Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max FREEZE TEST - Galaxy User Guide

Here is my cat, for whatever reason she loves to eat out of the can instead of from her own bowl, very strange. Why do you prefer to eat from the can when you have your bowl of food right here and you have your dry food here, yet she eats from the can weirdly anyways, right? All of this will be a quick little freeze test, freeze, durability test between the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra against the iphone 13 pro max, as you can see right now. Stick it in the freezer for, like I do not know, a half day, 12 hours, something like that and then take it. Take it out, thaw it out and see if they still work real simple test.

Here's my water already pre-filled right here in my container so I can pour it right now all right, real quick, we will go ahead and take a look at both phones and get rid of that then here's the S22 ultra. Very nice, turn on the display and go whoops 100 working device brand new. I will now say this s, pens, with the rubberized type of coating they use. Sometimes you know kind of hard to take out very hard to pull out kind of what she said, but you know that you have to get rid of the samsung pay. You're done, and here we have the iPhone 13 Pro max, we'll check out this one and we have a look at iphone 13 in the blue colorway we'll go ahead and turn the phone 100 working, no problems, etc.

Cool cool, let s know, go ahead and do this test here? I want to do with the screen right of course because you know screen and then we will go ahead and take the water and we'll pour it it's as simple as it gets right, we'll pour it and then we'll do the same here. Let's see, I'm gonna duck here a little bit and I think they are oh yes matter of fact. First attempt too, very nice all right we'll go ahead and just turn off the display, yeah, we'll turn off the display, and then let's see that I do have my Note 20 ultra here.

Let me use my hand, real, fast, all right, no 20! Let's see you want to start the clock here, start that all right, so you can see ok, we'll go ahead and close this very nice, we'll go to the ice box here, the good old, the whirlpool right now that you might have noticed before I had an lg fridge. I now have a whirlpool because I am in a completely different house, moved but live in a different place so anyway I like that lg fridge, although at the old place shout to lg, but now I get the whirlpool so either way it is the um the s22. Now my uh may be a little hot here, but there might be a little too much light in the video, but you get the idea. Look at that in the fridge, crazy, all right - huh - we can go ahead and close the ice box boom. So I'm gonna check it back like.

right now in the middle of that so I am going to get some beauty sleep and then I don't know yesterday maybe like 12 hours from now. We'll take a look at the phones we will thaw them to see if they still work and document as necessary. See you in a little bit and I am back as you can see it's the following day: it's daylight outside, etc. Beautiful day here in uh, you know northern California um so yeah. What are we right now looking at, uh let's start the clock and then, as you can see, you know 10 hours and change into a test. Let’s just uh, you know have a look at the phones to shout out to the whirlpool.

Let's go ahead and grab them and we have a look at that very nice sort of put that on the counter and then um yeah, let's just take this one man super cold holy smokes all right hold on. Let me just close this up - shout to the ice box, the whirlpool very nice all right. There is a matter of fact that we'll flip it over and as you can see, that is nuts. Oh man, all good, let's get the water running here, we will bring them out and we will then check for functionality, etc. All right is water nice and warm, will that do the trick, right there we go ip68 Water and Dust resistance tested. Um, Oh boy, got stuck to the sink. I can't even move it. Let us proceed with the water right on the camera lens. Oiio, will that affect picture quality? We'll test that out there.

I have never actually thought about it, but I wonder if you can, or a ceramic coat, like a phone that would be kind of interesting. Here we go the phone feels nice and cold, clearly not that cold, but nice and cool to the touch and the same thing with the iPhone. I forget what the official name of this phone or of the colorway is, and this camera is getting heavy. Right all hands, alright and cool. Ah, we'll flip it over the display, we'll take a look at the camera punch out right there and I'm not seeing any condensation on the interior of the lens. Let me know in the comments, but that looks pretty good, though, check out that bokeh on the camera. Um, take a look at the ports. We will give this a shake and uh yeah that looks pretty good.

All right, we'll take a look at the iphone 13 pro max camera lens and I can't see any condensation on the inside. We'll take a look at the front facing, you know what cameras and the notch looks pretty good. Okay, now the moment of truth again switches hands. Oh, it turns on and the Samsung galaxy s2 ultra. With the technology they bring in and for them to be, you know. I mean now that it's just these devices, I mean that it's simply incredible durability of these phones. Don't stutter tim, the display on the touch screen looks pretty good, as you can see here all right. We'll go ahead and do one of these swiping looks good, seems to work, and then let's go ahead and do this on the um, s22 Ultra looks good.

The swiping looks or works, we'll go to the app drawer here very nice, we'll open an app very quickly. Okay, now let’s test the audio, see how the speakers are doing, go ahead and turn on the super. This should also be played, so just huh you know it sounds like huh, okay, we will test the s22 ultra right now, [Applause] [Music] [Applause] works pretty good. Okay, let me try to shake out the phone to see if we can get a little bit better audio out of this ok. I gotta say, that sounds pretty good. Okay, we'll do the same thing with the iphone 13 pro max, all right, we'll press!! Because the mute switch, let me say uh there we go not so loud, as you can see jacked all the way up.

Let's see shake the phone get a little bit more volume out of this and then we'll try again [Music], okay, well the speaker works but not as loud, we'll just go back to the note a second time to confirm the loudness and then uh, oh, not even close, okay, so the s22 ultra is definitely louder then between the two. They both work but I'm going to give the win the Samsung Galaxy s2 ultra for you know that it is more functional on the speaker front, but I guess or not. I guess give it a little bit more time. The iPhone is going to dry out and it is going to make you know sound a little bit better. You know just give it more time but as of this moment it is going to make the winner on the speakers one more test, the cameras.

Essentially we'll go ahead and you know that we have to fire up the cameras. Do it like this and try to do this one-handed and not drop the phone? Okay, we'll go ahead and take a quick photo right away. So let me know how this sounds: okay, uh, yeah, now on the viewfinder it seems pretty good right? Um, looks pretty good uh. I gonna switch over to the half uh. You know the kind of zoom a little bit here to see how that looks, and the 3x as you can see, take a look at the camera right there of the s22 ultra looks pretty good to me, nothing in condensation yeah. Let me know in the comments: Peace out right there, go ahead and stop that and then see that now, and I'll pick up the s22 ultra s22 ultra.

Let's see if I have the camera on this and do one of these and uh we'll do the same thing and take a picture so that looks and then oops. Let me know how it sounds: there's an s2 ultra camera right after being frozen. Let me know how the video looks, how the audio sounds in the speakers really well. You know a little zoom this is look at a 0.6" wide angle. How does that lift that we are looking at the three x zoom right into the camera length of the thirteen full max and not see any condensation? That's good, okay, we'll go ahead and take it up to the 10 and have a closer look at the mint of the iPhone 13 4 max looks pretty good to me. You know cph inside the lens or anything like that.

So the ip68 rating on both phones is working well and come back to the 1x and there you go all right boom. So let me know what you think about this quick freeze test between these two phones, the s22 ultra, and the iphone 13 pro max in the comments below. In a situation where you know you are in bad weather and you know it's 0 degrees outside or something like that. Say you leave your phone outside; rest assured that it's likely that your phone will survive the elements yeah. It's just amazing how these phones are ip68 water resistance now with the technology they pack the cameras that they pack, you know and also just their durability.

Allow that and then, let's just do a quick little like create note, create note and then see that the s pen works yeah, it works so no problems with s, s - Pen works right and a matter of fact. I don't know if it took a picture but it responded to the touch so yeah, so that works. Pen works very nice and if your iphone ever came out with a pen with a stylus it's going to look something like that! Let me know what you thought about this quick, small freezing test in the comments down below! Thanks for watching peace out.

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