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Hi guys welcome back to the Hugh Jeffries video. In this video, I am going to restore this Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that has a shuttered display and back after a catastrophic face drop on a tile floor. It's not very often that I do repairs for other people but my maths teacher shattered his galaxy s7 edge and asked me if I could fix it for him. One upside is that it comes with a new frame attached, which will make the restoration easier and we'll end up with a brand new looking Samsung Galaxy s7 edge, but in its current state the Galaxy s7 edge still functions, while being broken on both the back and front.

Although there is a high risk of cutting your fingers while trying to use the phone either way, though it's time to get this restored to work so I can power down the galaxy, s7 edge and start heating the back, which is glued in with adhesive and then slowly start to lift it up, I noticed that although it was cracked it really excited to come up quite easily which got me thinking. I should also note that the wireless charging track has what looks to be a prior sticker on it, which I guess has been replaced at some point.

Given the previous opening attempt and they've obviously damaged the wireless charging coil in their process of changing the back glass, either way, now that I have the plastic shield off the board itself I can start to disconnect all the cables which is all that remains to the motherboard of the phone. What's good about the Samsung screens is it actually comes with a new frame which can be looked at in two ways as a positive or negative. I'll also need to transfer these antenna cables and of course the headphone jack which is actually removable. So if you damaged your headphone jack in some way or have had something in it you can actually remove and replace the headphone jack itself, which makes repairs a lot easier and it just plugs into the dock connector assembly enough...

It doesn't even have a removable USB C port, it is actually soldered to the motherboard, which means you need board level repair to get the device fixed up. I can also remove a lot of these small components like the earpiece which is quite dirty and I'm surprised that the actually worked in its current state. There are no battery adhesive tabs that are all likely to snap off it's just a bit of adhesive on the back like the old iPhone, Fives and anything I mean it's strong enough to hold it in the battery but it's not too strong that you can't remove it now that it's done it's time to reinstall everything in the new frame and screen which is brand new and is actually refurbished from a previously shattered Samsung screen.

So you not only make a little bit of money off of your screen and save the screen going to the landfill, but it also gives the screen another life and actually gets it back into a phone which I think is great and something a lot of companies should be doing out there, but there are plenty of them out there that actually do that, and it's what I use on my Samsung and iPhone restoration videos and they work absolutely flawlessly with the motherboard back into I can start to install all the components back into the phone. I can remove the little bit of plastic, protect the battery with the adhesive and stick that into and plug it in. I can now install the speaker, enclosure and remove the old camera lens from the wireless charging.

A little bit to make it look a little bit better inside the phone. Placing that on I can also install this piece of plastic up top, which basically simply secures everything in with everything. I did have a look, but since they were different lengths and different thread sizes I didn't want to damage any components of the phone or push it through the new display and there are plenty of screws in there to hold everything in place. Now I can install the new back panel, making sure to align it correctly before pressing it and sealing it in place.

Now all that's left to be done is to remove the plastic film from the back to make sure everything is lined up, which is then I can remove the front film and reveal the new display also need to remove the covers on the Samsung logo and home button and that completes our restoration by powering the device before we're done, it powers on fine. This is in a restored samsung galaxy s7 edge for those wondering what the cost of the parts were ; the replacement display and frame cost one hundred and seventy five dollars and ten dollars for the replacement backglass.

So that brings the total cost of repairs for this phone up to one hundred and eighty five Australian dollars and although I would have liked to put a new battery in this device, that is not what the customer wanted. So they got a new display and back, but either way, even though this thing looks brand new and comparing with the Galaxy S a the slight differences in the generation can be seen, even though my is transparent, I really like the s7 edge design much better than the regular stock s7, because it has those borderless displays. The only negative of these displays, even on the newer Samsung phones, is the screen.

Due to the curved glass, they tend not to stick properly and be a little bit insensitive, so that really sucks in that regard either way, though this is now fully functional and the customer is very happy with his phone, and on that note this was a huge Aries video, if you liked what you saw click the subscribe button and check out the phone restoration playlist for more videos and like this. One should also make sure to follow me on my social media for which in the description is located..

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