Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra 5G Unboxing and First Look - Galaxy User Guide

Yo: everyone, it's your boy floss back with another video and today we're doing a quick unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy s, 21 5g, and the S21 ultra 5g. Now you can get both of these phones from Samsung I'll Throw the link in the description. Now if you want more storage, you gonna pay more money now to samsung for sending me these early to check out. But look, I know y'all are coming to my channel for the real reviews. So, to give you all that I got to be a real consumer I pre-ordered the s21, the s21 plus and s21 ultra. Now when I do my real review, I'm gonna wait until I receive my retail versions that I actually paid for so I'm gonna save all my dislikes.

I'm gonna save all of my rants until I get the retail versions so for this video, just go through the specs, we'll unbox them and I'll do a little size comparison with some of the other samsung heavy hitters right. Now, let's go through the specs real quickly for the galaxy s21 ultra which comes in five different colors. You got a 6.8 inch quad hd, plus dynamic-ampling panel with a resolution of 1440 by 3200. Now you have Gorilla Glass, Vicius on front glass on back 15 inch brightness plus 120 Hertz refresh rate. The phone is now ip68 dust and water resistant and it has support for the stylus aka. The s pen for the processor got the qualcomm snapdragon 888 gpu with Adreno 660 gpu.

Then you have 12 or 16 gigs of RAM 128, 256 or 512 gigs of storage, no micro SD card slot for expandable memory. It now runs Android 11 with one ui three for the battery. You got a 5 000 ml battery that has a 25 watt fast charging, 15 watt fast wireless charging and 4.1 4.5 watt powersheet, also known as reverse wireless charging. You got a quad setup, so you got a 108 megapixel wide angle laser laser. Now you also get 100 times space zoom or, as I call it, scumbag zoom for front, camera, 40 megapixel, wide angle, lens and all the cameras shoot. Now you got dual stereo speakers tuned by akg. You got Bluetooth, 5.2 nfc, iFace unlock on-screen, face unlock and two of my favorite features on samsung phones.

What's missing for my tiny checklist, no expandable memory, no ir blaster and no headphone jack? That is now the whack hashtag bars for the galaxy s21, basically the same specs but a little bit different. For 6.2 inch full HD display you got phantom grey phantom white phantom violet and phantom pink, compared to quad, hd, full hd amoled panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2400, that's 421 for ppi patrol. You have gorilla glass, victus on the front plastic back 1300, nits brightness and a 120 hertz refresh rate. The qualcomm snapdragon 888, with the 660 gpu same android, 11 same ui 3.. First, shout out to white shoes in the White Building white shoes, [Music] calm down, I ride on that pool all right shoes.

Let's start off with uh, smaller version of galaxy s, 21 5g, okay, nice black box - giggity. If you notice the box is a little bit thin as now there is no charger included. Ok inside the shoe examine the box. Okay, this is going to be your galaxy s21 sim card info. Now this will be your sim ejector tool and you get the usb type C charging cable. So if you bought a charge at home, make sure it is usb Type C compatible and that's pretty much it. Of course you got your usual books and [__] plug them and follow them. Let's get this little stick off the back now this is the Phantom Violet color Blue Sticker struggle. Here it's gonna wipe down it is phantom violet! So if you notice that it's a rose, gold trim blue black panel, it doesn't really have the plastic back.

But honestly you can't even tell that the frosted glass that samsung uses really feels like plastic matter of fact, so let me check a lot real quick. If I happen to have a galaxy note in my pocket - yes. Reverse wireless charge and powershell are just too nice - that's the s21! Now for the big boy let us get everything out the way we got: the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra five Gangster same black box, giggity the same thin black box, all right, so no charger included, say it at home. Honestly, after seeing this phantom black, there really is no other color choice. This is the Wesley snipes black special edition. In fact, look at this matter: Let me do a smell test. This is the amistad black gives us free.

Yeah, like I said, a little sticker right - like I said, plastic back versus the glass back - Ya samsung is really doing a good job with this plastic back - I tell you you aren't going to notice the difference. If you got a galaxy note with frosted glass back, it will just feel exactly the same. I'm impressed doesn't even feel like that glass stick they were using on some of the a series phones that had a glass look to it but still felt a little plasticky. Let me stop the video I will grab some of my other Samsung heavy hitters and we'll do a little size comparison and then we'll also briefly walk through the os talk amongst yourselves all right. So let's do a quick size comparison with some of the heavy hitters of last year.

Let's see okay, basically the same height, same width, but honestly all right. Now I'm honest right here, y'all know I love glass back phones but this plastic back right here with the frosty feel to it same weight. Now I'm not going to compare all the other phones with them because chances are if you bought a Galaxy S20. Keep it the same size now if you are going for the big boy, all right. Galaxy, s21, ultra 5 Gangster, his s20 last year of course. Now that s20 plus is on s20 plus, let see whether or not the galaxy s. 21 ultra is only a little bit taller okay, but look at the difference whoo black all right. Let's see, a little bit taller, basically the same width is the Galaxy s21, Ultra Five Gangster a really heavy phone and you can feel that weight next.

Here is the galaxy note 20., let's see: Okay, x21 five Gangstas a little bit taller. Here is Big Boy galaxy note 20 ultra five gangster. Now note 20 has more of a square feel to it. That frosted feeling in the back I love. These are two sexy phones right now, of course, one of the natural upgrades would be if you had Galaxy s20 Ultra all right last year. If you had it in Wesley, then look at the difference in black. Let's see, basically the same height, same width, laser autofocus, all right now. Both of these have the scumbag zoom. Let's hope it works better on this one, but let's keep it moving all right with the focus issues. Let's just quickly check out some of the setup process. On-screen fingerprint sensor works beautiful. Take it over to settings.

It got screen recorder wireless decks. This is real, quick, sound and vibrations. Ok, dolby atmos turn on different eq settings, real nice. Let's see. Let's go to Uh connections. This is going to bring you to your 120 hertz refresh rate, down to 10 %, therefore adaptive means that certain apps may be smoother certain apps that don't need. It drops the refresh rate to save battery life. I say w-k-h-w-k-h-d battery level why not screen timeout 10 minutes? Of course, let's see navigation now, I'm hooked on the gestures. Let's go to advanced features to see if we got anything new, all right, samsung, dex, all right s: pen, oh okay. Let's check the pen and see if it works using the new galaxies.

Could you make up a new number mad people are calling you all right shoes from the video, I'm gonna play all right with you in a second, so basically the pen works all right. I'm gonna keep this video short and sweet Galaxy. Shoot you sit on the product, galaxy s20, uh, s21, ultra 5, gangster galaxy, s20 5g. I was concerned with the plastic back, but I actually feel this. Let's see that Automatic macro lens to see how this picture is painted. View the display, though basically bezelless - only that small camera hole on the front. I am feeling that, let's see, if I could get a real one, let's see. Let us do a nice cat portrait here. Add a nice amount of blur This is gonna be a community review all right.

Also, I'm making a list of which some of y'all already know some of my dislikes off the rip like I said It says that it is a gift of samsung We're not going to talk about any dislikes, we're not gonna complain, we're not going to rent, we are gonna, save that for the retail version. Let me know what y'all want to cover me, but as usual, I'll tear it apart from top to bottom. Do some photos, some videos I'll show you all the smart features, we will go crazy. One more thing, now for 40 bucks: you can get the Samsung smart tag. Let's check it out REALLY quick. Now y'all, remember back in the days samsung is actually pioneered with this y'all. Put it around your dog's neck, your cat's neck, anything you lose all the time, you can use the smart tag to find it.

So when I do the full review we'll also touch on this, right, let's see if I can get this right, samsung galaxy, s21, ultra galaxy s20. I know that a lot of y'all hardcore apple fans is at home watching this video, like your floss when you unbox the iphone 12, you were destroying them for not having to charge in the box. Samsung has just given a pass. So I'm not in a position to grip and rant and complain about things I don't like now that I get my retail version. Stay tuned for the full rent shout out to everyone rocking with me on facebook, foursquare, twitter, google, plus shout out to all the Google Gangsters. I see y'all holding down that Facebook page and shouting out to everyone.

Hit me up on boxer and a special shoutout to everyone rocking with me on instagram y'all know : that is where I am at full time, 100 Full Throttle and a special shoutout to everyone rocking with the new stream on sundays. Y'all know about the stream gangsters on the deck already - get your drinks ready. No meat boys permitted [Music] [Applause]. Oh yeah a special shout out to everyone following me on Snapchat flossy, underscore carter, that is where I am and a special shoutout to the notifications squad. I'll see y'all in the Comment Section early salute [Music ], oh yeah, one more thing! I almost forgot that ladies say to me with me all the way: y'all hate trolls, all your eyes pitch and be broken. Tomorrow we got the samsung galaxy buds pro..

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