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The philippines launch date is 29 January but I received a message from my local Samsung store and they said that my pre-order was ready. Here is a shout out to the staff at samsung sm pampanga. This will be an unboxing and review video for the samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g and, as you can see in front of me, I have a couple of other items namely the Samsung tab galaxy but pro and smart tag. So with that said, let's get this unboxing video guys going [Music] alright. I guess you've noticed that the box of this year's model is very thin. So that tells me that, similar to what Apple started to get samsung, there is no charge with their flagship phones. There is dedicated hotline 24 7, free pickup and delivery service here express lane.

Uh looks pretty good, but instead let's put it next to the s20 ultra here and see what else is in the box? Also unfortunately, for this year's model - guys there is no free, silicone or jelly case. Okay, you have the Quick Start guide warranty card ; they still give it a charging cable. So you get the charging brick for free, I'm not sure if you can get it for free when you buy the phone after the preorder, but I'll have to dig around and find out that's the case so this year there is a protective film cover that you have to remove before you use the camera and of course the usual back protector.

So if you've noticed on my s20 wheel drive last year, I still didn't remove the protector at the back, partly because it is more for added protection and I've been using my speaking case on this one, so you can't see the plastic cover on the back, so I didn't mind taking it off. I have just got this part of the site off, so it doesn't catch on any of the cases, but I guess that's all for me. So let me know in the comments section below if you actually remove the factory applied temporary protector, but of course I'm going to be removing the one on the camera there you go so before we discuss more features on the phone. Let me just turn the phone on here really quick, Guys, let me place it side by side with the galaxy s20 ultra.

So while that's booting as I mentioned before, I pre-ordered the phone and the freebies that are actually coming with it is a samsung galaxy tab 8.0, so it is an 8 inch you have the galaxy watch pro. Later I will discuss in more detail about how you are actually going to be using the Smart Tag. It should have a higher chance of surviving drops and would resist scratches a little more than last year's gorilla glass protection. So let's talk about display on this thing, so this is samsung's dynamic, amplified display, it has 120 hertz refresh rate and hdr 10 plus certified. The peak brightness is a whopping 1500, but that is in direct sunlight and you can't enable it manually.

The screen is still slightly curved on the side so, unlike the s21 and the s21 plus, where the displays are flat, the best option would be still white stone, dome glass, similar to what I've got installed on my s20 ultra. Some might, however, forget the protector for this year's model since it has Gorilla glass victis. But in my opinion if you plan to keep the phone for only a year then sell it to upgrade to the newer model. In investing in a screen protector and case, I like to think that scratches and dents will of course down a considerable amount of the resale value of the phone. So if you want to trade your s2n1 ultra for maybe the s22 or whatever they call the newest series lineup then it is better to take care of it.

If you gonna keep it long-term then you do have the option to go caseless and not have to put a screen protector or a tempered glass on it. What’s displayed on the screen and as I mentioned before the back has more of a matte finish, so it should better resist fingerprints and smudges than the last model year. This year's phone is a bit heavier at eight point : zero, eight ounces, uh versus seven point, seven six on the ultra, and the note 20 ultra is surprisedly lighter than even the S20 Ultra at just 7.34 ounces. So we can discuss a new phone from samsung without talking about the camera. In my opinion the biggest and most advanced design difference from the s20 is the better integrated camera module at the back.

So looking at it from this angle, you can see it's a bit more sprung but probably due to the colour guys. A change that is not for the better on the S21 ultra is that there is no microSD card slot support for this year's model. But personally I haven't used a microSD card for years and I feel 256 Gb storage is a sweet spot for phones. That's a lot more ram than a couple of laptops that I've used in the past and I'm not really sure if you want to use that much ram on the phone every year, whenever samsung releases a flagship, it gets called the best display on the market. Samsung says the screen is 25 brighter than the s20 ultra and it has a better contrast ratio of 50.

There is now no option to switch manually between 60hz and 120hz and, as I mentioned before, it is adaptive in nature so it goes from 10 to 120 depending on the content. So let me see if you can actually go quad hd there go and it did not ask me to dial up your refresh rate to 60hz. Before the pen ultra had to settle with either a quad HD or 120 hertz. If I try to go to quad hd, it's going to say: High motion, smoothness isn't supported it's going back to normal, which is the standard 60 hertz. Since I do notice the difference between a higher refresh rate, I tend to keep the phone at full HD, but now on the model of this year you don't have to do this compromise. Let me grab the pen and see if it works right away, oh and then. Let me grab my note 9 here and this is the blue color.

It's not supported on the s21 ultra, though clicks work fine, the hover works fine but the air commands that use, the Bluetooth function and the option to use both pens or remote each other. Even if you use a bluetooth enabled s pen- and here is a good thing that the s21 ultra has the same super-low nine millisecond latency as the note 20 ultra. That means that you are going to have a very good writing experience on this phone. This is pretty good a test for guys, but of course it doesn't have any slots to place your s-pnp in. Also this is one of the disadvantages of using an s pen on your S21 ultra, though samsung has released a separate silicone case that allows you to slide the s pen into the case.

It is going to make the phone more bulky because of that, but I am going to wait for samsung to deliver this case to my house, because it's also part of the freebies I got from pre-ordering the s21 ultra. The only problem is I need to redeem it online, so it doesn't come immediately with the phone so I have to wait for it to arrive, but once it arrives here guys I'll do a review and show you how it fits on the phone and how the pen works on this case. Whereas if you live in the USA and, I think, in south korea, they give you the snapdragon 88. This year Hopefully Samsung has stepped up their game and made the exynos 2100 chip more competitive with the snapdragon 888.

I'm going to be doing some benchmarks as well and see if that holds true because they are saying that this thing can now go toe-to-toe with the latest and greatest snapdragons. Wi-Fi 6e delivers more than a gigabit of bandwidth per device in terms of connectivity features. Is this Smart Tag from samsung so that UWb actually adds a directional element to the short range wireless? Likewise, if you connect this thing or this smart tag to your keys or something that you're actually prone to misspelling, it will tell you when you are near the smart tag and also tell you in which direction it's in. So let's start with the smart tag, start pressing the button, so you can actually give a name for the smart tag.

The smart tag that comes with the s21 pre-order is the bluetooth or low energy version. This smart tag will work with any phone since it uses only bluetooth, the uwb or ultra wideband version will come out a bit later and unfortunately only the s20 ultra and the s21 motor have support for uwb, but that is going to be more accurate. If you ask me guys, because I tend to lose my car keys a lot so this smart tag goes with my car keys as soon as the video is finished. So when the galaxy but pro streams the phone independently to each earbud rather than going to one main earbud and then relaying it to the other, it should make for a much more stable connection, but stayed tuned to my galaxy buttons.

One thing that we do lose, though, is the loss of msd or magnetic secure transmission on the s21 ultra. I'm pretty sure most of you will not notice it. With the loss of mst you’re not going to be able to do this with the s21 ultra, although that should still work with older phones like the s20 ultra, note 20 ultra and older. This is the camera responsible for the super-steady video. One thing to note here is that all these cameras have optical image stabilization, so that you will have less blurry photos and videos. One of the main advantages of the s21 ultra is the inclusion of a dedicated focus sensor.

The 108 megapixel main sensor is actually a face detection rather than a dual pixel autofocus, and on the s20 ultra that meant slow and often inaccurate auto focus. We don't have this problem on the s21 ultra anymore, though, because of that dedicated focus sensor the s20 ultra is now updated to one ui 3.0, but still come across scenarios where this phone still has a lot of issues and does a lot of focus, so I'll be doing a separate camera testing review to discuss in more detail and do a direct comparison with other phones. As for the selfie camera, this 40 megapixel shooter has an upgrade over the s20 ultra.

It has yet an addition of a night mode on the selfie cam so that now you actually will be able to take night selfies that actually let you see your face 100 times. The zoom is actually not as useless this time around because the viewfinder stabilizes it so that it is not moving all over the place. Samsung is claiming that it has a greater surface area, you are not going to have as much difficulty getting to your phone and it should be more reliable. So one two, three [Music], okay, one more time pretty comparable guys, another so the s21 ultra actually feels a bit faster unlocking than the s20 ultra, but I'll be using it for a longer time period.

Let me launch and two to benchmark here guys [Music] hold me close until I get up, thumb is [Music] and love is all we'll ever trust. I'm going to come up with a series of Antutu benchmark tests and I'll be doing it at different resolutions and different refresh rates and see if I can get a higher score out of the s21 ultra. In my opinion I'd want to upgrade to the s21 ultra just because of the problems I've been having with the cameras on this phone. The note 20 has native S pen support, so that you don t have to have a separate case to put your s pen and it also has micro sd card support. Some might argue that it is the best night mode phone in the market. You can also opt for the regular iPhone 12, another good option would be the Oneplus 8t.

It has pd software and super fast charging. Obviously, if your budget is not that high, you can actually opt for the s20fe or fan edition. It does not have future networking support, but it should have everything that you will probably need right now at a fraction of the cost. With that said, I still feel that the s20 ultra can be a good investment and should serve you well for the next couple of years. Having that said, let's end this quick video here, guys I would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Let me know if this s21 ultra is a piece of technology that you want to get, but until then like and subscribe Hit this bell like and notification and see you all on my next one..

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