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Today, I will unboxing Om [Music] show for sure. This video did not appear. I haven't made a video in any way, because there are some things that I can't skip. So today I usually eat videos - The last video I ate a lot and this time I'm going to emboss a cellphone again. You already know what it is on the channel So today I have the size version of the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra, so I want to tell you a little bit about it. Oh, I got a Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra Fight Fairing version. Hi Auntie! So this is what I am looking for, this item actually crashed, maybe Secondhand. Only the seller said that it was like 90% 99% new, so I bought this at Amikom er Singapore, uh,. If what is the name, or my pronunciation is wrong please correct this gumtree.

If in Indonesia it is like Kaskus, like Kaskus, buying and selling is not like it is not kayak, Bukalapak or Tokopedia, but like Kaskus, to be precise, I was before looking for it in the gantry, when I lived in Singapore, I also bought often through this e-commerce gantry because I can be CEO and I can also send things like that, but I do it more often. CEO and if I was still living in Singapore then, I had to buy it a few days ago yes. A month ago, I found there for Galaxies 20 Ultra Search. How much RAM there is and how much internal memory is. The size version for looking for it costs around 10 million + Shipping to Indonesia is 11912666, the size is mine or ah, the advantages are the same as the regular version released in Indonesia.

But yes, the Singapore version is Kwee afternoon there is a size version OK. So it was sent to Indonesia with a note that you don't use a box, because please wear a box x, I would be subject to m-tax. Instead of I, don't want to pay tax, but he ran I also had to pay tax here. The tax was pretty good. The tax was sent to Indonesia for the seller so that this person sent it without using the cellphone box so it looks like bars and accessories OK,. People with whom I bought this have a contract system for 24 months or 2 years from one of the providers in Singapore, namely Starhub.

So he pays every month including data samples of all sorts, and he bought this a month ago and immediately sold it and immediately sold it at Gantry and I found a hop Okay I or this recommend, recommend or not, You guys want it like me, think twice, I,'m interested in just buying it Last came this, was sent from Singapore and arrived to Indonesia reached the hands of this cave three for three days and that is it. I can feel that there is only a cellphone in there and I. Don't know any more prints, OK OK, let's not talk too much, let's unbox together, we'll see and also another one in Indonesia, It says that cellphones from abroad have been blocked by us All IMEIs Try it also, if it still works, if it is still worth it, it is really okay, just OK.

It is already separated from lemon and this I don't know what it said, So-yi I said: earlier, ah, the phone box won't be included in the box. Sorry if the lighting is not very good, because again, I have trouble with my lightning. Let's just open the box. So, no Do know how I'm not asked for a penny of tax and yes, I am... Maybe lucky or whatever I don't know. It just explains that those of you who want to try have to think about it a few times [Music], because I don't recommend buying stuff from abroad. Yes, because maybe one might have IMEI blocked in Indonesia, that was what I heard OK, I know, and this is a Singapore plugging charger that has three heads like that, as I bought it from Singapore Ride Okay. Aren't we given bubble wrap as this? Hey Smartphone, Put it aside.

First, the equipment wow wow the pillars. I can see it is still in plastic, it's true it's still plasticised, Yes, only the front does not have plastic. It's already installed with anti-scratch. The sales package now has Samsung with built-in anti-scratch. There are absolutely no scratches on the camera. You can see it for yourself, [Music] I love it again, The moaning is not too good,., 128 or 256 forgot, but it's busy. I don't know : I bought it to be honest. There is an afternoon when there is power off and the volume broker and on the left is empty. There is a USB type c port, a speaker grille, a microphone here, a burem, my camera and above it there is a microsim port and another microphone. If I'm not mistaken, these and Asha Dual 202 are selling weird speakers.

The settings are false, I have downloaded a few games and downloaded applications. Some applications have Aida and also the bigbangs, This is compared to the Singapore-Singapore service provider, Starhub, which I mentioned earlier, Om. This video is playing. This is compared to Starhub in Singapore, so we can see what the default application is called. Yeah, for you guys to solve the difference. We can see the Samsung Galaxy Ultra, Ultrafire Extension, j-tests. Is the SMG900 8B series using the Exynos 9900 chipset using 90 if I'm not confused, it's the same as in Indonesia or Indonesia, but the size version is not yet Besides that the 12GB rap is also internal 128GB if I'm not mistaken.

BX chipset Samsung, exynos 9900, and this cell phone was released in 2020 February 11th, along with the launch of Galaxies 20 Ultra also in Indonesia if I am, not mistaken, if I am not mistaken, for the sake of calmlet, with a screen resolution of 1440 x 3200 with a screen span of 6, 9 inches with a pixel density of silent or 509 DPI, and already supports a refresh rate of 120Hz, so yes When was that, he said, BM, cellphones or cellphones are not going to pay. Taxes have been injected with death but this time I will try to prove that the name is correct. The cellphone brought from abroad or the one bought abroad can no longer be used or has been blocked. I bought the prices are cheap next to millions reluctant Okay.

If you can see this there is already, it means: what does it mean? We are the connection Hi Nobel Network. Ok, now I've detected it, I am very wealthy and the access point is Smartfren. This access point is automatic, I'm not sure of the name I can use in Indonesia I want to try my phone? U try to call for a while as first: Okay, just proceed. I don't know if it's true that the cellphone that I just bought blue from abroad was blocked immediately or hasn't been. If someone wants to buy from abroad, I would just recommend for those who want to buy six, simply in case, Suppose you want to buy it, maybe from Singapore or Malaysia, just in case it can't be used in Indonesia? There have been many who reviewed this Galaxy 20 Ultra mobile device, es Twenty Ultra,.

This is the only size version I bought from Singapore and the set from Singapore compared to the Starhub Provider from Singapore,. Maybe the difference from the other, camera or playing the game, There are already many reviews. I just want to share what it is called sharing with you guys, I bought it at agan, Tri And. It is not blocked, I mean it is still safe. This side is 99% still smooth and the seller said that this was new and so he bought it. If there was a two-year contract system, he bought it. This seller maybe needed money,. He took the contract and he immediately sold it and replaced it. If you don't know what Gantry is, check it in the group on Googling. In Indonesia, it is like a gantry, Agan Tri.

So, I'm here, I'm not trying the game or the camera because it's just video-sharing I bought it via the Singapore, gumtree application and it came safely and the IMEI is still not blocked Bro. If you request play the game, I 'll create a separate video of that. I haven't posted a video in a long time, So maybe it's because there is a lot to be done. If you want to be the governor of the game, just write it in the comments. Thank you friends, remote knife here, [music]..

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