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Hello guys! David is here! This is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE! I think it will be Samsung's annual tradition to release the Fan Edition Series from their flagship FE series! It's simple, the cheap series. For your information, Samsung also released a FE series cellphone last year - the S20 FE. At that time, my impression of HP was positive - recommended! The audience was quite interested,. Almost 2 million people watched the video. Any would want to know about items that are more economical in price but still feel expensive. And in S21 FE this time.... Of course the goal is to repeat the same story, right, to be a good alternative for people who want to experience Samsung's flagship cellphone but don't want to spend more than 10 million dollars. This video was made by,.

Those that have recently announced the official price for the S21 FE are right. It doesn't matter because I will conclude the same way : If you have regular S21s that cost 10's, 11's, 12 million. The name FE is useless if the price is not firing, economic. If the S21 FE price is below 10 million, its status immediately changes to a beautiful alternative. If you compare it to my S21 Plus, which is currently 12 million on the market, This FE series is not much different. In fact, the difference for many people will feel very trivial. For example, in the design section of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE uses polycarbonate material, not glass. The finish still feels smooth and clean in the hand. Getting this material will not be a problem, as I am on my own...

As long as I use the S21 Plus with the glass on the back, I still put the skin on, until I forgot what the original color was and added it to the casing again to make it more resilient. The difference in backdoor material affects only if you are not a fan. Plain, plain and Daredevil. Oh yes, perhaps because the back material of the S21 FE is made of polycarbonate, The weight can also be lighter. This is similar to the usual S21, which has a smaller screen and battery. This color choice seems more fun. The variant we are addressing now is called Olive. There are also Graphite, White and Lavender colors. That's just the difference in design. It comes to the shape of the camera. This is typical of the S21 series, right with 3 cameras. Vertically lined up.

The features this is also really flagship that this cellphone has. Try it... What are the typical features of a flagship, HP? What makes the cell phone water and dust resistant? The wireless charging feature? So it's not complicated to have to keep plugging it in place. The S21 FE supports fast wireless charging up to 15 Watts even. There is also wireless charging for other devices using HP. It’s compulsory nowadays so that it can be safe for how many years in the future. This 5G support is an upgrade. That feels really good when we compare it with the S20 FE of last year as the S20 FE last year didn't support 5G. If this HP has become a upgrade it will feel really good. If it is clear that NFC exists there is no need to ask.

For the SIM tray, This cellphone supports dual nano SIM, but there is no slot for a MicroSD card,. Also make sure that you choose the storage variant that suits your needs. Including this cell phone, there are 128 variants as well as 256GB variants. Another difference of the S21 FE when compared to the regular S21... is in the screen. This could actually be a plus for the FE, yes, because he has a screen size, that... I think it will "feel just right" for many people, 6.4 inches! It's in the middle of a regular S21 whose screen is quite small at 6.2 inches and it's in the middle of an S21 Plus, too. It did not matter about the higher price of the S21, which is the regular one, but the screen doesn't seem like it. The technology used is already on the same level as his brothers and sisters.

The panel already uses 2x Dynamic AMOLED. This is better than the Super AMOLED in the S20 FE. The resolution is Full HD +, the refresh rate is 120Hz variable, and the glass is already using Gorilla Glass Victus. The engine used in the S21 FE is the same as its older brother. The Exynos 2100, accompanied with 8GB of RAM. Of course it is very smooth, no problem. If you use it for daily work. Like social media, chatting, browsing I've been using this machine on the S21 Plus for a year,. There is no need to worry to play the Mobile Legends game, PUBGM. The system is like giving a limit like that, limiting frame rate if you use it to play a game as heavy as Genshin Impact. I'm playing on a medium setting and the frame rate is stuck at 35 fps. This keeps the temperature really good.

Play games that are really heavy,. The performance on this phone is perfect. The Galaxy S21 FE has a capacity of 4,500 mAh. I'm speaking about the durability. The durability of the S21 Plus remains very good after a year of use. As long as you don't use it from morning to night for a marathon, the time to screen is around 4-5 hours. The S21 FE sales package doesn't have a charging head. You have to use a separate charger. This phone already supports charging up to 25 watts. Now while the specs for the camera itself, for the main camera and ultrawide are the same, like the S21 Plus, which I have often relied on for taking photos and then uploading them directly to social media like IG. The main camera has a resolution of 12MP with OIS.

The ultra wide camera is also 12MP, Only the Telephoto camera has different specs. It is 8MP and has 30x Space Zoom with OIS. The front camera itself is at 32MP. Here, I am trying to compare the results of this photo from the S21 FE and the S21 Plus. There is no huge difference in that regard. There won't be an answer that I can come up with with certainty. The colors are the same as bright. The dynamic range is the same. In the room, you take a photo in a low light photograph. The camera is good. Just save on teh, and even then is not that far away. Actually, I want to compare this HP with the S20 FE. In theory, the S21 FE photo will be better, right, because the chipset used is also newer,. Also image processing is more efficient. Make his own selfie video.

Samsung has been around for a long time, even in 4K 60 can record it, even in FE. My conclusion is like at the beginning,. If the price of Galaxy S21 FE is set by Samsung below 10 million it can be an interesting choice for those of you who want to experience a flagship mobile phone by Samsung but the budget is under 10 million. The specifications given are very similar. The parts that are the champions of Samsung's flagship phones beginning from the beautiful screen. The typical Samsung design, the camera that deserves to show off on social media. Then, of course the flagship OneUI, plus I've now got the newest Android 12 too. IP68 wireless charging ready Features that are cut are not too flavorful...

In fact, they can have their own positive effects, such as lighter weight and a better screen. The price is already cheaper. The features are different, Maybe it fits our taste. If the price is above 10 million, skip this HP. That's the GadgetIn review for the Samsung Galaxy S21, FE. If you like this video, dislike it, if you don't like it, and we'll find out about it in the next video. Maybe Samsung was originally 11 million,..

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