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[Music] Hey there this is Ranjit and in this Uh video we are going to have a look at the s22 ultra and I think so. The special thing about the s22 ultra is the s pen. So I will talk about some of the 10 practical usage tips I have noticed that can be used in your daily life using s-pen. Take some interesting questions and questions. I've asked you about twitter at the end of the video, so we will also look at that, but yes, I have already posted the unboxing video of this s22 ultra. So if you want to know more about it then check this video, yeah the camera is a major highlight on this smartphone. Check the unboxing video a lot of samples uh. These pens feature were also available in earlier generations of the note series and were brought back to the Netherlands.

Okay, I got another place uh so off screen. Memo is an important thing, and so many of you can use it. For example, the phone is not currently standby. So let's say it's a longer note and just hit save and you can get back to work. Uh, I would say- and you can use it if you are a user of the. What do you say, this S22 ultra series. You can also do navigations like this, of course, with the s pen uh. I can just go over here and use this option as uh screen right and it actually took a screenshot.

I cann't let this go away anymore, but then I can say that I can write notes so important or whatever so, and I can also save this so that this can also be useful, and this is useful if you are a research kind of person working on something ideas or something, whenever you find something just write it down and save it. This is also an interesting feature, I would say next thing and I think so, because of this, I use the pen quite a bit, and if we know you get PDF documents uh, you can actually sign the PDF documents directly. For example, I just made a test document of this video that I was working on. As you can see, I spent features or something else I'll use just click it and use the Samsung note and if you notice so this is a the pointer here.

You know exactly where so I'll open with this one and I can read this note and everything, but the thing is that you can. Moreover, this is a proper pdf document, I can just sign it by guys. Let's say I can now hit this okay or I can just sign whatever you want and you can obviously change the tips and all those things as you want.

So this is a very and if I save this, this is actually pdf document, and this is the same, and if I have used this for now I have used it quite a bit earlier to sign a lot of pdf documents, DAS and stuff like that, but in fact had to download and sign it physically then rescan it and send it very well uh, so signing on PDF annotation on pdf and stuff can be very, very useful and it works seamlessly uh with all generations of what This is the default Samsung calendar, and you can actually use a pen directly with that to add calendar events and stuff like that. Okay, this is okay, this particular day, let us say like, I have let's say this 14th, let's just select this, and if I go to the notes, as you can see it takes it this time for review, I can write it up and yeah.

I made a mistake, but you get the idea, so you can even use the pen and add it to your calendar, and this can be useful again. You can use the s pen even in the default calendar app and all those things. If you take notes, then you can actually convert them to regular text. I personally did not take a lot of advantage of it but now if I think about it this can be useful, for example converting what do you say language words to another language on the fly? Let me give you an idea about this uh. If I just open this as follows, if I click here you have this translating tool and if I click this right now, I have selected and you can select what you want right now.

It's in english and I want it in Hindi or whatever you can change and if you notice if I hover my tip over a word this is only according and in Hindi it just converted this. This is a cool feature, and let's say some word or whatever resettle we want. As you can see it uses this air command and this works very well and you have tons and tons of languages, not just English, have tons and tons of languages and all that is very small that I like with the s-pen is that if you notice we also have a tip over here and I just get the translate tool. This is a very precise tool that I love. Another thing I like is called 'Smart select '', let's say in a particular web page or something you really want to send a small snippet or something to someone or want to say you can do it.

For example, let's just open this economic times so let's say I want to share this portion of whatever okay, let's just go over here and I just select smart select and now you have an area like this. If I just stick with the regular, but here you get an idea how to do this and here for text. I would use it because, like this is easier to do, I would say select this text and I can share it, and I can also write on it. Ok so again this is a tool I would say for research, work on collecting information and stuff like that so this can also be a useful dart tool. You can also use this uh for simple editing of videos you have taken with your smartphone again.

It takes very good video, but sometimes when you take videos there are portions that are useless or something useless at the start, or you want to highlight something. Yes, it's a video, but now I can do other stuff on this one. You can easily scrub and go exactly where you want and you can edit cutting stuff trim stuff, let's say starting length. Let's say, and this is your playhead okay, I wanted to end the video here. Having said that, whatever effects you can add, this is something you can do on it and you can also put decorations on the video. So I can save it back reverted, so simple edits here As you can see we have done that if I play recorded as you can see I had this area that we okay, I can increase this media quality with the rear camera.

Maybe you want to do something like a smiley face or something you like it uh whatever like. I want to put it where let's say this is, so now you don't have to go to the computer to do all this stuff. You can do the simple edits like this using the s pen and this is a lot more precise I would say - it can be useful at times I would say uh. This is called live messages, so we have also seen this earlier, for example this is the live message, and you can use the camera. Uh, it has that effect on the camera, but let's use a static background and I can write something: let's say: okay, let's start drawing.

Okay, and I say done, this is actually going to create a small video and, as you can see, it can be fun as I have told for youngsters and stuff like that, even on your photos uh photos you have taken with the camera. Messages can be helpful, as I have said before, I personally don't use it, but yes I can. If I gave the phone to my daughter I think she'll have a lot of fun with this feature. You can use this as a remote controller or camera. No I have one, so right now it is on the front camera uh and if I press this, what do you say s pen button like this? I can also switch on the what you say, rear camera. I would say I would say uh.

If you use text as a presentation, remote presentation or something like that, if you use dex feature wirelessly you can connect it to what you say, monitors and stuff like that. S pen can really work as a remote tool uh. Also, even in productivity kind of situations and all these things presentation, if you are doing this remotely using wireless and all these things, you can use the pen. So these are some of the features that I would and again you just put the s-pen automatically it starts charging, so that you don't have to worry about it always being sort of charged. So these are some of the features I would say I found yes, you can do a lot on the s-pen.

Try to leave one of the other great youtube creators, video that do a lot of stuff with the s pen, so I'll leave that but again these are some of the features that I found and if you guys know, I'm a little bit paranoid about privacy and I'm happy that now samsung takes the privacy seriously and at least for this version has further enhanced it. I can use my finger okay, if we go here uh we have this privacy manager and usage and this is a new layout and I like that, it actually tells you which applications are actually using critical applications like camera or microphone, etc. and background, for example last 24 hours.

We give permission to a lot of apps without thinking that much, but now you can easily know this and also you get full access to your camera and microphone and if you disable it, no app can use it. In fact, I have it by default on quick toggles, it is not in quick toggles, but you can. Whenever I turn it on and note again the screen, I can and see this green light. Samsung has implemented that one and this s22 ultra and in fact all the s22 uh ones. You asked me on twitter and the first question was uh tey from Ankar. He asked: is samsung dex available in s22 ultra for yes, how useful? So this works very well uh and wirelessly.

Say, if you have a, what do you say: smart television or something, you can just use the decks and remotely watch it on the big screen and stuff like that, and here also works s pen. So uh... decks can be useful on it, and in fact I would say if you are a kind of business sort of user give a try to dex wireless This is next thing that was asked by samyadi uh, he says that in s22 ultra there is an option of charging pauses at 85 percent. If I go here you have this option of battery protection, so if you enable this, the phone will only charge for up to 85 percent so that you can enable that I usually do not do that.

But if you really want to take care of the battery, I would say I will disable super fast charging super fast charging uh is bad and even fast wireless charging. I've been using a lot of phones, uh, but super fast charging. It has five ports uh, but the maximum current that it gets actually a kind of slow charger. So basically it is charging at 10 watts and I charge most of my phones overnight with that and they give excellent excellent battery life, but yeah, that option of charging up to 85 % uh is there on this one. uh, can you check the developer options in this phone? It is here, Bluetooth version is there and if I go to the bluetooth audio codec, sorry. Here you have aptx and even ldac option.

This is the flagship and you have all those things so yeah you can enable it. If you want and the next question is - I got - from mr bala subramaniam- he says I have pre-ordered and the s22 ultra got. He says I am feeling that the battery life is not up to the mac, I'm using it on full hd plus and the battery capped on 85 percent for longer longevity, typically getting four to five hours of maximum using wi-fi mobile data and bluetooth always on. What is your experience, uh, Mr Bala sub minimum. As I’ve told you that 85 percent of them don’t worry about it, use it and I’m also using it and using it regularly on full HD plus and um.

This is with some single guys - I'm not with a dual sim - I'm getting anywhere from about five hours to about 6.5 hours - based on what type of usage I do so again battery life is decent I use a lot of other flagship, Android smartphones. I was not expecting that much to be honest, because this is a big phone and all these things but yeah and in fact I haven't even scaled down to 60 hertz, just leave it at this adaptive 120 hertz and I look at which apps actually consume a little bit of battery life and in fact if you get a new smartphone, this is not just for ultra. Firstly, two three days: You will not get that great battery life because uh a lot of indexing and stuff is being done in the background.

So the cpu cycles will be used a lot, but after a couple of days, it settles and the phone knows your users, then it optimizes the battery moving the next one. This is by sagar he hmmm is saying that samsung is offering Android updates for four years, uh, literally more than google. One pubg is the one Ui of Samsung to become the best hardware wise too. Yes, I really am happy that Samsung offer us four years of updates for android and five years of security with this uh s22 uh series, all the s22 and even in fact some other uh android smartphones they are releasing. So it's a very, very good move in the industry and others should follow. This is a great thing that samsung has initiated. It is nice to see uh samsung doing that anyways uh.

How often do you feel the urge to use the s pen? Uh I'll be very frank guys, as you know, I keep changing smartphones because I have to test it again so here I have to remember that the smartphone has an s pen, but if this was my primary smartphone for the long run I probably would have started using the s pen a lot more in my daily use. She had the note 10 and she had it for quite a while and was an avid user of the pen. So again it depends if you are used to a smartphone for a long time. You started personally using the s. I know that I have just tested the phone for a couple of weeks, so I know that s pen is there, but I have to think about it unconsciously. But if it's your primary phone then maybe you guys start using the s pen a lot more.

This video is becoming very long, so I'll end this up again uh so stay tuned to the channel again, I'll also post the full review of the s22 plus very soon so stay tuned again for that anyways guys, that is it for now, thanks for watching this runsjit and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys..

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