Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra unboxing : A real experience - Galaxy User Guide

Good luck, everyone welcome to ebcdic travel. Today we are going to unbox one gadget, guess what we are excited today to tell you that we just ordered it on 14 February. That means and 12 gb of storage in galaxy. So yes, I mean, okay, galaxy bird um [Music]. We'll information [Music] l22 ultra. This side is good [Music]. This is the phone okay, [Music] js22 Uh, it's a metal body! Here it's a metal body and camera s. 22 Samsung looks like a dslr camera um. Let's start the phone okay first time [Music], then open it up uh [Music] start [Music] um.

The [music] information is clearly visible. Okay. Put right here: Foreign um [Music], [Music], foreign Okay: this is red..

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