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[Music] Hello this is ric KY, the Youtube tech guy, so today i'm showing you how to set up the camera. It's also the absolute best quality for your Samsung Galaxy S 20 series. So you can see that if the best way to have the best photo and video quality possible is with this phone, there are a lot of additions that they change here, so we will go through all of them. If you haven't seen our other setup, make sure that -. Your phone is blazing fast like mine, and it also has a ridiculous battery life. Let's get to it now, I have reset all camera settings, so that is by default. First thing I want to point out is this: The changed over the past year is what you do when you hold the shutter button.

A photograph is just tapping when you hold it to do a burst mode or a gift that is now different this year. The view quality you shoot with is not changing. It's of course mirroring the trend of people just wanted to jump to a quick video now I just wish they had the shutter button and the record button side by side, and then you could just make the you know front and flip gesture for your front. However, in my opinion, if you wanted to go back to the old-fashioned way of taking a burst shot, you just have to do this now. So if you go right on the shutter button and swipe down, that will do a burst, shot or a gif which one you can set in these three for that.

It goes up to 5x by default, but basically the main default with optical zoom so I would usually leave it three times for the plus and up to five times for the ultra. Don't go past ten ever or you are just gonna take a blurry image. Basically, what this does is take a regular photo. So flash and timer pretty self-explanatory here three by four, so you always want to do it three by four. If you switch to sixteen by nine or one by one it lowers the camera quality. Thumbnails I'll go to a sixteen by nine, knowing that the quality will be less, but it gets to be the exact ratio I need.

Now you don't really want this unless you are doing something of text, then maybe you could do it but if not you actually don't want to go for 64, because it will have a lot of features that are off, including a lot of features that help improve your photo quality. Just because the pixel bending to have this regular camera quality is much better. The Samsung always consists of you, but now you can actually make your own filters. If you have a blue closed it'll, be a real blue overexposed it'll be a little bit brighter darker it will be darker so that's the type of filter it will place based on the photo you have. It basically sample the photo. You give it and that's how it does it so pretty simple not, and then you have a sup beauty mode.

Now, video quality has a lot of things to discuss so we will walk you through it and we have sample videos on the channel also, to sort of talk about what the difference is so, first of all, steady, shot steady shot is a really great way. It is like a gimbal, like it makes it so that the shot becomes super steady, no matter how much you run or anything like that. You also have a a k video quality as well. I don't recommend using it just because it's a huge file size YouTube doesn't really recognize it at the same time, and it's just not really that well off. I just like 24 frames per second eye that Samsung would offer that video quality as well on their default video, but a K it just. It doesn't look as good again Check out our sample videos to see the difference.

If you want to go ahead and check that out then we're going to go into settings now. We gonna go over the different views, qualities on here and then go over everything in terms of the settings you have on this phone okay, so let's actually go back to the camera so we can actually go over all the different settings now in screen. I do leave this on I, don't find it messed it up as much I think it had some problems on the note but overall when I’ve done side by side with this version it looks about the same so yeah I just leave it on the point suggestions.

But if you want to make sure your shot is steady then you can use that if you don't use grid lines, smart angle, Uh, selfie, yep and QR code- Let's leave this off here is where you can change to burst mode: I don't really care for burst shot so I create a gif and this will be again. So that is how it does it with this new format, saving options I just recommend leaving it on normal. The only thing I want to make sure to make is to turn it off. This makes it so that you don't have a bending effect on your side of the image when using a wide-angle camera I recommend not this format.

Unless you know that you know what you're doing with this, just because it does make the photo smaller and of really good quality, the problem is that not everything can ever open this photo quality, so I don't recommend it. For this reason, you should still promote raw if you shouldn't promote a lot. Obviously, OK, then we go to the video quality now, the best video taking method with this phone is 4k at 60 frames per second now my friend Josh pointed out that instead of the 1080p at 60 frames I normally recommend 4k on this phone actually is stabilization now so that it was added, so I do recommend it for that purpose. So, just something to note that yeah, if you want to shoot 4k 6 frames per second, your stabilization is just fine with it.

You cannot now record an wide angle video and your zoom on your Telephoto is not using the Telephone. Unless you really know everything you need, except HDR 10 plus - again, I would not do it unless you know what you're doing and you want to sort of edit your video to make it a better color after and zoomin might leave on it basically - if you zoom in on the subject it kind of cancels out noise around it. It is always good to leave it on and this is something very new that I think was a hidden feature and I still don't hear anyone talking about it selfie tone. Then I prefer a tad of a warmer tone. Most people in the world have a different skin tone and color, so it really depends on which one you set for you and with which people you take photos with. I would set it at that.

I typically leave it for most of the time on an original. This is a good reason for that, but that's just one thing: that's new this year that I think a lot of people have not mentioned. It's really important a safe picture as seen, because I don't like the whole Flip thing that most smartphones do it kind of really annoys me when you see someone in a video and they basically have their camera flipped. It's on video right now so these two are off by default, and then you can choose what your volume rocker does. I still like to be taking a photo or a picture, but you can also do it as a zoom. If you prefer that again, I recommend storage inside and then some of you will have shutter sound here and some of you will not have it up to you.

If you want to have that on or not, with floating shutter button then that is okay. What this allows you to do is take a very simple photo so that you don't reach to the bottom and for the angled shots all the way down to. This is really kind of good when I have to grab Jessica like that boom, just like very easily to be able to do that. So I love this feature that Samsung offers for it. Yes, the volume rocker can be done, but the whole idea is that the less you can shake the more you can improve. This is why the volume rocker is an ideal for this purpose. We're gonna go to more I, and think we are gonna rearrange some of these things. So Bigsby vision is just kind of good.

If you want to translate things like that I edit, this helps editing you to kind of putting which ones you want to use so I really never use single shot so I. Super slow motion is ten times better than the sorry If you want to add one I would recommend that I do not shoot in the Pro versions. I really really leave those to the more when I want to have what I would like to have is the live focus, video and night shot a night shot, I can leave all the way to the left and then the regular focus, and so this is my setup, so I will have photo, I'll have live focus and then I will have video and video focus by the way my favorite video focus, which I did this for the video is not colour-pop. Basically, it turns everything white and black except for one thing and it needs a face.

The remote really doesn't do this, but basically everything would be black and white except for the face. If you have enough distance behind the subject, it truly is one of my favorite features of video. I wouldn't recommend it at night, but it looks absolutely amazing at night so yeah, just really awesome features that you can do with this one. So overall it is really nice that you also have night mode. In this night mode on a samsung phone you can do it all in whatever way that is really cool is something that iphones don't even have and a lot of people love the samsung on this aspect and then selfies. This is just cropping in, so yeah to leave it on this just because you always want a wider shot.

I don't think anybody would not want a wide shot and then you still have all the same video qualities right here that on front camera you can turn on 4k at 60 frames per second and it still will have video stabilization now. This was the latest update that did not come out of the box like that, but with the first update to the camera, it fixed that part of it, so yeah guys. If you have any other questions, let me know in the comment section below lots of fun stuff with this phone and now you are ready to shoot the absolute best photo and video quality possible with this phone. Thanks Ric KY for watching this, as always.

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