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I've never been shy about declaring my love for the Note line of phones, so today you get my review of the new s, pen equipped s22 ultra with some comparisons to its ancestor, the Note 20 ultra, as well as a cameo or two from its half sister pixel 6 pro, and of course we have to test ultra with some Ultra testing so you've seen auto, framing and great indoor light, so I'm gonna let you know how it all This is a deep dive, so there are plenty of chapter markers below so you have the option of watching through or skipping over to what's most important to you and if you're like, this is informative at any time, go ahead and hit the thumbs up and subscribe. So I can regale you with gadgets laden, high-quality Awesomeness in future vids.

Regarding the upgrade comparison to the note, I think 20 ultra is important, as most of us probably don't buy the top of the line notes each year and last year. What's new in 2022: the display will stand out of the box: the Gorilla glass, victus plus dynamic, 2 x amoled displays measure in at 6.8 inches diagonally. Behind those terms it really chaps my height moving now running your note at its full resolution 20 Ultra. The year was not able to take advantage of that buttery, smooth 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate. Not only can you do so, but it is more efficient - unlike previous years - ltpo displays.

This year, the ltpo2 panel can scale down from 120 hertz to 1 hertz as if the displays on samsung's panels were not already some of the brightest you can buy for outdoor visibility. For me the screen brightness is much more than a luxury and Samsung never disappoints in this field. But what do these improvements look like in the real world with it enabled I felt like? I was fired in the face with light because I tend to keep my displays at pretty high brightness and had to turn the S22 ultra down and will probably turn the feature off until I really need it, but the display quality improvements shine well with content and in a few other areas to the streams with both phones display settings matched.

When you look closer to the s22 ultra it has a better contrast with deeper blacks, giving it more detail in shadows. It looks even more like I am diving right there with the cinematographer and when watching content with a lot of cgi like Thor, Ragnarok, the deeper blacks and better contrast really add a dimension of clarity and richness which improves what was already a really solid display in the note 20 ultra. Is the stereo speakers on the Note phones, these two support Dolby Atmos and are some of the best on a smartphone period. The speakers on the S22 Ultra have actually improved by a degree again over the Note 20 Ultra. When I listened to each to compare I did hear a difference but wasn't very sure so I broke the db meter.

Sound separation is quite good for both phones, but volume or perceived loudness for speakers is important. Think of it like a blanket on a cold night, a smaller fleece blanket will keep you warm to a certain point but allow some cold air in if you aren't completely covered. A larger blanket that wraps around you or goes to the edges of the bed, holds in that warmth and feels better overall, and that's what you get with the s22 ultra using decibel x, the doors remastered riders on the storm made an average of 63 decibels and 78.

As I listened to the art, blakey's dolby, atmos remaster of monin, this is the first time I would say this, but if I were to listen passively to music on the computer while I work, I'd actually have no problem streaming from an S22 Ultra as my source, with it sitting right in front of me and while we are talking sonics, let's talk about the biggest difference between these two, my favorite ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. It is so responsive and precise that it is my new favorite. It literally taps to unlock and you are always in. In fact, the only thing with which I have a problem when it comes to the note displays are the curved edges. However, taking smart, select, screenshots or annotating is quite frankly a pain, waterfall edges where the images wrap around a bit and pin input.

Refresh with 120 Hertz at the highest resolution, decreased pin input latency and down was. This ultra has 9 milliseconds of latency, while the s22 ultra not only reduces the latency to 2 milliseconds but uses artificial intelligence to predict where the pen is going next. As you can see in these high-speed slo-mo videos it's about as close as you can get to writing on real paper coming from someone who is not using this to create pro level compositions and, of course, you've got your pen tools and air gestures that are requisite parts of having You know that you want to turn the riding sound on to complete the fields. [Music] The Samsung cameras have been pretty consistent in the last few years, or so and I'm not going to deny them.

But there are some notable comparisons to make between Note 20 Ultra and the S22 Ultra, as well as one surprise guest, we will take a look at a few things, among them the difference in zoom quality and it is massive and I am a man imbued with chocolatey goodness a so-called person of color.

Also those zooms, even though the note 20 ultra 12 megapixel 120 millimeter 5x optical periscope telephoto went up to 50x, while the s22 ultra 10, megapixel 230 millimeter 10x optical does 100x that is the difference between this moonshot and this one or these crane shots 1x then 10x, then 30x then 50x, and here is the 100x which the note 20 ultra doesn't have, but you can clearly see in the 50x shots that Samsung The latter has had the best shot here to me thanks in part to the s22s focus enhancer feature I used with the main lens. This time a look at sonys super small link buds.

The 22 is a bit sharper and led in more light, but what about when there is no light Google's night shot mode is often regarded as one of the top night modes and in my previous years of testing samsung always held its own in this area. Both images have their pros and cons but you get more detail better color, rendering and a better contrast in this year samsung photo. You'll also receive some artifacts which you don't see with the pixel 6 Pro but are good overall for this extreme dark test. I thought it might struggle, but as you can see it had clear no problem keeping up with my movements. They are also sharper and when you crop in the background, details like this sign are much sharper than the Note 20 ultra and let's talk skin tone in the real tone.

It's great to look real tone does make a difference here. My son on the left has more red in his skin - which matches red in his buddy's skin - but pixel 6 pro produces images with more yellow and green color temperatures in his skin - while keeping his buddy with the redder flesh tone the real tone - Video these 4k 30 videos tell the tale again, the ability to capture more light wins, and this year all four cameras are capable of capturing video at 4k 60. With that said, there is a clear difference in quality here on the video as I The main sensor is capable of up to 8k video at 24 frames per second. Like the note 20 ultra which SAMSUNG has mentioned this year, is how improved the edge in portrait modes.

It was pretty good, though it didn't capture and cut out all of my beard. Although the beard edges took some hairs to give me a smooth silhouette it did appear to cut them out in some pictures. They also say that their portrait mode is better with pets and I certainly have the best looking dog on the planet with this camera, because this photo is majestic af and I will say that capturing fast moving subjects with this camera can be an exercise in first world problems.

Patients as we wait and worry about missing those action photos, but I think that a lot of reviews, I've seen forget about burst mode if I keep the shutter down or to the right or to the left, depending on how you hold the phone and you end up with anywhere from a dozen or less to a hundred photos to choose - that is the cat. Now, in my testing with dogs, the burst mode was okay, but I wonder if one would get better results if you were a parent and it's human faces, you catch a child or first steps or kids at a Little League game or you were off to the ballpark for a day and get close enough to uh the players to get good photos of the action.

So I need a little more testing to see how effective it is in this latest iteration, but tldr using the shutter button and standard mode of fraction photos is not the best way to capture action, use the burst mode. Samsung has a lot of fun tools in the camera, like director's view, and some highly functional ai tools like the focus enhancer referred to earlier. You download that from the Galaxy Store, it allows you to capture multiple frames raw files. Lightroom is a limited time trial, so you may want to cop another raw image editing app. Let's talk some nuts and bolts experiences that I had using this phone so far Battery life has been great.

So far I haven't really found myself worried about the emptying of this 5 000 milliamp hour battery I've been able to get five hours of screen on time from 12 am to 3 pm the next day, about 15 hours, and if I really need to charge promptly, the s22 ultra now supports 45 watt fast charging, and I have a 100 watt, total output charger on my desktop 45 watt, dual-port car charger on the center console of the whip and keep a dual-port You don't and it actually does save waste when you buy your own high wattage charger with multiple ports that you can use for multiple devices and use for years in most cases. Many manufacturers don't have the matching high wattage charger on the box anyway, when they do include a charger and the prices are fairly inexpensive.

There are some companies making some great charging solutions at really good prices - buy a good wattage, Gaga and good cables, one for home, one for office or car. That's your gig and you should go at least for two or three generations of devices maybe longer and I notice that the ecosystem is becoming ever more ecosystem. My phone had a status message in the notifications that stated that the watch was fully charged and asked. One thing I wish Google would fix with android though, is the consistency of their bit perfect audio output, since so many flagships and pro models opt to not include the three and a half millimeter audio jack, which would actually be a pro level feature but we won't go there for this video.

The s22 ultra should support 32 bit 384 Kilohertz audio output, but if I connect my toppings d10s as usual, android down samples to cd quality, why won't you let my flac files live? If you want bit perfection, you're going to have to go with a third party app like Usb Audio Player Pro, this is what I use to bypass android's limitation and to get that flat goodness in full glory. S22 ultra plus Thx Onyx plus Campfire audio mammoth iems equals Yeah. The note 20 ultra started at 12 gigabytes of ram for its base model. According to my heat gun, 4 saw a 10 to 12 degree rise in temperatures and was hotter near the camera module than it was at the end closer to the USB port.

Now, I was gaming with the razer kichi, so that I wasn't holding the phone in my hands directly, so that heat was the result of the load on the chipset along with 5g streaming, supporting my gaming. I did, though, switch to wi-fi because my 5g connection was a little choppy and for this near half hour special, I will leave some things under the comments. The Galaxy watch 4 classic band combo is something I found on amazon. If you want this ultra-sturdy G-Shock Look I love custom icons, but I prefer one ui over third-party launchers. So I use the viral icons pack, which works only with one ui, but with adapt icons you can create shortcut icons to launch apps, then use viral's icon set for your shortcuts, and my lock screen is made possible by the good folks at Good Luck.

I have modified the layout of my status bar and added more shortcuts to my lock screen. If you have questions that I didn't answer in the video, just leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to get to as many as possible. I hope you have an ultra day or night and I'll catch you on the next video [Music]..

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