Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Review - Flagship HP with a lot of luxury! - Galaxy User Guide

Hi Germany, Assalamualaikum, back together again, using the channel, gadgetempire. This smartphone is sold at an official price of 15.9 million, but Samsung is giving back three million in cash and a free BTS Photocard, because it seems like it hasn't. We will immediately review the medium presidential election from a flagship mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy S 20 1 + 5C, even though the body has matte color accents, but it feels really premium and it is not easy to leave fingerprints because the size is not like that. Big smartphone is comfortable in hand, but a bit slippery when using a casing. The weight is good and the body is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass, with fine QNet, and the camera frame is very different.

Samsung added this frame design as a countercut design for us to choose the open violet color, because the violet color is one of the trending colors in 2021, particularly for the army or fans of one of the famous Korean boybands, namely BTS on the front of the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S 21 + 5C comes in luxury with a flat design. It rarely experiences accidental pouches on its 6.7-inch screen with Dynamic AMOLED tweak panel which is also coated with Corning Gorilla Glass pictures. When you first use it, you don’t really feel the difference, so Ms Gita chooses 60Hz so that the battery life lasts longer. Was which makes ZMS feel better is the quality of the screen. If the display is set to natural or vibrant the color pops up, bro.

The brightness is high and stays comfortable even when used in the sun to often play movies, play games or watch YouTube. This is one thing that Mba gadgets like from Smartphones. This is the quality of the pictures. Photos taken with the main camera can produce images with color that looks like a pop-up with a fairly high color saturation. It writes in a dark space, save the Indo photo or in a low light location, The image remains visible on the film, even though the color saturation is slightly reduced, high-resolution photos with 64 - megapixel mode. Take the photos detailed and has a wide dynamic range and with lens.

The main thing is that we can capture quite a lot of detail when zooming with the camera, even though it hurts to use a spectrum of 30 times, even though the photo looks broken but the object can still be recognized. Like portrait mode images the separation of the main object from the blurred background appears neat. Photos with multiple objects at different distances in night conditions,. The Samsung Galaxy, S, 21 plus mode can provide bright and detailed photos like Try photos in the afternoon until dark conditions and this smartphone can actually be relied upon for various lighting conditions in front of the selfie camera.

It has a 10, Mega, Yo F2 point 2 lens with two pixel PDF support, The selfie photos are clearly visible and detailed when taking indoor or outdoor pictures so beauty is activated, The color saturation increases and the white balance changes. Adopt social media, so much color with a neat blur background looks good also. This Samsung Galaxy S, S, 21 + WiFi also has good video quality with full camera features. We can also activate Super Stable mode so that the video results while moving on the modem are stable. There are several new features in this Samsung Galaxy S 21 + VCD, that can maximize content creators to make creative videos using just a smartphone,.

There are directors views for making Vlog videos by maximizing the front camera, with the rear camera for video portraits for good results. That's cool and there's an upgrade for single take mode to produce multiple captures with only one kefir on the performance side Samsung Galaxy S 21, +, VCD powered by Samsung Exynos, 2100v, d'octave, soc, Core processors, up to 29 GHz with 5 nanometer manufacturing, My fast chipset, Samsung Galaxy S 21, plus today, is also powered by the latest lpddr3 RAM memory and ufs3 storage point one so For high performance, gaming, I am trying to play pubg mobile,.

Mypage - car in the maximum graphic setting feels smooth and rarely encounters frame, drop, dance, dress, responsive touchscreen and gyroscope can also run without a vehicle style with stereo speakers tune by eight experience. Samsung, Galaxy, S, 21 plus vintage is powered by a 4000 800m battery Maha. Smartphone With non-stop browsing and playing multimedia content this can last up to 10 hours for purchases. There isn't a charger for direct use on this smartphone, but this smartphone supports fast charging power up to 25 watts, using a cable and 15 watts for wireless charging. Until now, the Samsung One UI 31 based on Android 11 is one of the favorite gadgets of Yui. This one has many distinctive features, especially for the Samsung security - ecosystem.

Access with in-display fingerprint feels faster than in the previous Samsung Galaxy S 20. More choices are Samsung Galaxy S 21 + VG. The screen, which still looks wide for multimedia streaming and gaming, has a clear, - modeled screen, many camera features and can produce really good photos, plus smooth performance, stunning design and price, which is much more affordable. So the main reason for buying the Samsung Galaxy S1 plus 5C is still not sure if you choose Samsung Galaxy S, 21+, vc or have already bought and want to share your experiences. This is critics, suggestions and input for the YHS YouTube channel is so low. Enfin, saying goodbye to resign, assalamualaikum.

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