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Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra Yes for us, As a replacement for the Galaxy Note series, yes, Forest S2 is with a stylus that can be incorporated in the body, but is interesting. The ISO doctor is actually more than just a replacement number, especially for the Indonesian market. The first day we used s22 Ultra Yes Samsung Galaxy S2 two series are already present in Indonesia. Yes, there is the s22a ds22 plus s22 ultra s22 is present as the smallest, with an iconic design similar to the s21. This is a total difference in features and capabilities, So, we put it directly into the candidate for the best smartphone in 2022. If you are interested in a Samsung S2 2-series model like the s22, Ultra, s22, plus or small S2 can go straight.

Don't check blibli, now I'm afraid to choose the wrong seller, click on the link that occurs in the description of the video. Let's continue the first day with our experience with the s22 Ultra. This is the experience of using it for the first day in the test of daily use, although it is quite complete, but this is not a complete review of the s22 series and for this first day our testing was dominated with a variant with 8 Giga RAM with 128 GB in the afternoon. So a performance test can be different with the 12 25, which we plan to use later for a full review It is every man can buy this because of the price but for Android smartphones Samsung klasflex is a reference for the latest and greatest technology.

What igus will be used in the middle class in the future, maybe in the next 12 years. So there's no need to worry about looking at this cellphone, so they learn just fine. What abilities are immediately felt on the first day of use. Protector is not available. You get now a Type-C USB, cable, smartphone unit that is C type, and there is a SIM ejector yes. The first impression held by the X2 Ultra is that this smartphone feels very similar to the Note 20 Ultra. You look at the silhouette and reveal it, and the angle of the screen that is more square than the s21 ultra-di makes it very similar to Enno twenty or Road 20 Ultra, yes. Even in your hand, it feels like a note: twenty Ultra. The screen since the preview, yes.

This is a Dynamic AMOLED screen to extend the maximum brightness to night 1750 because ena Vixion Booster. Creating this high error could be achieved while maintaining the clarity of display. The cs22u screen really doesn't have a problem in the hot sun. The refresh rate can vary from 1 to 120hz to save power. Meanwhile, the screen and the back of the smartphone are fitted with Gorilla Glass pictures plus, which is now ten percent tougher than its predecessor. But one of the most interesting and unique is that the next day it is obviously according to market demand., Samsung finally uses Snapdragon, to be precise, Snapdragon, itjen one, don't be disappointed,.

Let's try a style review and show that it's mighty, if possible, the AnTuTu score performance and in normal room temperature is in the range of 960 thousand. Normally, the room temperature. The highest score we got was in the range of 915 to 125 thousand. We tested it because there are several Antutu scores out there that are very large if we try. It turns out the foster is 16 degrees, Celsius ; of course using the 8 Giga RAM version ; the 12 Giga version has just arrived. When the video is in editing process, yes, you can get a million, it's great, I want to know how there is a previous video, yes, the last one vs. exynos Okay. Game with the gamebooster feature turned on Samsung, The general scenario now is in the open world walking while fighting with enemies around.

Yes, the maximum is 50 fps, then use the medium 60fps setting without gamebooster. The average is only 37.3 vs. with this game booster it can go to 41.5 FPS. Let us try it after fighting in a fairy tale, the result is. The highest is 60fps with the lowest being 38 FBS, using an average of 50fps. We haven't allowed a maximum of 60 FPS until now. This semester was obtained with f-22 ultra, without additional cooling,. The question must be what is the temperature : Is it not like fire, is it not after 30 minutes, gasoline force setting, Hayes 60fps without special cooling? We can see that the screen temperature of the sister screen is 140° Celsius about 0.6 degrees higher than i'm to say, the s21 Ultra, which has good performance, is too bad.

If you ask something, while the hottest side is in the 40-45 Celsius range. Interestingly, the side that is far from the hot spot is only around 35 degrees Celsius. It's the toughest game, OK and later in the full review we'll test the performance and the effect on the working temperature and more games, OK, but so far it is patchwork, boys22. A lot is of course how the Instagram is not working on Android, which can be bad. If Instagram is on Android, the results are not bad, it's usually the Instagram that doesn't support it or does not support it. It's not a smartphone., the one who can't afford it, but it is reported that there is 22 Instagram service here, his Instagram capabilities grew. That's why we had a special test on Instagram. Then he moved to Ultra White.

It can be funny now tele up to Telephoto three times from here. On this date, it can also be used from the Instagram application controlled here, which we can see that the OS is working here, even though the Kyb doesn't feel like it here, but it's pretty good. At least that you don't have control over your Android. Hello, ok, so to access the camera on instastory, It's proved to be much better, in terms of photo quality. The Labo Instagram is currently in progress. Its use only for Android the camera used on Instagram de. Now for the dark instastory from Instagram, It is no longer like Bulik, the stability again, One of the causes of this increase is the use of a higher bit rate, which is similar to that of the fruity cellphone. Check that the Internet connection should be good.

If it is bad, it usually will decrease in quality. It's useless, burack is okay, and we are Yes. It's really steady in the auto balance settings. Yes, the photos are more or less like this [music] because usually it doesn't use camera features as well as Ris. This time the highest S series features a super complete camera complete with 18 megapixel, ultra white white, two telephoto cameras, and can present the Note Feature with the SP. It's like a combination of s and not during review . Yes, we test some of the camera's capabilities in bright conditions. This is an example of a video when testing cameraselfies, while God vlogging Okay. This is the selfie camera from the cs22u ultrabook and not. Yi has the wings.

If it's bekleed, that's more or less and as usual don't use any additional microphones. This is the default microphone because it's a vlogging-style road perhaps there's some wind,. It is a rain of the main camera to see its stability,. Now we move on to Ultra White. When we take the road, especially like this, the ultra white results in the comment: stable Hey it is more stable, give up because of this Ah. Yes, Ultra White is usually more stable. OK, now let's try to zoom the camera for laser photography, the camera, OK, I want to zoom there, Hey freezer and the same photo ah see the results. The Wow Sharp Yes, even though it is easily to use, you don't use a tripod at all. One of the things that demands a lot of testing is portrait, video or Bokeh with video.

The result is a product like this. If we use video portraits we can see that at first the back can see us at this hour, but in the middle we can change the Bokeh effect, The back is blurry a little later and looks natural. This is usually still something Lost here, we will try to change it. We use the type of bokeh which maybe is even louder The portrait video is OK often. Let's walk towards photography or videography at night, or what Samsung likes to say is autobiography. If you use the auto setting in this test, but yeah, it's good that we try to use it outside. OK, it's night conditions. There are my headlights, when I walk it is like that, it is even brighter. Yes, the atmosphere here is dark and there is only one lamp on now.

Let's go there and see if the face can still be seen with 1 lamp from a distance. It is quite clear as using a very bright light. It is just a small light, bulbs are OK, Now let's try to check a darker place and try to take a picture. Waiting for it, Nightmare Now. Of course it's over and let's see the photos, wait a minute, oh, it's bright, it's really good! Yes, Write it down with any Android device, make sure the version is official on the Indonesian market, write it in the comments. Column, write, OK now, let's go back to the SPN, This one is the advantage s2ut that makes it special i, rarely use the S pen for writing,. We usually use it to expand the smartphones, We use it to edit photos and videos, especially video, because the screen size is not as big as a tablet.

Other daily usage are to correct or provide a small note on the design or It's like the S21, Ultra and Zenfone 3 can use the S pen, but the S pen that can be stored in the smartphone makes it very easy to carry around There is no case that the sp is missing. Ok now it's time for us to see the results of the battery test on the first day of use. Google accounts on our smartphone. Second, WhatsApp is active with several internal groups, Instagram, Sop, Facebook,. All of them are active without charging for 23 hours.

Two hours using Google Maps, about 50 minutes active on Instagram, about an hour, watching netflix content for an hour or so, and watching content at Disney for about an hour, then browsing chrome for about 30 minutes and being active in responding to WhatsApp for about 20 minutes in total, and what we get is that the screen on time can reach eight hours, 56th K, let's say nine hours, four minutes, difference, hahaha, note that this is achieved by playing games in MP What are you playing with this game, sir? If you don't have a gaming screen on time, it will be longer to have it. S2 Internet is quite economical, to conclude. It's also looking at the performance now that we switch to charging. We use a 45watt charger from Samsung itself.

We have about 23 minutes to reach 50% about one hour and five minutes to reach 100%. It is not an extraordinary result, but it looks like Samsung is trying to maintain the battery life of this cs22u Ultra as a record of temperature and electrical conditions that can affect the charging speed later in testing, We will test repeatedly so we can get the average result, what if s Thanks for the creativity, I already know that the S22 family can easily take advantage of Fauzi, Telkomsel and Indosat and XL should also use DSS. There is no need to wait for the update to get the size.

But yes, we continue 8 Giga RAM during the afternoon with 128 GB and will focus on the 12 gigabyte Ram variant which has just arrived, but from this variant I already feel that the s21e deserves to be considered in 2022 as the best smartphone, because our final conclusion has not been drawn. If you have any devotees or questions about the S22 Ultra, please post them in the comments. Yes, we'll try the job in the full review, I'll be watching on the TV soon. If you are interested in two Samsung S2 series, like the S22 Ultra, the S22 Plus or the small s22, you can check the quota right away, so blibli is now afraid of choosing the wrong seller, just click the link that occurs in the description of this video.

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