Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Official Introduction. - Galaxy User Guide

We spend more time with our phones than ever and yet they are not designed to be held comfortably, but now with the elegant back curve of the s7 and the streamlined front and back of the s7 edge, both grouped perfectly into your handpiece they feel smaller and thinner with smoother edges and sleeker lines, but the screen size is still the way you like it big and immersive a true marvel of engineering, it's as beautiful to look at as it is to use. We've also redesigned the s7 with memory that grows, because we know you like the file, hungry movies, music and games.

Here's the Vulcan API for the most realistic mobile gaming : possible 4 Gigabytes of RAM to keep all your tabs open & a longer battery to keep you going all day and beyond. 100% of the pixels are used to focus and every single one works just like our eyes, which means that you have autofocus in a split second and you can shoot in the dark and own the night because some of our most precious memories happen in the dark. You can swipe or tap your card so you travel with Knox security worry free. Now you can record your life with 360 - Camera preview it on your phone and load it into your VR headset. Imagine that this simple 5-inch phone is now your personal 360 Cinema screen.

Samsung Galaxy, s7 and s7 edge rethink what a phone can do..

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