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There are lots of separate networking options, hands that sweat easily but also relatively easy to sweat. Try it on a cellphone and for the video, here it can record foreplay with the front and rear cameras, and can also be up to 60 fps for front and back side. No, because of requests from the audience, you can't use an action-see How on my channel. Please beg There's another video of our life and also many who want to discuss the following smartphone, What is a smartphone that has been initiated on the request of, the many fans? What is the Samsung Galaxy S2 fan edition? Finally changed the name to venition that we know. Let's first discuss some of the news from the Samsung Galaxy S III, because that's really interesting sir.

That's why I have some news about how much you really want this Smartphone, I've tested it with fans,. So there are some news related to polls conducted by several media. Let's take the first two from Android The Authority, who happened to be writing fried knows it from an email or a new email, hi David, the name is email or there is a Facebook background eh, Okay. There are mediocre, Irish aesthetics, not the usual series. Shadows ultrarealistic then just 5800. Then the regular S series is even the second rank 2071, which is normal. Yes, it's the usual ice 1246 and the remaining 8.25 percent of our ultras chose ultra ultra interesting immediately the path which turns out to be the same.

Only about eight percent of the people who read Android Authority Oh, just like that, 50% prefer this, that's normal. Like that, yes and the specifications are the same as the 4th runway on Facebook and the product name is the same. If the 22 version of the LPI is related to Eva G&L, that is why it was mostly chosen because it supports it. This is Samsung Galaxy S2 PV. And there are two versions of review and time or LTE? If the total is about 60%, more he already said that he would buy a new set of Qweena, The title is so that there are some kind of icons, yes, and this is also different because it's white, this color is the color of whose land is ah.

It is usually black like this and showing back again guys It's white, okay, okay,'s [music] the mouth, so I can open it without touching Let's. Try to remember that I'm still wearing the clothes, guys, this afternoon I'm cute so yes. This time the plastic is tried, first of all I don't have to make noise as it's still sealed. If someone finds this in the used room, we'll borrow it still sealed there is an IMEI sheet. Here is the adaptive fast charging OK 15 Watts. This 15watt - has a charging cable, yes type C - then it is finished, yes I really missed it, yes Here is a charger, cable and here in the box with the lid on y There is a usage guide, there is also a warranty card and there's also a SIM eject. Samsung Series SWT is not consistent,.

No one can chase it because in the end we have to choose the casing. We want them because they have lots of new accessories and nothing else. There is, and I'm pretty sure you'll end up commenting on the back, which is indeed made of polycarbonate, perhaps plastic, etc. So there are some interesting arguments of which one is of the striped hand, who says that this is actually made from a website. Polycarbonate is like that, yes and not as strong as the others. Obviously, I really liked that in the end, I wanted a case of glass, I wanted it to be made of ceramic, I also wanted it to be plastic or heavy, and I also used it based on Hadith and our habits with all my cellphones, I am really scared.

If I don't use a case because I have friends, I really have a hobby, also I have a cellphone case,. It's an anchovies song document and I'm. sorry he's Fletcher, a cartridge shop worker when he eats bro, but only one person besides Ibro Kumar, who hasn't used a CPU case for 2 years, is David. Purity of the cellphone is still holding it. Yes : Naked David is holding like that The piur is pure, national, pure milk, Hahaha but there's something different about the back, evi,. This is plastic, it is polycarbonate, I have to say it clearly that it is not pyroclastic, it is not the same as a bucket at home, but yes. No, but it's not high Wednesday bunch I use materials from workers, and this is even polycarbonate, but this color tends to be more frosted dove.

If the term is 2020 Rose, yes, please process it more so that the color is even white, and this is seriously cute before his new work. Yes, I can describe it but these are different flavors. You will not know the inside until you try all of it to see, is the outside. Try it just hold the code of your wife or husband, It's really different and this size is not the one with the version with comparison Obviously it should be smaller, but software is almost the same as the Ultra singly. Facebook status is too big, the turn signal ball and this can be there. What is the trick, daffa, attitude, mission, fingerprint pattern, PIN and password? The cell phone has the front display, and usually when it is new it starts to install a few eps, so please be patient.

Yes, Samsung really has a lot of applications on a car,. This cell phone is sure you are full-fledged Don't worry, Until the features you don't imagine exist, there's a cool G,. There is a venomous wireless desktop, TV, Dexguard Wow is 50% venomous polling book, There is wireless powershare, there are a lot of Windows links. Let's see here in the display section, there is a section to set smooth s.agr or smooth motions and here can be someone. The humidity group can be adjusted and the warm from the motion picture is dead. This is the screen from Fleming and not crackers, as you could play games if you wanted. This is an advantage for those of you who like to play games and I like the level of cleanliness. The type of hand that gets sweaty easily.

Therefore, I'm waiting for a warning because the ac is off, but this one is a cellphone like that? The next day the language here is European Design On the other hand, Kadek Gout can work here pretense. There are a few cockroaches for the volume. There are also a few guys who think there is something big,. Whether you hope this video shows a different performance than the review I've done, this is actually the same thing. Why, from the camera side to be honest, I have never experienced stt-1. So I don't know how I tried only the camera quality when at the event, the Hai outlet was previously used for a daily painting. But if the Ultra is like Rider Drive it is quite long so that I still remember it very well.

How is the camera quality Try if it takes a long time, yes? If it is done Yes, it still seems a little bit impressed OK if I still remember, oh yes, OK, camera, camera, camera, hem, while in my opinion it's quite okay, because the Zoom can be up to 30 times, but it can be 100 times, The difference is also very big compared to Ultra. There are different pricing points and is still safe 30. Then the front camera can be used for group selfies, yes, yes, yes, there is an option for single tea,.

As a direct line do you take a lot of shots in a few seconds? Click is ideal for video capture here you can record the Foreplay with the front and rear cameras and also the bus at 60fps for front and rear camera, You want to set the iso, the ballast, etc., for the profile, because it is the latest update. You can use a microphone from your phone then some use an external one and you can also use bluetooth, sir. There are no settings here to control which microphone is front and back, or it can't stay still so it can't be directional. The only difference is that the second is for sure there is no periscope lens. Dahlia is there the next day and the rest, bro, I'm on this internal Internet table 83, which is consistent with 18 chapters of Waghfir and we will see.

If there's a micro, you could definitely also want to ask for SD slots or not. I do not know why I think that is actually more interesting to buy. Yes, I can really listen to what the consumers want, sir,. Wo will we mention the deficiencies in the SWT series that used to exist? We are here or not, the first banana when my complaint was restored and it was safe right away because okay Hi from the high flashlight of 120, because the camera used to be because when it came out, the update wasn't as good as now howto re-focus oops. And, the one that already has Provideo is really safe and there is also a microphone setting, yes. From an external microphone and even Bluetooth, you can control it, Only comes with 15 cities Answer Asylum is a difference because of other aesthetics.

So I can actually say that as a Fan Edition, yes it is a real test especially when there are lots of colour variants. There are lots of them, but I got the white one and the pink one, red and white, also got it, ah Agung or someone else got the color, but I am so. It is interesting really bought a cellphone for 10 million. Those are some things we can discuss with the rest of us, and yes you can reference = SWT and for detailed specifications,. For more details, you can check the link at description and once again thank you to Samsung Indonesia for allowing me to try this.

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