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During the years that I've done reviews here, I saw a lot of smartphones but I have seen nothing like the Samsung Galaxy S, 22 ultra, which I am gonna tell you all about my experiences with it. Now, it's been constantly my primary mobile phone. I have the white version, by the way, as you can see here, it has 1750 nits of brightness on its screen. So that is basically the best screen that I've used on a mobile phone until now and it's an android 12 device. The camera array is totally amazing and in a moment we're going to check out a lot of photos I took. Let's just begin, if you are on this channel for the first time thank you very much for coming here. Clicking on the red button down below is more than welcome to subscribe to our mailing list.

Hold it on this channel, so that you gonna be able to see my future adventures and I have some really cool stuff. I want to start with the most difficult photos. These are night shots that I take with my phone, and you can see that I have multiple examples here. This is the ultra wide camera on this mobile phone. We have an amazing ultrawide camera, one of the best I have tested. It's a 12, megapixel, f, 2.2, 13 millimeter equivalent camera. This is a photo that I took of one of the tallest buildings in Tel Aviv which I was at the time. I also tested out the different cameras on this phone. In this situation, the primary camera is a 108 megapixels, f 1.8, 23 millimeter equivalent camera and took amazing photos.

That was a night shot and as you can see everything on this photo is really deep. On this mobile phone we see zoom cameras. The first one is a 10 megapixel, f, 2.4, 3 x, optical zoom, that's a 70 millimeter equivalent and we have another camera which is f 4.9, 10x zoom, which is a 230 millimeter equivalent and that's it. We had some kind of uh, an event where we had to uh, taste the food that was there while they showed us some cool gadgets that you'll see on the channel in the future, and that is obviously who knows the logo, it's a cricket machine. I also used the primary camera here to take some food photos, which is usually something I do with my mobile phones, and I think with this camera I actually got some good results.

There are definitely some photos that I would love to post on uh Google maps reviews. As you can see right now you get a lot of bokeh when you actually take photos up close, which is really good. If you don't know what I'm talking about when you look at a camera, the first feature you want to look at is the uh aperture or f-stop rating on it and you want that number to be as low as you could get it, and f.

1.8 is great for any mobile phone or any camera like this one I have currently so yeah a lot of food shots here I actually missed the focus it got on the plant and not on the food itself, and I'm also going to show When talking about this camera array and the stability system, just look how stable the shots are, you could easily take some videos that are so stable that people would feel like you are using a gimbal. This is another test of the different zoom options, and I actually go from 10x to 0.6 the ultra wide to the biggest zoom I had, and these are real world scenarios. I'm taking videos and photographs of this is not a staged environment. Obviously, I wanted to show you guys as true as it gets an example of what you can get with this mobile device uh.

So don 't blame me if I actually did not leave food for anyone else uh. It is a really difficult to take photos off because this area is completely overexposed and that's because we have sunlight over there and I'm actually taking photo of an indoor place. So you can actually see the details both outside and inside a dslr camera. This was really hard to take and it seems like there is a manipulation on this phone which actually gets the photos amazingly well, even in difficult situations like this. So this is the main camera and this is the ultra wide that also gives amazing photos as you can see. Right now, also deals with exposure outside, the overexposure and one of the things I want to do.

Let's say you guys want to take photos of any situation where you have a lot of furniture and uh, let's say you want to have photos of your place or inn. Just take ultrawide the ultra white camera, it always gives you the best results so moving on, we see zoom and telephoto options on this uh mobile phone. So here is a video of the same thing showing you the different features showing you the primary camera, ultra-whites, that was the ultra-mine before now. We are 108 megapixels on the primary main camera and look at the stability on it. This is very stable here, we kind of miss the shutter rating. That means that you will not get the brightest photos and usually you need a lot of light to get indoors good quality photos or videos.

Here's another photo of just testing out the different exposure options, while taking some photos in those here is another video of me just using one of their computers with the ultra wide um camera great. For people like me who are taking videos of technologies and stuff they hold in their hands. I actually went back to the balcony to try out the cameras and as you can see right now that uh is one of the shots. On the photo you can see a lot of details and you can go in and use the telephoto. Look at how much detail you are getting as this is an optical zoom um. This is the ultrawide same situation, we will get a lot of information about the photo and here's another pen, video, just testing out the stability of the main camera of this phone which is so freaking stable.

I love it just zooming in and you see the stability options on the 3x zoom camera also very stable, looks amazing, no focus issues and even when moving with the 10x zoom, look at how stable things are when using 10xzoom. It's amazing, so great – camera array. The last thing I can show you guys, which sadly is not in English, is an example of me speaking in my native tongue. This is a test just to check out how much the phone can actually divide my voice from another background sound that is actually occurring and also testing out the selfie camera of this mobile phone, which is a 40 megapixel, f, 2.2 uh camera. It is not an f. One point x, it's a two point x which is not as good as I actually wanted, but still delivers great dynamic range and great results.

I'm actually testing my voice against someone else's shouting on the phone, which is actually something that happens a lot in my country, um. We test here what the phone basically deals with background noise. It deals great with background noise. I had some people on the background shouting also and this guy was really funny, but overall delivered in terms of microphone quality. It's this specific time and while I did the zoom test the biggest thing for me was to see how much zoom you can go in and actually see some details. So that is 20x zoom right now and it is 10x optical zoom with the digital option to get 10x more. And what I'm going to do right now is switch from 20x to 0.6 which is crazy and, as you can see the details, we can actually read the sign on the back.

Right now you saw the cameras and then you got the 0.6 ultra wide. What I tried to do was to take the actual number on the plate of this car. This particular car is right now in the dark and I took my main camera - that is the main camera and Uh. I try to zoom in and using the telephoto camera and samsung's options I get the plate number on it. I'm going to show you the result and that's how it is so you can actually read the number, which is crazy. For now I made some night shots test and as you can see this is the night mode on the camera. There are two options here: you can actually take a photo. That takes around four seconds of footage and then blends it into one photo, and you can also take an eight second clip of footage.

The only difference I found is in terms of how accurate some things are on distance r. So it is a bit more accurate on the 10x on the 8x. The only problem with this mode is that i really need an environment when nothing really moves, because if something moves, it's gonna be good enough for you and that's another test of the night photography mode. I took a photo of this guy and as you can see we get a lot of details even though the office is completely dark and there are no lights on it ; here is a photo of the selfie camera. I used it actually for the thumbnail video that I made on my other channel on my hebrew channel. And it looks amazing, and if you like to take photos of your neighbors yes, you can also do that.

All in all, a great uh, great array, great camera array, it is really one of the best camera arrays that I have seen on any mobile phone. The next thing I want to talk about is the screen of this device. It's uh, probably the best screen I've seen on any mobile phone. The screen is an edge 4 hd plus. That means that you actually see the screen kind of spill out on the sides. It is something that really frightens me to be honest but I actually didn't manage to break or scratch it, even though it has Corning Gorilla Glass victors plus and I still hadn't got any scratches on it for two weeks other than that. This is it: has a really high resolution so that you can actually turn it down to Full HD plus from this default resolution.

The high resolution wqhd plus is, and I could still not really tell the difference of most people. I asked them if they can see the difference between these two resolutions and they mentioned that full HD+ gets the job done and that you're going to save a lot of battery life. Another thing that is really important to mention when talking about the screen on this device is the refresh rate. It goes from one health to 120 that dynamically changes the refresh rate and it's going to save you a lot of battery life. It works great with games and you feel so freaking fast.

That is something really important to me as I really use my phone heavy duty all the time when I make these kinds of videos, so the big thing for me other than the uh screen and the camera array was the new edition of the galaxy s that is actually coming from. That gives you all the options you can do with the pen. You can actually install more applications, but I feel that this is the best I mean this is kind of the best pen. I used other than Apple - products uh, which is also astonishing. This feels like everything is, is a real time, and uh. I could be taking notes on events and like getting everything writing on a piece of paper at the same level as me. It also has this button here so you could easily open the camera and use it as a remote control.

The pen is basically going to take a photo. More usage depends on which application you are using and I love it. I didn't show the camera array to you. When you ask me so in terms of building quality, a lot is going on here. I'm gonna show you the phone up close and talk just about that, so the galaxy s22 ultra actually has an Almo Aluminum Frame. So it's nothing like the hefty apple iphone umpro 13 promox that I held, which was almost 250 grams too much. Um a lot is happening in terms of the screen. It's a 90 percent 90.2 screen to body ratio so it looks just fantastic and uh. When I hold it, I kind of feel like that.

I don't know how it will be if I actually build a case to it, but it feels like I can get to any part of the screen with a hand, which is something that really is well done. This has a rapid charge of 45 Watts which is great. It can also charge wirelessly at a rate of 15 Watt, and it can also reverse charge at a rate of 4.5 Watt, so you may even reverse-charge the battery using this. You can get this Uh product or mobile phone at the different storage option one terabyte 512 and 256. It has 12 gigabytes of RAM and you have a UFS 3.1 file system which is really important. It's not available on many other devices that I have seen that have android 12 without the extra dim - feature has a great loudspeaker and that's most of the things I can tell you about it.

I kind of wish that the pen would go in here because I am right-handed, but it is on the left. So the left position is not ideal for the s-pen, but the fact that it goes into the phone is still a big thing, so we also get waterproof capabilities over here. Just check the ratings ip68. Uh, volume down power switch sim card slot here on the bottom and I guess. That's it a usbc, obviously plugged you gonna get the usb safe, cable with it and not the charging up. It's the best android phone I have ever used and I'm gonna put links and more info about it on the description, uh in the description down below. I 'll see you on my future videos. I have some really cool stuff coming up like I said, and I'm also gonna test it thoroughly. The Galaxy s22, not the Ultra version.

If you want to stick around for that, definitely subscribe. Ich will put over two video reviews for you to watch another one over here..

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