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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Full Review I now have it in this viewflip cover because I did not show it in my unboxing. Just wanted to show you that you can get this nice sv flip cover with the S22 plus just like you can get with the ultra. This color phone is green with which I went, but it can be in phantom black. It can be in white, pink gold and you can also get in graphite sky, blue or violet cream. Some of these are exclusive colors so you'll have to wait a little bit more for them if you want them to be acquired and you'll have to order those at samsung's website. The phone is a thousand dollar phone and we'll talk about if it was worth it throughout the review.

The design is the first thing you feel when you pick it up and over my last couple of weeks I'm constantly like enjoying how clean this phone is like it is lighter than most phones, this size at 195 grams. It is not quite as tall as some other devices in this size range and it just doesn't feel as big and bulky to carry around. So yes, while it is a big screen, it has a good balance between polished premium and just a nice feel in the hand for a bigger phone. I like that the rounded corners on this phone also feel very comfortable to hold on the device, so I definitely prefer this to the s22 ultra when it comes to just ergonomics holding the device for sure. I like the s22 ultra going all-out for specs, but the s22 plus just feels right in the hand.

You also find yourself a usbc on here, speaker grille down there, and then we have our SIM card slot right there. Here you also find some slits for antenna stuff, like that little microphone up there you'll see right here, volume, rocker power button and I think the power button is in the right place. You don't actually have to get up to the power button or the volume rockers right there. We have a traffic light camera and I just think it is clean and good. There's not really much to complain about in the design area. I mean if there's anything you could say about it, it is that it's kind of boring.

You know it kind of looks like the s21 plus, and it sort of looks like, you know, they haven't really made any drastic difference, but where are we going with phones at this point, foldables seem to be different stuff right now. This slab style might get rid of the punch hole, but that's on the display, I speak about this. One thing that I like a lot about it is how the bezels feel very minimal around the edges. I remember the chin a little bit bigger a couple of years ago. In addition, I really enjoy the extra brightness mode. A lot of people, including myself, complain that you can only see it outdoors, even though they get really bright, now Samsung's allowing you to put that mode on.

Like a very plain, jane-like display but at the same time some people don't like that overly saturated look and feel so now you have that option if you want. If there is something I could complain about though, it's that this phone is definitely a little bit of a weak contrast factor here. It has 393 ppi, which is not terrible, but it's a 1080p screen and I feel a little bit spoiled with that. For this phone, the Pixel 6 Pro is sharper than this device, as is the iPhone 13 Pro, which both cost the same price, and that I don't like. I will say though that most people probably won't care for this device, because they are probably not going to pay full price for it.

If we go ahead and hit play watching media is a joy, it's a flat screen, no content curves over the edges, just pure flatscreen experience and a very small punch hole here. I think that this in the future may be eventually gone, but for now it's there and you can see it looks very good media experience when you watch videos you'll forget about the sharpness. A lot of the latest news I heard about hacking, but as you can see and to the camera it's gonna be hard to pick up. You could just look at this next to a sharper S22 ultra or a pixel 6 pro and it is pretty noticeable again, the average consumer probably won't care. I would argue that a lot of people buying this phone are not the average consumer because this phone is still there and it is a samsung device.

I feel like people would actually look at what they're getting at this price point now you can see right here. You know nice bright, looking images and stuff like that, so no problem there, but as I show you these examples of display I just find that it's super smooth that I go through this stuff, so incredibly smooth 120, hertz panel- they just did a March update as well, so the phone is actually running a lot faster than it was when I first unboxed this device, I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for a second speed test yet as I'm finding My real only complaint with the display has to be at 1080 at a thousand bucks. Everyone knows that samsung has committed to update for four to five years, so definitely pretty good.

Here I will say, however, that these updates are still not very fast because there are just so many Samsung phones and again it's samsung waiting on you know Google software, and then they have to sort of pushed everything across the globe. I don't think you are going to see them very fast, as you would see on ios, for example, or even the Pixel which is google's own phone but at the same time you'll have long support than say the Pixel, which commits to about three years, so definitely very good support on this phone. I will say that you get like this mashup of Google, software, sams or microsoft stuff here, samsung stuff, and so you really feel like you are managing two systems at once: you manage the samsung ecosystem and the google ecosystem.

You can do your app pairs here and you can basically split most of the applications, even if they aren't supported the phone will actually try to split it if possible, and I think Samsung has the best multitasking system on planet earth when it comes to a phone, because when you do split two applications, let's go ahead and bring one in here: let's bring one in there. Let's go into settings to see if you can actually flip them around. You can move them up and down and it's just really a good experience when it comes to that - the customization is everywhere on this phone. Also you can do theming from Google Play Store. You can change your wallpapers and theyings and icons by trusted stuff like that and then you have the wallpapers and styles which are better in android 12, so very nice.

There's a lot going on, but again with Google Assistant right here on the bottom and then if you hold sideways, you get bixby. So that's the only thing I would say that kind of gets a little bit annoying. You'll see it right here too if we go over to give you the choice between Google Discover or the SAMSUNG free, so it kind of feels like this phone doesn't know if it wants to be samsung fully or full google, but at the same time I think that I know samsung's objective here, and that is to give to you. You know a fully optioned phone, whether you want to use all their services or Google services, it is kind of a mashup of both worlds, and I actually kind of like that, because then I get the best of Samsung and google but this is not for everyone.

Man likes so many and one of my favorites has been the safe folder decks that you can just plug into a computer. In addition to that I really like this Android 12 Extra Dim mode which really dims the screen very easily, and you do not have to go searching for that feature like you would on an iphone and accessibility you just find it right there and just dim the display at night so very good feature on that front. Yes, you can transfer very fast through that OTG, but at the same time you know that 256 gigs is where you max out this phone doesn't give you the option of a 512 byte terabyte.

So you are kind of out of luck if you really love this phone- and you wanted more storage- and I think that Samsung drops the ball right here as you could have got s20plus with expandable memory and omg. This phone performance was good, but not perfect, but a few days ago, when I got the March Security Patch that also had performance and bug fixes, I found that it was excellent these days, so I am enjoying the 120hz display as always- and I always leave it on because what is the point in having a thousand dollars of phone when you can't enjoy that gorgeous display, so overall performance is strong. Still nice, but not gonna kid with you on that one um.

I have really nothing to complain about - I will say that sometimes things will lock up like slightly and you'll see a little jitter here and there, but it is pretty rare. I don't like how this phone has eight gigs of RAM for one thousand bucks. Why didn't we get eight gigs at this price? You know, 12 gigs on a thousand dollar phone makes sense to me. Not going to get the fastest geekbench scores in the world, you know benchmarking scores in the world, but still you get really good performance, especially if you go with the snapdragon model of this phone so we will be discussing battery life. Now I think the battery at 4 500 milliamp hour is a little bit smaller than the s21 plus. My screen is on time around six hours – um, five and a half.

It still falls pretty quickly from 100 to 90, but then it slows down somewhat. The phone can make it a day for most users. I think the only way you're going to really trash that battery is if a you're taking a lot of photos and videos all day and you're running a super steady mode, you're kind of like in UHd, 60, you're doing an 8k video stuff like that and then you're gonna run it fast you're playing asphalt all day or you're playing some pub stuff like that. There's no way you're going to make it today. That's what a lot of phones use, but average use social media use text messaging. They look complicated like they look like there's a lot going on and there is, but it's not that difficult to understand.

Basically all of them are pretty sharp and that's good at least 3x optical on here, and what I like about this camera is also dual phase detection autofocus. That means that your focus is going to be very fast on this phone and accurate, no focusing issues whatsoever very nice. I will however say that the actual zoom length cannot go the whole way to 100x only 30x on this phone but they are not gonna save that for the most premium. I will say this : The 10 megapixel front camera can be improved, it's pretty good, it can do 4k 60 but it's also a bit soft. They put more effort in the back camera, it's time to put efforts in the front camera for those who like to vlog and don't have a cameraman with them.

It is not overall super special, it is a good, solid camera setup that does not really leave you. Here's everything you need for a camera phone check out the samples and let me know your thoughts if this is the one for you [music]. I will also say that the audio is pretty good, especially when you have Dolby Atmos sounding great yes. Yeah, we pretty happy with this audio. I'm gonna stop it now before I wake the neighbors up but definitely for sure it is very good, very loud on here, no issues. I only recommend to take advantage of the already included Dolby Atmos optimizations here, auto movie, music and voice, depending on what you like. Is the phone call quality again being loud with the five bars with that speaker? They do this very well.

Some of the best out there they've been doing for years, so you don't have to worry about reliability with signal strength stuff like that. In addition to that I will say that when talking on this phone because it's nice and shaped, it's really comfortable to make a phone call with this device because it goes all the way down to the face really easy because of the curve in the hand that also plays an ergonomic factor here. So if you're pressing buttons speakers and you know buttons that might rock a little on the table, if you are calling a call like that in that area which was pretty good as well the support you would need for your 5g, so pretty good in that area. I missed the two elements - the fingerprint scanner.

I think that certain screen protectors could really mess with this and make it more inaccurate. But overall I find it to be very good and you don't even have to turn a display on to get to it. Also, always available displays is, which I really enjoy for this phone and Wireless Powershare where you can charge other devices on the back. In addition to the 1080p display the pixel 6 pro again I will have to mention it undercutting this in the price Sharper display. This is brighter and more vivid but it's because samsung had a sharper display on the Plus Line in the Galaxy s20 Plus before. I don't feel like this is a cut they must make for people to spend a thousand dollars. Even the iphone 13 pro is sharper than that, so I had to take a certain point offer for sure now.

We could display less storage, but the reason why it gets almost always a really high score. Almost perfect, even though I have taken a point and a half away is because this phone is still super premium has a great shape to it. If those of you who like flat display have their options here. And quite honestly, a lot of people prefer that the ergonomics are great. It will be perfect for many, and I didn't cover everything here. There are a lot more to cover on this phone like the lab functions also. Let me know if you want to see that comparison down below. If you have the galaxy s22 plus and have been experiencing it for a little time, share your experience with the community down below and subscribe to that.

If you haven't already thumbs up, if you enjoyed it I'll catch you on the next episode nick here, helping you master, be sure your technology to be well and be quiet, [Music]..

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