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Here we are at the top of the class on the road and it's time to run up it [Music] all right. I mean, the fact that I'm completely not going to go through the overall specs and all the features, but I will break down the use cases straight into using this phone as my main daily smartphone for the past one and a half weeks and I'll tell you how it's like against the note 20 ultra and also the s21 ultra Lassie [Music] I'm personally a huge fan of this kind of boxy design because it's very reminiscent of recent note devices similar to the note 20 ultra. If you come from a slightly curved edge like the s21 ultra 5 g0 before then, it will take you about a week or so to get used to this boxy kind of design.

I mean really dude, because this is the same form factor as the Note 20 ultra, and that time everybody seems to love it and right now people are seeming to come up with excuses to nitpick on the phone. Speaking of handling because of the one UI on Samsung devices I've said before and I will say again that this is the perfect phone to use with a single hand due to the simple swipe anywhere at the screen where it shows the notification, menu and clicks anywhere as well as the app drawer.

This is actually super simple, but yet not all smartphone makers are doing this, so there were no problems when using the phone on a single hand, even for a medium hand like me, where I usually rest my pinky finger at the bottom of the phone right in the middle and navigate simply with my thumb and my index finger rested comfortably at the nice matte texture at the back of the phone. Another bizarre nitpick is that people complaining about the overall camera ray saying that it was boring. You know what's funny because last year when the s21 Ultra 5g was introduced, everyone complained about how oh the camera bump is so big that Samsung has decided to embrace it.

And now, when samsung decided to go a little bit more minimalistic - look - people called it boring now - mark my words guys, because very soon you will see smartphone makers following this removal of the camera - bump design, similar to what samsung has done - stay tuned for those upcoming releases. For me, as mentioned in my first impressions video, I absolutely love this new minimalist camera bump design, where the lens has slant but I really like how it really keeps the overall back very simple now.

I know there are some who are like that, because while the front and the rear has corning gorilla, glass, Victus, plus protection and the sides have the armor aluminium, if you happen to drop the phone on a flat angle such as this because of the protrusion of the lenses, the lenses will take the most batters. So keep that in mind or get a protective case if you are one of those people who easily drop their phone. Now, as for me, I plan to order the phantom white version of the phone because I absolutely love that color in my first impressions. So this review unit is now in black because I love the phantom white version so that I plan to also get the clear standing case for the sake of adding protection.

If you shake the phone, there is a rattling sound as the camera is shaken when the camera is not used or even activated in the camera app We all know that Samsung is the number one manufacturer when it comes to smartphone displays, and it is extremely obvious because this s22 ultra 5g is hands down the best smartphone display right now compared to any available, while nobody asks for a brighter screen, as the previous generation smartphone like the s21 ultra 5g was perfectly visible in bright daylight Even during a super hot 12 pm afternoon, weather is not all that important as the screen is also good because it performs exceptionally well under a very dark environment and in that case, always in this scenario.

Here's where there is the very clever Extra Dim toggle, where you'll find it under the accessibility settings. Thus having a large screen with very thin bezels means that you will really enjoy watching videos on the phone and the color accuracy was not only good on the point of only watching movies on the phone like netflix, youtube, Amazon and Disney Plus hotstar. But it's so good to the point that I use this phone as color reference for my blackmagic 6k raw footage.

After I was done with my color grading as well as today for using the phone for daily tasks like scrolling on websites, the menu system and the social media pages were super fluid and the adaptive refresh rate is not only felt but it was also seen through the viewfinder of my camera when I was shooting the phone screen as well as this static. It literally means you can stand at one position, take out your phone and take so many different types of versatile pictures if you are on the exact position.

Now there were also a lot of people who complained about how samsung was using the exact sensor as the lassius s21 ultra 5g, and this claim is totally untrue because if you compare the exact hardware specs first of all the focal length is tighter and is different, even though the megapixel count and the aperture value are the same as looking at a different software experience, you are going to be getting a very good camera performance on this particular phone now. So overall you are the judge on what exactly you see, and I also saw some complaints about how autofocus does not work on the s22 ultra 5g properly, but as you can see clearly in this footage, there weren't any problems at all.

Where if you get very close to a subject, it will change the main 108 megapixel lens into the macro mode. Since the sensor is so huge and speaking of this high-quality sensor the reason why the main lenses look really nice and sharp because of the pixel beaming that combines all of the pixels to a smaller 12 megapixel photo and this is very similar to how I shoot my videos on youtube, where I shoot both the cameras that you see over here and including my product shots at 6k resolution, and then scale them down to 4k. In order to give you the extra sharpness in the videos that you now see in this channel for 10x and even 30 times. But it's nice that samsung now has mentioned about how the portrait mode for subject has really improved.

Luna was also properly separated from the background which no other smartphone had even come close to - I even intentionally messed up my hair, which is already messy during this shot where you can see how well the front camera portrait mode did and yes, the edge detection was really great as you can clearly see now between all the lenses. If I had to pick the exact lens that was my favorite, I have to say that I love the three-few telephoto lens the most because the images were tighter and overall have better depth, and it is still one of the best focal lengths for taking portrait shots as well. Only then I post it up on social media, but it is nice that samsung has also made this great integration.

So one of the main things that samsung has thoroughly highlighted on the phone during the Kino presentation was the night shots. Moving on to video, the 8k video was still high in quality although my personal frame rate was still perfect and had extra stabilization for this super steady mode.

So I would stick to the 4k footage as it was also extremely stable too, and another feature I really wanted to try is the Director's view on the phone, because while there are other smartphones that have this feature of having both the rear and the front video cameras to record at the same time, what was really good on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the overall image stabilization compared to others I've used, and the ability to change the rear lenses during recording was also really nice and seamless.

Now portrait video really improved a lot when it comes to human subjects with a Super dslr like video style and yes, it quite works well on pets as tested on luna as well and auto framing mode did indeed come in handy for situations where there was more than one person in the frame, where now both the super slow-motion and the slow motion still work very well, a feature that has not been highlighted, but yes, it still goes toward the night video. Let me know in the comment section below what you guys think at the moment about the camera performance on the s22 ultra 5g, and if you guys like this video, a nice big thumbs up would be very much appreciated and a subscription would be very sweet too.

It is simple yet very customizable to how you want -- I can say this, even without using the good lock app which is not available here in Malaysia, but I am already really appreciating the one ui version for and simple things like swiping up and down for the notification menu from anywhere on the screen and going to each menu within the settings are so seamless and easy as simple things like changing the screen, timeout or even the refresh rate are directly available on the display menu, as opposed to something like xiaomi If you have missed my review of the Samsung Galaxy S, 21 fe now, I have actually gone through all my favorite features of this new Ui version 4, but I'm planning to do a dedicated post or even a video on it.

Why do I consider a UI a gold standard when it comes to smartphones on android phones. In terms of daily use of the phone, the days of using gboard as my keyboard are gone because I really love the native keyboard app on this one Ui and with this new snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipet, the camera launches quickly and scrolling around and using the phone daily felt extremely fluid. Initially I was worried about the Overheating Issues, because I have used other smartphones with this high end Snapdragon chipset and it overheats like crazy.

Speaking of crazy call me crazy, but I always love the exynos chipset on Samsung devices so good news for you snapdragon lovers, because now you can rejoice [music] and yes, for the first time ever, an s pen built in inside the s series which is, of course, the spiritual inheritor of samsung's, not so old. Note lineup, so the daily use for the s pen for me felt very familiar because I've used lots of node devices of the past and yes, latency was significantly better and it's nice to know that. My teammate mo can finally understand what I photograph on the pictures I send him when I have an idea for a thumbnail, where he usually has absolutely no idea what I'm trying to write on the screen because I use my fingers instead. So it's nice that now I have the s pen if I had a choice...

this is of course my personal preference, because while it is nice that the phone had a s pen in a matte finish like this, I kind of prefer when the s pen came with the same color finish. Another thing to note about the pun intended is that if you are looking to write the phone when it is placed on a table, I would advise against it because it does wobble quite a lot. If you want to do so, I would advise just a case to prevent the wobble or you can use the pen when you are holding the phone. On the other hand, to get now a better writing experience, here is where I will be doing another dedicated video and blog post on tips and tricks that you can use on the pen to get deeper.

Battery life on the s22 ultra was really great as I got some very interesting results because I had all the time tested the smartphone for two scenarios daily and no, it was a battery drain test because I always believe a daily usage is way more close to what you use in real life.

So scenario number one is when I use it daily with the maximum qhd plus resolution and the 120hz adaptive display with dark mode, and I got an average of 6 hours and 25 minutes when I was at 10 battery and even with 3 hours and 27 minutes of running, and on some days I went with scenario number two by going with the fhd plus resolution and here's where it was very interesting because I had the same settings as I mentioned earlier and here's where I got a total of 6 hours and 36 minutes Unfortunately, I went to many samsung outlets, but the original charger is not yet available here in Malaysia for sale. And yes, there were no issues at all here and it also did an amazing job with cod mobile on max frame rate and very high when it comes to the overall graphics gaming on asphalt.

It was truly remarkable because of the phone stereo speakers and, of course, the display itself with high resolution on the graphics but among all the main games that I really wanted to test. This was also really good now for me if you are talking about comfort level when playing games, especially with the boxy design. It might be a little uncomfortable when it comes to playing a lot of games, as the edge might touch the palm instead of the fingers as it was for us.

So yes, in conclusion with all that has been said and all that has been done in testing the phone every day after testing it for one and a half weeks, I can say that this is the note sequel that we never got and it is finally here and for those of you who feel that Samsung's foldable is something that you would not go for because of the price and of course the whole foldable form factor. This will be a very compelling option on every other aspect, because this phone was released last year not only at the same exact price, but it also comes with free s-pen. On top of that, as for me, I can confidently say that the s22 ultra has made its anchor the default of the best Android smartphones to use and of course will be in my pocket every day..

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