SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G REVIEW: Fiturnya Campur Aduk

In this video I want to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra that I've actually mentioned in the last few videos but little by little, from the unboxing of the cellphone to this from Netizens about the charger about the Samsung Dex, I've made a video, and this video will finish it all, because this is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S twenty-five. What is different about this relaxed Samsung Galaxy S7, The most different thing is that the specifications for the Indonesian version of the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra use Exynos 2100 processors with 12GB RAM options, size for 250GB storage or 16GB RAM for 512GB storage, and this Smartphone runs wahyi based on Android 11 and talks about Wahyu i3 a little better.

When this video was made, whitelight had been shifted to other variants of Samsung smartphones. While it got this cs21 ultra, it was a tripoin one and was different, and this is interesting because this smartphone uses a three point one and has several features that do not exist in other smartphones. I have three points Oh, so there is a bit of a difference in the features here. On Samsung Galaxy S Iwan Putra the specifications are pretty new, but not new. The main camera at a glance is similar to its predecessor, using a 108 megapixel main camera l with FXR F 1.8. But this time we added laser autofocus and we can also find it on the W3 trap. There is then also a 12 megapixel ultra-white camera Then.

There is a 10 MP telephoto camera and a 10 megapixel telephoto periscope camera, and for the camera front is still the same as its predecessor, SWT Putra, using a 40 megapixel camera with face detection autofocus, with a configuration like this Ultra extension can record up to 24fps Edge resolution or 120fps in Full HD resolution through the Pro Video option, or we can also record slowmo at 7-20 resolution P and because this is flexible, it supports x There is stabilization for reviewing the image and this is really helpful, There is a Bluetooth Max audio setting in Pro Video mode, so we can mix audio from a smartphone and audio from bluetooth at once and this option has not been found in other Samsung devices that use Yino, though we must not have said whether this could be due to hardware support or simply a software issue.

Another interesting thing that I found in SWT was this woman's directview. So when we do video recording we can see previews of all the cameras on this smartphone, including the front camera. This is an optimization of the recording of two cameras and the technology has been used by my other smartphones. We can decide more easily which camera to record, as if the director decides which camera lens to use a movie scene, Yes I see that's what it means. That's why the name, Directview and Baduy seems very suitable for those of you who want to quickly make videos for reviews or unboxing on social media and for social media sources. A few seconds are taken and the concert will be the best genre, so that this smartphone can create content for us 100% of EA, but in SWT Putra.

There is something different. You set the type of content that we want to create and I ca. N't find this in other UI - Tadget - Hoodie devices died until the time this video was made. If you realize that in its predecessor, such as Super steady video, which can stabilize the video until it is very stable and this can be up to 60 faces, then there is also a mood portrait and a portrait of your video Hi, which is a name change from Le focus and live focus, videos and effects that I like the most a here is a glitch and a backdrop for clicking, suitable for those who, like me, I'm experienced. But if you want to make photographs quickly you can use this backdrop effect. Yes it's safe, and not only for passport photos, but also for selfies.

There is a selfie setting of Ton, so we can decide whether the light wants natural light or brighter or brighter. Here, the difference is that there is a slight change in the exposure in the part that is detected as a face to make it brighter. I'm talking about the camera part of the smartphone. I think it has been improved compared to the previous series, both using the 0990 action like the previous S20 series and even the Z10 with Snapdragon 805 plus st20 training capable of achieving high clock speeds up to around 2200 mhz and it's about 0% higher in my tests on Ultra aesthetics and temperature management, in my opinion, is quite acceptable. In my tests I use the Exynos processor longer than the long one.

In general, it does actually not produce a lot of heat, Snapdragon and it can be seen from the test results that the temperature can survive under ideal conditions only at 28° Celsius, while at new heavy loads jumped to 46 degrees. This result is still cooler than note 20 and watching on Ultra, especially zoo7d. The condition of the helmet for its performance is also good for playing games. Maybe you can see the details on the gadgetainment channel because the design is more focused to play games but I can say that in open silence the triple ceiling system, this one ceiling can still get a capable FPS as a flagship. The battery is actually 5000 William Nurse on the Smartphone.

If you do not need to worry, for lowbat, because normal use this one can last a long time from my Sri benchmark case in various activity scenarios ranging from web browsing to the simulation of taking pictures. I haven't got different results with an average of 9 and a half hours but if you use it casually, this can last for the whole day and the charging itself is also quite fast, because I did the actual test from a condition of 9 percent to a full battery of 100%. It took only one hour 16 minutes with fast charging, 25 words and a charger. This smartphone does not include a charger in the box where it was purchased. This is an additional operating protocol on USB or power, long delivery.

We know this and can provide a better control, to set the desired output voltage and, for example, a Supervps charger. You can buy it from the official store, hi and it supports PPS, which means that you can charge this smartphone as well as other Samsung smartphones and this Maxim makes it 45watt, but you only need 25watt here. If a VPS charger is charged every 10 seconds it will share data with the smartphone, how much power is needed, so this is actually classified as a smart charger and for a discussion about this charger I have made a video before so it is a trend, just check the link in the video description.

What is not not much interesting about this Ultra extension is the screen and the design with the funtime theme is usually interesting : all the colors are called funtime and the highlight is the one. This is Phantom Black from Sebena's design, side, I, think I, like black, I,'m a fan of Vantablack and I. Think this St20 travel tumbler deserves appreciation, but I like it, but for some reason, I feel like I am excited to hold this Smartphone I. As someone who has used continuously Samsung's flagship for the last few years, I feel a bit uncomfortable with this phone. It is like the trendy Note series but for the screen it is a different story.

This screen has a qwerty plus resolution with a ratio of 20 to 9 and Siti up to 515 PPI supports her, then press and has a 1500 m description, and this means it can display a wide Deni, Mekres and more up to 120hz support. So it also feels smoother for scrolling on social media, and the navigation feels smoother, and the screen also has an existing play. So I like this screen, I like it, the uneven feels different. This payment also supports the S pen and later there will also be accessories that can help separate the s pen in its trademark and image of sport. It feels like s-the. is not the actual s the. it's like ice that is cosplaying into notes,.

Think the Samsung Galaxy Note note is again wrong, okay I think Samsung Galaxy S, twenty-one ultrafire J is a smartphone, is a symbol of Samsung's achievements and Samsung's efforts to provide the best to its users for a long time, at least from 2020-2021. Because these are things that have been combined with things that Samsung has found to happen well from this slate in the north, starting from this camera aspect, such as combining the specs of the old Cikutra SDN with authentic Ultra things, the best thing is taken here and then put as well as with the design. This is the ice that uses the about frame, which is like calling in March I am jealous, It's like a combination and the features also turn out to be able to use SPN.

So it's like a combination of all that Samsung on this smartphone has huh? Actually, the highest achievement is inside the Exynos 2100, in my opinion. So for those of you who really want this smartphone, simply come to the Samsung store and try this smartphone. You may feel a significant difference, especially with revelation. It feels very comfortable to use and then arrives in the last question: Is Wisnu Kumoro satisfied with this smartphone, well I have some mixed feelings in some aspects. But overall this is a really good smartphone and the software is pleased and yes. If you like this video please comment and subscribe, and if you really like it please share it with your friends and the question of the day for this video is what do you think about this Smartphone.

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