Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra - Should You Upgrade?

Now the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is available. Does it compare to Samsung Galaxy S21, Ultra from last year? Saf is here on SuperSaf TV. That is exactly what we will find out in this video. We're going to do a comparison side by side with SuperSaf and style. Should you upgrade to the Ultra S22? I first want to start by discussing the design. Now I'm going to go ahead and say that in my personal opinion, I think the S21 Ultra is a better looking device than that. The console - cut camera - module blends into the edges. This is a really unique design and the S21 Ultra was my favorite smartphone of 2021. The S22 Ultra is not bad by any means. We have got these individual camera rings that look pretty good. I just prefer the camera - rounded cut.

They're, both when it comes to the size and weight, roughly about the same. The thing to note is that the S21 Ultra is much curved on the edges versus the more square edges on the S22 Ultra. You guys probably know this already, but it is because the S22 Ultra follows the design language of Note devices that we had before compared to S. Devices. I would also say that the S21 Ultra is generally a little bit more comfortable to hold. Thanks to the curves on the edges against the more rosy sides of the S22 Ultra, But the S22 Ultra is available in more colours. The S21 Ultra is available in a phantom black and a phantom silver. It was also available in a few exclusive colors which you can no longer buy from The Ultra S22 comes in four colours.

We have a phantom black, a phantom white, a burgundy as well as a green. There are three additional exclusive colors from, both a red, a graphite as well as a sky, blue. Use my link in the description and it will also give you $50 of credit. Both devices are really high quality. And we have an aluminum armor frame with Gorilla Glass Victus on the S21 Ultra and Gorilla Glass Victus Plus on the S22 Ultra. I'm not sure how they got this number and I'm not someone who does drop tests, but the S21 Ultra has been quite durable in my experience. And I expect the S22 Ultra to be the same or even better. Both devices have IP68 water and dust resistance. Both are likewise designed with small bezels and a punch in line with the Infinity - O. Both devices are also curved on the edges.

The S22 Ultra has more of a pronounced curve than that on. Both have a 6.8 inch display with Dynamic AMOLED 2X technology, Quad HD Plus resolution, with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz, which makes everything really smooth. Let me just go ahead and say that the S21 Ultra had one of the best displays of 2021 and still holds up today. It is still one of the best displays on the smartphone market. Samsung has improved a few things here on the S22 Ultra. First, the adaptive refresh rate can go to a Hertz down to about it all. This is going to make the S22 Ultra display a little bit more efficient. We also had a higher peak brightness on the S22 Ultra, up to 1,750 nits compared to the already very bright display of the S21 Ultra, with 1,500 nits.

Both are excellent displays and you can't go wrong with either, but yes, the S22 Ultra does have some improvements. Both are also equipped with a digital ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the display. This is the Qualcomm 3D Sonic Gen 2 sensor. I like it and really prefer it to optical in-display fingerprint scanners which shine a big light. Let's talk now about the cameras, but just to remind you that if you have enjoyed this video so far and want to see more videos like this, then consider maybe signing up and hitting that bell. So you're notified as soon as I upload a fresh new video. Now I know that a lot of you guys are interested in the camera setup and what the differences are. We've got a 40 megapixel selfie camera with a quad rear camera setup and laser focus.

You have a 12, megapixel ultra wide camera, and generally speaking, With both of these great dynamic ranges you get some great results. We have 108 megapixel primary cameras. The S22 Ultra does have larger pixels around 1.2, three times. In good light, I think they are still pretty much neck and neck. When it comes to low light, I've noticed that on the S22 Ultra, you don't have to hold the shutter open for as long as on the S21 Ultra. When it comes to extreme low-light situations, I found that the S22 Ultra performed better. One of the other new features we have on the S22 Ultra is detail enhancer at 108 Megapixels. The S21 Ultra still takes great images at 108 megapixels. If you look really, really close, you might notice that in the detail.

You are just going to get some more crisp details on the S22 Ultra. When it comes to the zoom cameras, both have a three - time as well as a 10 - time optical zoom camera. The S21 Ultra still holds up. The S22 Ultra was a tad sharper due to improvements on the image signal, processor and software, I found. And, when zooming in at 10 times they are very close again, but when we get to 30 times, you will start to notice that on the house the lines are a little bit more defined than on the S22 Ultra compared to the S21 Ultra. When we get to 100 times zoom in all of it, which is super creepy, the S21 ultra keeps up. The S22 Ultra has just a few nice refinements. A third area where I could definitely see an improvement on the S22 Ultra is when it comes to portrait.

So Samsung is using a new AI depth mapping algorithm and this is really good at detecting edges. Although the S21 Ultra still pretty well does, in these examples the S22 Ultra is just better when it comes to edge detection. I'm really not concerned about this, because when you are two times on the S21 Ultra it is actually using digital zoom because the S21 Ultra does not have a two-fold dedicated optical zoom camera. This results in very soft images. For video, both can record at 4K 24 frames. There are some new features on the S22 Ultra. Thanks to this depth mapping technology, portrait video is better, and you can also do portrait videos with the S22 Ultra with a one time as well as three time optical zoom. The S22 Ultra has a new feature called Auto.

This is where it is going to take a large angle view and then zoom into subjects. Although there are some improvements on the S22, Ultra, I still think the S21 Ultra has excellent cameras which do still hold up. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with the chip from last year. We have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Samsung Exynos 2100 depending on your region. The S22 Ultra comes with the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or the Samsung Exynos 2200. It is really difficult to talk about performance because I have tried both of these and they do handle everything I threw at them. Now I'm not someone who games too much on my smartphone but my buddy Thunder E from Booredatwork is a gamer. He did find that the S22 Ultra was slightly lower than when gaming for a longer period of time.

He did lose less battery life on the S22 Ultra compared to the S21 Ultra. I'm leaving his video in the description below linked. But generally speaking, the S22 Ultra will give you a slight edge in terms of performance. The S21 Ultra is still really, really good. Now for Ram the S21 Ultra has more Ram than the S22 Ultra. There is also a feature called Ram Plus, which is going to give you more virtual memory that it's going to take out from the Ram. Honestly speaking, everything that I tried working perfectly was on both devices. And I really didn't notice much of a difference in this. If you want to switch off and on throughout many apps, then maybe 16 gigabytes Ram version of the S21 Ultra might give you a small edge. I can not test that out, unfortunately.

Both devices currently have Android 12 with one UI. On my S21 Ultra, we've got one UI 4.0 updated. It comes with one UI out of the box, 4.1. Samsung has been really good with updates and are also supporting their devices for quite a long time compared to many other competitors. The S22 Ultra will likely have updates for a longer period of time compared to the S21 Ultra. Before we talk about the batteries, let's talk about the feature that makes the S22 Ultra unique and different to the S21 Ultra. The S21 Ultra does support the S Pen. This is something that is not enclosed within the device and is something that you have to buy. I tried it on the S21 Ultra last year, but because there wasn't really anywhere to house it you would have to get a bulky case or something...

And I really ended up not using it at all. It is carrying that Note DNA and having the S Pen encased within the device really makes a big difference. If you are someone like me who uses the S Pen a lot for editing images and other things then I really do think that you'll appreciate the S Pen included with the S22 Ultra. Both devices have the exact same size of battery, 5,000 mAh. It is quite impressive that Samsung has managed to get this dimension battery into the S22 Ultra. If you think that the S Pen does take up space inside the device. Is this my experience with battery life? For me the S21 Ultra had a really good battery life. And in my usage of the S22 Ultra so far I get pretty comparable battery life to the S21 Ultra. That's roughly around six hours plus screen time.

I know that usage varies from person to person, but I haven't really noticed a huge difference. It's not like the S22 Ultra is lasting me a lot longer or a lot longer. This is not necessarily bad, because again, I want to emphasize that the S21 Ultra does have excellent battery life. Both of these have the same speed of Qi wireless charging at 15, Watts. So this hasn't been improved. Also we've got reverse wireless charging wireless power share, where you can charge things like earbuds on the back of these devices. Both of these come with a charger included out of the box. The S22 Ultra can support faster charging at 45 Watts. The S21 Ultra can only support a maximum of 25 watts of charging. Surround the stereo speakers on both devices. We've got one in the ear piece and one button.

They both sound pretty much the same to me, but I prefer the position of the speaker on the S21 Ultra which is in the same space as the camera. Sometimes if I am gaming I'm not really going to block it. Now I know most people when they use earphones - I don't. If you are holding the device in landscape mode, you can cover the bottom (indistinct) speaker, right,. Finally, storage and pricing Both devices are available in a 128, 256 as well as 512 gigabyte version. The S22 Ultra is also available in a one terabyte version. And the S22 Ultra runs at the same price as the S21 Ultra, starting at. Instead of the 12 gigabytes of RAM for the base model. And there are little differences for the larger storage versions. It is therefore decided to go out for a year long S21 Ultra.

If you want it to be right now, you can get it renewed for around 800 pounds or $900. The S22, Ultra, Samsung actually offer some really crazy preorder deals. So you can now download the 256 gigabyte version on the website for the price of the 128 gigabyte version or the 512 gigabyte version for the price of 256 gigabyte. You can also get an additional $50 credit if using my link down in the description. As well as some really good trade-in offers. To answer the question from the beginning of this video. Should you upgrade it to S22 ultra? In my personal opinion, don't think so. I think the S21 Ultra remains an excellent device and it will continue to be absolutely fine for you. Yes, on the S22 Ultra, you are getting quite a few improvements here, but I.

Don't believe they are already significant enough to warrant an upgrade. If you are someone who uses the S Pen a lot, and perhaps you want to take advantage of some of these trade-in deals. Currently, are you thinking that rather than the S22 Ultra to buy the S21 Ultra and save a bit of money? My personal opinion, with all the pre-order deals you can get right. So, you get the newer device, and that's going to last longer. , drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts. You want to see more S22 Ultra content. Hopefully, if you want to see how it compares to the Note20 Ultra, then that video will be linked here as well as another related video here. If you want to see more of this content going forwards, then don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell again.

I hope you enjoyed this video (indistinct) if. You then did that for me. It is Saf on SuperSaf TV, and I will see you next time..

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