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How are you all, I hope you are always healthy and keep your spirits up, every day, you have to keep your spirits up and be healthy. My father uses this cellphone in the video. I want to share with you what experience I feel when i use this cellphone for about a week. So, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Ultrabook I use is the medium version right now. So the cheap ones aren't too cheap and they are, not too expensive either, and the color I chose was black, and it's really one of my favorite colors. If you use this cellphone, even though the color is only one ton, it's a black map, but it looks different and looks luxurious and elegant. There are indeed a lot of vendors at this time who apply a black map.

The colour of the item is pretty, Unlike the Galaxy A, the color is covered with a polycarbonate body. If the Galaxy S2 is definitely coated with glass body, yes and there are definitely drawbacks, although it looks pretty in color, but the drawback is that the glass body of the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra is pretty good as a fingerprint magnet. It’s pretty easy to look dirty; it’s the cellphone but luckily it has a glass body. But at least I believe it with the built-in quality of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Design of this Smartphone is tough and solid, It can also be seen from the thick body is it? Well, officially, my experience was actually negative when I used the Galaxy S2.

When I opened this cellphone box thinking : Why buy consumers expensive things? Yes, I appreciate Samsung's strategy to go green by reducing electronic waste, such as adapter chargers and so on, but even if I mention this again at s21 Evi, if there is a problem, even if you really want to go green, why do you still have plastic? We will definitely throw it away even if the people are dirty for example, they are also excited about littering the environment. That's what I entered from the cave, but from a consumer point of view, I'm a Samsung usher, when I got this cell phone, yes, I'm charging this cell phone using a different brand of charger. This is also an issue, because usually Hi and I also feel that the face charging technology is already 45watt from Samsung Galaxy S7 trainee.

If you use a charger adapter from another brand, for example Lake, Xiaomi, Oppo and so on, automatically it turns on vs. the charging because usually the technology is different, especially the Canadian one, super VOC and VOCs are usually exclusive to that brand and when I put it on here the dog version didn t turn on, The charging was slow, people who did not have Usher Samsung before bought it. Estate Ultra had to spend more to buy a charger. I received this cellphone on the editorial desk, but yes, the advantages were I liked it Bro, the design of this smartphone, eh and yes There are, as you said, the premium, elegant, whatever, things related to luxury go on. Elegant Premium is attached to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S feat. ultra, which does not contain germs.

By my personal subjective opinion, The smartphone has a form factor that has a very similar shape to the Galaxy Note 20. Trap has a brain, body, ah, This is exactly what it is in Rendeng, the front is Estate. There is a resemblance between that and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which makes us confused on which extension is the Ultraman Aya Galaxy Note 2 Putra Hi. If the Galaxy Note 23 has a camera frame, if the dyestuff is ultra, it has no camera frame. So, there's only a circle of camera which is placed in the upper left corner of Budi. In my opinion, and maybe it will be a trend for the next Samsung smartphone, a smartphone with a frameless camera, How to use this smartphone? Just the camera circle.

The magic is also made with Tomini pants, so I recommend you and I usually use this cellphone and keep this cellphone in a pouch. Bag, use a special wallet or jacket to carry. So I put this in my pocket because it is not too big. It still a matter of this design that I applaud. Estate Ultra now has an explanation embedded in it,. So the position is exactly the same as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. S7 Ultra am yes, maybe Galaxy Note is really turned off by Sam sung and in the future, maybe ss2324 and so on,. Yes there will be SP in it and shape is different from that extension and s22 plus. If the two series will generally be more like ordinary cellphones, like Twenty One Villa, the shape is the environment that makes the cellphone comfortable if you hold it, it is a big box and hey,.

No doubt that the quality is 6.8 inches dailymix AMOLED UX, the latest generation of resolution, QHD plus, aka Strike hi Which favors. The original smartphone has a quality layer that makes us really addicted to watching high-resolution movies, enjoying high-resolution images, playing HD games, playing games with high graphics, so the refresh rate is already 120hz adaptable from 1-120 hearts. Apart from the complex yes, this adaptive refresh rate makes the battery power much more efficient. Imagine how wasteful it would be if you don't use the adaptive reset. The screen is already big and the resolution is high. Definitely could't support screens like this, only with adaptive red adaptation so that battery power can be reduced so that it doesn't waste too much money.

With the Galaxy Note 2 Putra, there is again an armrest at the top as a place for the selfie camera. The bezel left-right, top-bottom, is definitely very narrow, very thin, and I like it even more because it has been coated with Gorilla Glass victus is the latest generation. That is why Samsung V Deni does not give a plastic layer or protective glass in the purchase package, so it's plain so there is no tempered glass or like plastic cups, which is more Inka C. It's already strong, right generation, gorilla, glass, tiptoes, this latest one is just because this phone is expensive, so I just want to Aranin for those of you, users of Ultra screentips, to use hydrogel which is thinner, more comfortable, a single tap on the glass.

Even though I turned the volume to the maximum level, the speakers are already stereo at the bottom. The main speakers and the auxiliary speakers are combined with the irvis at the top. Even though it's here in the top of the screen it's not a balanced sound. The sound output is balanced above the frame, It is really good for playing games, watching movies, watching on Netflix or Disney Star, or watching YouTube. The sound is still good,: the output is top [Music], hi, hi hi. Sorry if I'm Hi [music], that's a smile, hihihi hahaha, [music], hahaha For the first time, Samsung Samsung presents flagship phones with Snapdragon processors. Yeah, I also admit that because the earlier Galaxy S series were Exynos. Two processors were also one of the people who asked this,.

In Indonesia it is not used just Snapdragon like that, because it is much higher in terms of performance, right? When that series did not increase significantly the Exynos, it was not the previous series, but there were several previous series that I believe were at that time far behind Snapdragon, Samsung finally complied with the demands of Indonesian consumers, For the first time, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy 20 series with a processor Snapdragon 810 is also the first official cellphone in Indonesia with a new processor of Qualcomm, Here are the pros and cons at the same time, Exynos is still good. Gpu-Z is already using an IMD based on mdr DNA, so a new one and Hi the next day.

Snapdragon The 820 is now the speeding, but people really want the Exynos 2200 that came from Indonesia. The Samsung added a Snapdragon version. The sandal, I can try the cellphone that Indonesia officially entered with the fastest processor at the moment, one of which is the Snapdragon 820 on the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra. It turns out to be a decent power, efficiency. According to my testing on the Mac PC application, the smartphone can last up to 12 hours and five minutes. The screen on time is for full use of the scenario that is run by PC Max battery life, while I use it for a dozen hours generally for usage. I use it for YouTube for up to a dozen hours, I will attach a screenshot and I use it.

W scrap is also good for a battery of 4500 milliamperes I say why I vary: Jan 8 has good power efficiency, because the latest Samsung Huawei, Android 12 operating system, seems to have what makes the performance of Snapdragon 820 not always optimal, not always 100% expends energy, so 100% energy is usually given when playing games, playing heavy games, editing, video, rendering and so on, but for scrolling on social media, typing happens on this cellphone, use a low clock speed, and that makes power efficient. Why, because I tested tomorrow on AnTuTu Benchmark AnTuTu, the latest version of the smartphone 9. This record only a score of 892 thousand, far behind the other Snapdragon 810 phones on the official Antutu website, yes.

We see that the score is indeed smaller than other Snapdragon 820 mobile phones out there which have not entered Indonesia. Yet, but at least we are rewarded with very solid battery efficiency. What I feel is that there is no charger adapter in the end. Yes, I got the default Samsung charger adapter, but the 25 word small size is to try the charging speed of this smartphone to the charging speed of the smartphone. It is 45 watt for flash charging, it's fine wireless charging, cable, the 15 world and the white flowers. The water is also available, while the battery has a capacity of 5000 milliamps, which is big enough for this number of smartphones, 6.8 inches.

When I try to charge it from 1% to full with the Samsung 25/25 word charger adapter, it's enough just one hour, 10 minutes to charge the cellphone it is full even though I activated a cellular data packet, It's also connected to wifi and, of course, that is also while I use it to reply to chats, open social media and so on. Ampere battery with a 25 words face charger -, I haven't tried it with a fast charging adapter. That is full, but at least it should be much faster than 25 words, one hour and 10 minutes I. In short time we can charge this number of phone. My favorite thing in Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra is the camera shop. The camera has a lot of advantages, from specifications to features, etc. ; It uses the latest 183 pixel sensor that is already supported by voice.

So the smartphone camera has a lot of OS. If it turns out that there is also a 12 megapixel, Ultra wet camera there is a 10 megapixel telephoto camera with noise which has three-times optical zoom. There is also a 10 megapixel periscope camera, with noise too, and with optical capability up to 10 times, is crazy, I'll look at the photos, later! The editor will make fun of the photos I've. The front camera taken good photos while the front camera is 40 megapixels. It is very good, I said the photo and the magnifying glass are optical. Times, I, shoot clouds and continue to take photos of objects from far away. Samsung didn't give it to the extended Ultra m. Camera quality is canned because I 'll perhaps see the photos.

Eh, i'll also try the Knight mod, now riding a motorbike is also one of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Sultra, because with the night mode, we can take photos in all cameras. Configurations, from Ultra White, from the Main Telephoto. Camera to Periscope, can take all photos with a night modem and the results are good, wow. This cellphone is beautiful, even though we don't use night mode. The night mode's brightness is like trying to beautify the photo. The result is much more detailed and the colors come out, but if we use normal photo mode in the night mode, it's not as good as night mode, but it is still good on the eyes and you can still enjoy it.

which is similar to the original Galaxy Note 2 Putra, But in terms of hardware features, Blade quality, particularly the ability of this camera. No doubt, I salute Samsung for developing a smartphone that has quality. The selection is truly flagship, starting with the latest specifications, Snapdragon 810. No doubt that you can take good quality photos in many conditions day and night, and the battery, which turns out to be quite efficient, is quite durable for a flexible jumbo size. It's strong, especially considering the Snapdragon 820 process, which is famous for being powerful, GTA, is great. This latest Wiwid makes the processor work efficiently so that the battery can last longer.

My mouth is for people who really want to upgrade to Flexip and who can be used in, the future for 2-3 years. All these fonts can be an option if the capital is thin, for example, you can choose the 12212, 8giga 17.9, or not halfheartedly. I can only tell that it's been my experience like this Mini Smartphone review after a week or so. If there is an error in what I said, I hope that you are always healthy and t to keep my spirit up..

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