Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Teardown Repair Video Review - Galaxy User Guide

So we took the s21 apart and has 21 ultra, now it's time to take apart the s21 plus. If you guys need any tools, there are links in the description [Music]. Now it's just plastic one thing to note that all s21s come with a dual sim reader whether it be the s21 s21 plus or the s21 ultra. However, the additional sim reader pins on these phones are disabled, so the software would not recognize the additional sim. So if you have a single sim version and want to convert it to a dual sim you will need to flash not only new firmware there. A dual sim tray are also required to remove the back plate.

We need a hair dryer or a heat gun to apply the heat to loosen the adhesive underneath and then we're going to use the plastic pry tool to take the back plate off [Music]. Once the back plate is removed, the heat will need to be applied and you'd have to pry it off. The first thing we notice is also on this model which is an international version that has the Exynos 2100 Processor. There are 19 Phillips screws that must be removed once all the screws are removed ; we're going to remove the wireless charging pad from the bottom speaker assembly. So the wireless charging coil is located right here, and this is your NFC antenna right here, and here you have a look at the other side.

We are going to start by disconnecting the battery cable first, once the battery cable is disconnected we can go ahead and disconnect the rest of the cables. One more cable to have: Over here we've got a flex cable for your speaker, assembly and one at the corner over here for an antenna assembly. So looking at the speaker assembly we have several antenna lines running through it. They are these light gray lines right here and looking at the other side, we can see the speaker assembly itself right here and one thing to note, just like the s21 ultra does not have white foam balls on the top speaker assembly like the s21 now, we can go ahead and disconnect the front camera once it's disconnected. We can lift up and remove the main board.

You have your led flash right here, a secondary microphone up above it right here, and the main board is a multilayer board design, just like the other ones. Another thing to point out is that 21 plus has a third microphone on the main board here. So basically, the sound travels through this hole in the back plate here. The sound from that third microphone seems to be leaking through this hole over here in the speaker assembly into this hole over here in the motherboard, where the led flash diffuser is down through this path into this opening over here which it has a filter over it. So, looking at the other side it would go back to the border at where the led flash diffuser is.

You have a proximity sensor positioned right here and you have a graphite pad on top of the shields once the graphite pad has been tapped back, we can see some thermal paste on top of the RAM and the processor. Let’s now go ahead and remove that speaker assembly on the bottom. You have the white foam balls on the bottom speaker assembly. So now we notice on the s21 plus you have a removable display, flex cable. Now we can lift and remove the charger port board. So when you look at the charger port board there is a red rubber gasket around the charger port itself and you have your primary microphone right here. Also when it comes to removing the battery, like always with Samsung, there are no pull tabs.

So you either apply heat to the front of the phone where the screen is so you can loosen the adhesive underneath the battery and then use a plastic pry tool to disengage the battery or you'll have to use some isopropyl alcohol to get in between the edges and underneath the battery to loosen up the adhesive. Once we remove the battery, we can rinse the residual left over the isopropyl alcohol. Have you also had the flex cable - cable - located here for your volume keys and that is routed between the frame and the screen itself? If you ever have to replace that, then you would actually have to pry the screen off the front camera.

Here is your linear feedback haptic vibrator motor over here and the antenna up here You do have four triwing screws holding it down and have the 3D graphing layer here over to help transfer heat, just like the s21 and the s21 ultra. If you want to replace the screen, you would have to take off the backplate and then remove the speaker assembly on bottom. As far as repairability goes, i give this one a 7 out of 10, pretty much all parts are replaceable internally. The fact that the battery does not have any pull tabs and has strong adhesive underneath makes it quite difficult for any type of battery replacement.

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