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How is it going here and welcome to my camera comparison between the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro now. These are the very best smartphone camera systems on the market today, as evidenced from this recording from samsung and Google. So let's put them to the test here and if anyone is wondering, the snapdragon 8 gen1 is now running on the s22 ultra and not the exynos, and they both have pretty good rear, main cameras with 108 megapixel samsung, hm3 sensor on the s22 ultra and the samsung gen1 sensor on the pixel 6 pro now. Naturally, the s22 ultra also has a 10x periscope lens and also has a three times optical telephoto lens and 12 Megapixel ultra angle camera.

The pixel is now augmented with its four-time telephoto lens and also a 12, megapixel, ultra wide angle camera and the s22 ultra has a 40 megapixel front facing camera capable of shooting up to 4k 60 frames per second video and the pixel 6 pro has an 11 megapixel camera which can shoot up to 4k 30 frames per second video. So this is a rare video test on the Galaxy s22 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro. To give you a sense of how these ultra wide angle cameras compare side by side in this particular scene and then we can stop the video come back with the main cameras. Okay, so now we're back with the main cameras at 4k 60 frames per second on both phones.

You see all the blues and greens, so pay attention to the color reproduction, as well as the exposure variations, and so on we'll pan to the right and test zoom on that cell tower. On the pixel, you can go up to a seven times: digital zoom at 4k 60 on the s22 ultra. Out of focus here on the s2 ultra and now we go and away with the pixel there, so faster autofocus here clearly at pixel 6 pro right now, and so let's go ahead and test the stabilization at 4k60. We'll walk down the stairs and walk through the pathway here and then let's go this way and start jogging to test the stabilization a bit more and let's pan into the skies and see how it adjusts.

For that light and afternoon light exposure, [Music] [Music], so walking for a stabilization test with Super, the steady mode on the s22 ultra and active stabilization on the pixel 6 pro. So I'm just going to jog a bit to stress out the stabilization and see how steady these two phones can keep it. Here's a low light video test on the Galaxy S, 22 Ultra and pixel 6 Pro. I'm just panning around to give you a side-by-side view of how these ultra wide-angle cameras compare.

But when you move into the main camera on the s22 ultra, you see it all brighten up much more light in this main lens, and you can see it also do the same here so I'll just pan out to give a feel for how these main cameras compare here, side by side and as you look in the viewfinder it seems like Samsung is going to boost things up a little bit more and that black sky is not so black but this could be different in the viewfinder. So you can see from fairly good lighting what the bass line is and as you move to much more challenging or dark lighting, how that change on these cameras and, like I always point out, check any kind of microjitters in the stabilization. It appears more often in low light and as you round this corner, it is much darker than what these cameras depict.

The s22 ultra is boosting things up brighter than the pixel. In the viewfinder I see a lot more noise, I see more kind of purplish, bluish skies and dark skies and while there is light pollution there, it's not pitch black uh. There is obviously not that much noise and it is not quite as bright as what these are showing and as you pan this way, it is a mixed situation. You got some lights coming from the building, but you have this dark alleyway so you can kind of see how both of these cameras are performing in this situation; you can actually see some of the stars tonight. So it looks more real here, it is a little bit darker, but that's kind of what I see with my own eyes on the pixel 6 pro I also adjusted the exposure.

Then hopefully this gives an idea of how you can a little dial the settings. You can see that the night sky is a lot darker than it was in auto mode and as you pan this way, you can see the next light situation here and it is not dark down this alleyway, because the building lights are very faint. So this is much more true to life than what you saw with Auto mode so just giving you some options in Pro mode on Samsung and some exposure and white balance sliders on the Pixel [Music], alright. So here's the low light video test of the front camera cameras on the s22 ultra and pixel 6 pro. The s22 ultra can record up to 4k 60 frames, but 60 frames per second and low light becomes too dark.

I wouldn't recommend it and on the pixel, at the request of one of my viewers, I actually dialed down the exposure so it shouldn't look as noisy before this front video was super noisy. I adjusted the exposure so that it should be a little bit better here and also the pixel has its speech. Enhance feature is on so pay attention to the microphone quality to see if that helps and if you notice a difference between the pixel audio and the background in the samsung. You can fit more on the frame than other phones that crop in a lot more to get the same level of stabilization, and I've got a water fountain here to my right.

So I can really test out that speech enhancement feature on the pixel and how that compares the audio quality here on the samsung right now and when you turn around in this way, you can see how they perform into those really bright street lights behind me and maybe in the viewfinder samsung is floating that out a little bit more than the pixel is right now, but we'll move on and move to this darker area. So you can see what this looks like here in some docker lighting side by side and because I have turned on the exposure, it looks darker on the pixel, but that's kind of how it actually looks right now and the samsung, I think, is cranking these things up a little bit brighter.

So you got a little more noise, but I think that will do for this camera comparison between the galaxy s22 ultra and the pixel 6 pro. So let me know what you thought and how they compared my personal feelings. I think they both are pretty good phones - in fact great for photos and video. I don't think you can go wrong with either of them, but he always says that it's going to come down to the processing style that you prefer as far as colors are boosted, although I think samsung isn't as crazy with the colors now, it's actually a lot better for me or if you want the pixel, which is more on the side of natural quotes-unquote or true colors and more contrasty photos and at times heavy-handed.

I think it is the best and most flexible all-round camera system on a phone, just like s20 ultra was last year, because you have all the different modes available. You have pro modes, you have much longer range and you have good quality zoom. If you don't like the color profiles because in Pro mode it takes away all the color processing on samsung and they both allow you to capture raw images, so samsung has their expert raw app which will capture dng raw files for you to capture a lot more info in the image file and edit that in post and pixel also allows you to turn on the settings to capture raw and do the same thing..

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