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The king of the new Samsung pillars was released this year. Early 2022 Samsung immediately kicked off the world, gaspol millions go with a new cellphone, I'm Fahmi and in my hands this is the 1st Samsung Galaxy S2 and here is [music] review,. We start with the price because it is still Anget, Samsung. We talked about the price of Galaxy S2 1ff Aji. A few days ago, the best model, 8 128, was priced at 8999, aka 9 million, and the 8256 version was priced at 9999, aka 10 million. Even though the bonus is pretty good it can be worth two million but it's still limited to the fpa series, Taufan Edition or we can use the abbreviation as an economical flagship. It feels a bit lacking this year.

If we talk about the price of the s21r, the finish now seems a little less kicking, the right reason. If we look at the network specs, it is already direct support, Band 40 means that it can be immediately used. Even though it's still Limits in a few places immediately became around Pondok Indah Jakarta. It looks like the solid aluminum frame is large or not, but complex is also not mediocre. Just right, the design language is still typical of HP, which bares essential things. Color choice is also quite simple but interesting. I feel like I put my cellphone on it without my case I really like this cellphone without cash, this simple design, the color is not Nora,.

If, without the case to the right, there is a power button and the volume is very solid, It looks like it's made of aluminum, so that there is no sagging or the objects are empty. There is a yes DC port and a sim card slot. It's a shame this time there's no hybrid microSD. There are no bends on the sides, the bangs model is afoot and even then school is in the middle and the bezel is thin, okay. It's just a little thicker which is the difference between the iPhone and most Android cellphones. It's extravagant., s21 FPI screen for your sake: Lettu x-ride, 120R, 6.4 inches, 1080p and coated with Gorilla glass pictures. This will definitely make the users comfortable watching the screen. All day, reflex content has also gone on YouTube against HDR support.

It is the same as being able to play outdoor quality content, It is definitely bright, comfortable and if you go into indoor conditions, let alone watch it in a dim room with minimal screen. Charity that does not have blackrose or a team that will be 100% multimedia would be comfortable, The display is OK, plus speakers that have dual stereo security and complete biometrics already use FB and Andrew - displays whose quality is quite responsive and if it's still lacking there's face unlock that can still be done in low light conditions. The main lens is 12 megapixels. F18 sells a knife. This is interesting because many say it is a telephoto lens, the picture is a downgrade from the s21 which has a resolution of 64 megapixels but only has a 1.1 optical zoom.

This is an upgrade by HP telephoto lens even though it is only 8 megapixels but has three times optical zoom which is quite fun in my opinion to use Zoom from three to five times with reliable quality and the front camera has a 10 megapixel f22a resolution on the island, although [Music] this triple telephoto lens can also be used for portrait mode, which are really good,. Samsung will hopefully improve it through the software again. Updated because it's in backlight and the potassium transtigate value is not OK in portrait mode.

If the scenario is normal, no backlight, the photos in the daily conditions are pretty good, sharpens The saturated contrast typical of Samsung flagship HP, makes the colors really come out and have, and quite good microns from the main lens, Ma or Ultra White Relax is the same as good. The problem is that in Indoraja conditions the sharpening effect is a bit too soft and Roy's production is starting to look aggressive, especially in telephoto lenses or shooting mode that starts to feel Sofia [Music] camera features.

It is also complete, single, taking dual recording super slow MO, to take video shots like the schematic of the iPhone, and last is the Pro mode that usually keeps the main lens on for 30 seconds, and the main lens is Abdul for a half second with ISO 2000, This is an ultra white fix lens. Now here lies the advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S2 1F as its competitor, autofocus is cool. This HP is a bus, immediately changes lenses, uh. All lenses are normal, ultra white three times, and the front camera is 4K with 30fps. The resolution of 30 normal is to be precise, so 60fps can't record the main camera to 60fps, but at 60fpa fork can't change here - change the lens to ultra white and go to catfish, but the front camera.

You can also directly record it at a resolution for the 63rd Pindad, this front camera, the front camera, the Gorge 60, directly records. If you want to be able to move the lens use Edi, forget resolution, 30fps or other than 60fps s1080 3230. All lenses can move from the main front camera to Ultra White and Telephoto. We first move to the main lens. Basically, once a time, telephoto, All video recordings support, at any resolution, standard stabilization of Samsung. To use the front camera I use Ultra, Stable, E-learning, [Music], send me this s21e comes with the latest Android 12 Want four zeros, with security first in November 2021, The features also follow the Samsung flagship.

There is the sound display, the Samsung Dex site, Ki game launcher and Dual Messenger because that is Android. With the icons, go to I just tested the performance immediately with the 3D Mark Whitelight application. The temperature is better at 47° and the highest frame rate at 40°. This is because Android is still hot, it is still very new, therefore there must be more improvements through software updates. Similarly, if you use it to play games such as Pabji mobile asphalt, gensindo, you just feel comfortable as long as the settings are adjusted with exynos 2100,. The Flash chipset for battery performance that the capacity is quite large in 4500 HAM themes. The intense use of social media, paint the game for about an hour. It is only Clash Royale that wants to play.

It should be safe, you guys don't play games intensely, which makes you a little disappointed. Why isn't an essential cellphone like this given the impression that it's like hope that premium is the most premium and the ability to charge it at 25 watts is actually pretty fast, ? The last thing that is lacking is the eptic vibrate, which is normal to me. So at a price such as this, a smartphone must have a vibrating motor that has good quality. All these features are really flagships of high-end chipsets, Although the attractive design is five gray and although it wasn't fully finished before, there was no micro SD. There was no Epic fiber charger head, it's not okay, but in my opinion still represents a real flagship.

And all this for the price that the free SS2 1 series brings, That's all.. Video review for Samsung Galaxy S2 1ff. Do you think that this time please don't forget to leave a like comment?.

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