Samsung Galaxy S21 FE's Unboxing Hashtag Hurry Up Samsung New Year - Galaxy User Guide

He starts here unboxing [Music] atext, launches HHI Hi Hi, the lounge HHI HHI, kissing back from the box. First and here is the unit in olive color, aka green which I really like Hi. Actually, there are some things that are usually commented on from this shape. There is also a USB cable, it is type C, and there are papers that are often used so that it will be read. Band As can be seen, there is no charger OK, let us go back to the cellphone as if we can see or not, This is actually very similar to normal, but it's just that there is no color separation between the camera and the body. At the back of the arrogant intersection there is nothing different,.

The optical fingerprint sensor is still on the screen, but what makes it different from the previous STFI is the presence of the IPSI IT certification on the new cellphone. See Yes, possibly, because of Samsung. The s7v is a little larger than the regular S26, but still a little smaller than the great Iwan Fals, so it's like being in the middle, like vegetables, under the size of 6.4 inches, which is trying again to show differentiation with extensions and Aston OnePlus Panel Type Ada Band for you, Lettu x120e and besides that 240 really like it, cement for the screen. Lineup mission is equivalent to Flexi for him. In addition, if we move to the specs section, Estuaria V still carries the same line-up.

Previously there was an exynos 2100, 8giga cramp, 2 internal storage options and a 4500mAh battery So. There is no significant difference in the software section. It's a new cellphone, therefore it is, there's also Android 12, with 4 women equipped with features. Those features are like RAM, + and others I have discussed in the video specifically for women. Haben't watched the link, I have another for the camera below and the triple camera configuration is still maintained. Sur the back of the white and ultra-white lenses are still 12, megapixels, Exactly the same as the flagship, but for Kyuhyun Evi telephoto is only 8 megapixels.

There is also a difference where the stonefish is larger than 32 megapixels to share a few photos first, because I'm still early impressions, so please judge for yourself. According to your preferences, [Music] look at the nickel F for frequent initial impressions. This is how Samsung has moved up the standard of their cellphones, particularly the mytrashmobile apple. There are really no improvement offered on this phone, but at least this could be a good thing for those who have been wanting to buy it. But they have not arrived yet St Thomas RS.

So there is no info yet, only if you look it up for ancer ancer or stfb benchmark when I first pre-ordered in 2020, While if we look at now the verstegen esv ntfp that is widely sold in the marketplace is already priced at 6-7 million. What do you think of the specs offered by all designers?? First for unboxing and my short impression for s21 Epic Thank you for watching until the end, and if there is an update for prices choose all kinds, In the description column I will also add with you the link below, see you in the next video, don’t always and as usual, [Music]..

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