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Mamma Mia che e trick: Samsung S22, S22 plus review Yes, I do not do two separate ones because the other is basically scale and how they go. No don t prevaricate I tell you right away with respect to s 21 no reversal, no big step forward, no major improvement, but it will be that I try them after s 22. Let's assume that these the ici in quotes take a little back seat, but let's find the complete review and no box, since we know that he has nothing to do with it here.

Maybe these are things to highlight and I will tell you how to hold s22 standard pleasant, a 60-inch display, obviously both with the sense that under the screen works very well, but this 6.1 inches with the fact that even the edges you see are quite sharp light and 167 grams against the 195 of the plus is at least give them a sense of having a compact phone one of the few compact android phones on the market, just nice to hold all where they are ip68. Here we go to 195 g g so it becomes in hand a little more. 22 is a little more similar besides that the rear cameras do not protrude very much. The specifications are the same between one and the other, except for the megapixel number which then we will see 50 megapixels.

Here there is no auto focus laser, but we have the led flash access of experiment and volume under the type exit video, both dext and wireless, that the desktop interface, two sims, nothing, thick memory, double stereo speaker as well as the microphone and I'm talking about connectivity here too, both very good wifi, 6 and bluetooth. ok, ok, both samsung pacey android bay, but how they went about the battery. The screenshot is saying that the view on s 22 day with - and you have seen that he arrived in the evening with about four hours of screen on 2 plus it really massacred. One day in which I made this screenshot, he a little smaller screen between 49 but with so much cell change because I went round trip Cervia.

6 hours by car sailed for 47 minutes but always change of cells on the outward journey. That I did the passenger used it a lot in teater in wifi and the photos of the sea. I can tell you right away that with the f 22 you will arrive in the evening with a little bit of anxiety, I'm not showing all the games we have with the battery saving. Eccentricity, went to see the review of being 22 Ultra where I have deeperened these things. It will be more pragmatic here, then the next evening, repeat you a little with the sect, while if your plasmas allow you to come with 10 and 15 percent residual autonomy, they are both phones that do not heat up. Both alexis 2002 with production process of 4 are manometers 828 to 256 on both and here I noticed the same behavior.

That I had only noted two ultrĂ  on beings with 8 gb ram of this Ex. The display you have seen the measurements that I did at the beginning of this review, both well under sunlight, enters the standard unit, the one we see when we use the mirrors. Obviously they are both at 120 hearts, both dynami c amoled and livable blog the next full hd. Now it's that when we have sun here under direct lights the peak list can go up to 1700 single to 1300 I repeat, Cervia sole milani. Those days are unripe and ugly but this day nonetheless gets a lot of sun because however when it is cloudy, the light becomes more uniform but both can be seen under the sunlight well and the telephone part i make a call immediately to 190.

The Dl is the classic one of Samsung said to remain the call, but to warn both from spam. Despite having stereo speaker, it comes only under mono on both sides and I really have nothing to report about reception, even going a long way so highway I never had a fall line and also earphones I must say that on two phones that feel good. Four major releases guaranteeing 5 years of support from Samsung. Samsung software promises the most complete android world ecosystem coming from the most complete in android world, but how they go is seen that I have them here in my hand and how much better I read 22 smooth, but I can show that they go substantially. The same way, perhaps crushes from a part a little earlier compared to the other, but really no problem.

All android samsung worked a collaboration for more with snap chat, but not with instagram mannaggia, marcia, doc and the United States. But here with us, please SAMSUNG works on an optimization with instagram dear to racing. I show myself on the fly but even here you see that ios that I mention maybe a fraction of a second before on s ii. There are no differences plus, because I repeat, the processor is himself, and I must say that he is a teacher who gives satisfaction to you. Also with regards to the games, you have reported some things then you know I am not a hard gamer real game rendered in the clean two I really like game in the pub, decided that my dad, my son also matt ganzi.

So much already Kikkio, but I have read about some problems with some games utilizing this new CPU by AMD, because obviously a gpu and then a completely new graphics part of the cpu. But if they are simply problem of youth, then the games will update their data as well. Instead, I don't really expect anything else from Samsung with regard to the photos, but will show them to you. On the other hand, since the cam is the same, I may show you some photos of the little one above all, but no I will show you this because a fantastic corner of Milan presentation by the geneticist, the experience of these students - two, you know alexa amazon and 15 inches in this place.

Oh well, Milanese railing houses with skyscrapers that you could see, then the old, the new that merge, really beautiful, zoom up to shelter, 30 lost on the maximum rights interpolates, because three is to it and therefore interpreted not the best. Then I show you in some votes Cervia wide angle, still very well the normal zoom, the front cam also bokeh effect. We are silent. Let's see it normal wide angle, an maximum and then I show some dishes that I just ate Civia on the seafront, a lot of stuff really a lot of extraordinary fish. But then I will tell you this anecdote, so we go out for a moment of the sown restaurant very nice looking on the beach arriving acts.

Good certain point: pepe f for peppe for part the music ball bomb that we, the business lunch not being able to talk. The candle arrives with all the waiters applause and a birthday, how beautiful a birthday that we are united for the part of the applause after five minutes pepper for pepper and beautiful applause from inches continent that luckily thawing. Six birthdays faults in short: pepe perepè with the flame with the waiter who a bit too much applauded with the music ball a Friday for lunch but that is okay. It's perhaps the only deer food restaurants in this mag thing. Therefore, I'm really submerging in photos that is no improvement step compared to s21. Good photos, but the quality is a little static.

There is no headphone jack 879 euros, the standard 1079, the S ii plus with 128 gb if they are a little bit high prices. If I had to take an s, 22 andr direct on s, 22 ultr, which is on another planet c, better battery, better integrated pens. I understand that it costs more but it is worth it all if you throw yourself on the usual excellent best buy at 52 s, 5 g.

Ok it will be less performant but not so much and be careful You buy 3 with an s 22 that attention is fine, but has not made particular evolutionary steps compared to the previous series body, or maybe the sun has pulled a being two ultras that point so much that a little eclipses these standard s22 here maybe I, would take the small one simply because it is comfortable and compact to hold or when as a telephone use a bedside table, hello..

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