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So today or January 4, 2022, Samsung Indonesia officially released this smartphone. This is Samsung Galaxy S2 center f5j and I have been using it for about a week and I have a few things. This smartphone has a 6.4 inch display with super smooth 120hz fade and I want to tell you a little about the specifications that I got directly from Samsung Indonesia, this screen has a facial icon with a white iPad control and this screen supports optical fingerprint and the smartphone processor.

It uses a Exynos 2100 with 50 meter application and is equipped with 8, GB RAM and two variants of storage type, 128, GB and 256 GB, then for the battery here 4500 mm hour, and this charging supports fast charging, 25 Watts and also fast wireless charging, 15 words and also has a wireless powershare feature for the operating system. Personally, quite like the color. Then for the body material it is made of polycarbonate and more fingerprint resistant than g Another, glossy Samsung cellphone and this is the third event. If you recall, there was also es twenty Evi of the previous generation and this is the last es which is characteristic of 21 VJ and if it's a little throwback, the extension is actually called es tenlite, but yeah Apart from that.

It looks like it's inferior to the original series, so perhaps Samsung thought that using branding was more positive and ended up using Efi or the abbreviation Fan Edition, yes according to Samsung. It's like that and here's what is interesting because this fan edition was actually introduced in the previous generation.

On the twenty-fiveth anniversary and many have questioned why Samsung must make Estu FB, what is it doing to dispel the flagship Killer on the market from thinking that OnePlus is like that? Is it expensive, as Samsung has revealed the answer – file? That's not it Dani was represented by Yuni Pak Global Brand Marketing Group of Samsung Electronics that the efficient presence was because Sam Sung wants a smartphone with premium features that are available at a more affordable price in Es Irish. Syaikh Syuaib's Internet cafe at a more affordable price means flash learn, well Eniwei, with consideration and admits he gives surveys from his fans.

What is the difference between the previous Evi phones and imagine that on paper the SWT Evi with an upgrade to the two main components of the design and the chipset? That's all because the specifications for the sw1v, camera and SWT Evi are the same and for the st21i chipset it uses the same chipset as the s21, so like the fusion of st21i and S20 Hi, but that's what was written on the paper because as soon as I tried it out I and the gadget team tried out this smartphone. Color and processing I prefer the extensive Evi and I know why this can happen. Samsung extension Evi is already using One UI for Android 12, while Estu Evi is not clear. What if SWT Evi is finally upgraded, go to one UI for the result will be the same as Smartphone This.

So it looks different and still this is what the winner can happen, but what is unique to my prediction? I also said there are a lot of similarities between this smartphone and its predecessor on the paper specification Then. There are a lot of similarities, and I don't know because I haven't gone deep beach yet because time is still short between me holding this smartphone and I'm. Hopefully there's enough time for a video that's a bit deep. But what is clear is that the result in terms of charging is quite interesting: I used a 25 word charger which was not included in the purchase package, which means you have to buy it.

Separately, I can get a score of 124 minutes from lowbbat condition, 2% to full 100%, and I can't say that's really fast but I also invite the numbers to be normal for 2022. It protects electrical current, so that the maximum charge is only 80% and this is suitable for people. The cycle is broken or bad.. You guys rarely experience overcharges, so my advice is to turn on the protection of the trailer feature. Yes, it's flexible as long as the new Samsung flash hasn't appeared because it's for playing games and for various things with a fast Exynos 2100 chip, Yes, it's definitely more from being able to, For fans to make it easier to get this smartphone, because with n support for OS updates up to three times.

In fact, Perti penyet means that the smartphone is projected to have a long life and for those with a long lifespan,. Okay, the update to 3os is still okay, but when it is released annually, many people still use it and we are fans where the logic of a fan would have to be continuously updated to make sure that not every pen can get the latest one. Because i just bought it this year, tomorrow, another new one will appear again the next day, yes, as a fan, There is no program to deal with this person who likes their products, but can't buy them.

Is there a Trekkinn for Evi users, to make it easier for them to switch to a free edition? Is the Evi user able to get lots of accessories because it is called the free edition version that wants to be more personal with his smartphone, and I also asked Samsung Indonesia for an interview, opportunity which was held internally, and it turned out that their answer was that they were preparing something, just wait for the surprise, welcome, ready to be surprised whatever is prepared and hopefully something will actually be prepared, because as an efficient series, in my opinion, it is a really flexible killer that protects Samsung from other pillar This is a strange analogy, but I think this can be a protector for Samsung where people want to get good performance specs OK but at a more affordable price because I have a close relationship with someone who is a FB user, i think that is wrong.

The question is: how can Samsung use Friends to become an ecosystem? That, in my opinion, supports sales and continues to live in the future, so it won't live in 12 years but it will remain there in the future and I see it. Let's see what surprises they have in store, I hope they have a surprise for their fans, and on the scale, I asked if this smartphone is really intended for fans. He is a fan of Samsung or maybe Samsung Indonesia itself can answer, but from me, as a smartphone, I like this smartphone, but for the beautiful tv. Please write in the comments section and see in the next video with the number dadah er [Music]..

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