applications, the latest news and so on. This extreme is a lot of you who download both free and paid This feature allows the SMSC layer to continue to light to display the clock and message notifications. This can make the battery consumption of about 30 percent more wasteful, The rest of the mainstay features such as Sprites send to run two applications.

At the same time, the sliding one-hand operation feature and the choice of the team and top founders are hi. Hi hi, as I said at the beginning, one of the advantages of Samsung Galaxy S. Seven Eight is the existence of a Micro SD slot. Fortunately, you can move application and game data files from the internal afternoon to micro SD via the application manager menu in the settings. You will absolutely ask how wasteful TouchWiz UI is on this smartphone when Idol sells it on sale. This remaining capacity is still very large and sufficient for multitasking. The Galaxy S Seven Icon variant enters Indonesia with an octa-core Kyro 8890 CPU, a clock speed of 2.3 GHz, 4, GB RAM and GPU Mali t880.

With 12 core AnTuTu Benchmark scores in the same class produced approximately 115000 points more or less, seriously stretched 820 From curiosity about its performance I installed quite a lot on heavyweight McD and like Modern, Combat and AKB48. It ran smoothly as well as other SD games such as Sniper Fury, DX, the Simulator Implosion or God simulator. The whole game runs smoothly, but it's sometimes not perfect for me at 60 frames per second. This is quite reasonable because the quad HD screen resolution it uses makes the load extra heavy. But speaking of screens, honestly you don't have to doubt the quality of the Super AMOLED on this smartphone, which looks very sharp and bright from different angles.

This feature can hide phone messages and all incoming messages, so they don't appear on the screen. Launcher screen can also be used to lock the back button and recent apps, as well as take screenshots and record games. If your smartphone battery is running low but you still want to play games. The game launcher feature also provides power. The game is limited to 30 frames per second. Playing games automatically becomes uncomfortable and feels like Lex is talking about battery life. The, Samsung, Galaxy S isn't too bad. The battery itself has a capacity of 3600 milli ampères with the fast charging feature. This battery can be fully charged as a complement in 90 minutes, although it can be used often, Samsung still provides a SHLT sensor close to the rear.

This sensor can measure the heart rate, the number of steps in the body, and the oxygen levels. Body to your stress level Hey one more thing for those of you who have pre-ordered the Galaxy S Seven Eight compared to headgear that can make you feel like you are travelling the world playing games can also use this headset like a movie theater after using it for more than 20 minutes. The temperature of the smartphone can approaching 40° Celsius, hi hi Muslim Samsung lowered the resolution of the camera on the Galaxy S4 from 16 megapixels to 12 megapixels on the Galaxy S7 Edge. But there is an improvement on the technology side called dual-pixel.

This technology makes the camera can lock the focus of objects extra quickly like this opening, an app attaching camera and taking photos is no less fast. Pressing the Home button twice will activate the camera instantly. In terms of quality of photos, the results look very sharp, the noise produced is minimal when shooting in dark places,. The many colors produced tend to work some, videos,. If you currently use galaxies six, a slightly improved upgrade, perhaps not I, will feel it too much..

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