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Hey guys. She saw in today's video I'm going to share 50 plus tips, tricks and features to customize your brand new and shiny Samsung Galaxy S20 fe. Let's dive in and get started, let's maximize the ownership of this smartphone. Du taps right there on edit and now you give your phone a unique name; in my case, I can just name it as you can see : saki tech. So what happens is when you name this phone this way when you try to use it for bluetooth or Wi-fi connectivity, that is the name! That is going to pop up on other devices so that you can easily recognize it the next thing I want to talk about.

So that's because we have a notification uh right here on my mail application, so it says one so what you can do with that is if you don't want to have the exact number of notifications shown, you can pinch the screen and you can tap on Home screen settings and then what you want to do is go to app icon badges, you tap this one and you can switch from number to dot. Instead of telling you that you have one notification, another quick thing is: when you tap on the Recents button it brings up the recently used applications right here, as you can see now at the bottom. You have a whole bunch of applications that seem based on your recent usage. You go back outside and tap the recent button and the suggested applications have now disappeared.

What happens is this is what is happening, so let's disable this feature by default when you swipe down, it goes to your app drawer when you swipe up. It goes to your app drawer, so that's highly redundant, so you do want to pinch your screen tap on the home feed settings tap on swipe down for notifications panel, all right and then when you swipe down it brings the quick toggles and notification panel, as you can see, is much easier now, when you swipe up app drawer swipe down notifications panel, fantastic, here is another great, quick tip. What you can do with this guys is you can tap on g. OK, it takes you into the settings.

What I can do is I can tap on this guy and I can have it say, google or just g, so that's fantastic! Now you go outside you got a custom Google widget, something a lot of people use. You go to your display and here is the motion smoothness option, right? So when you tap on this guy here, you can choose between 60, which is standard or 120, which is high. Now if you go for standard, what will happen, is that you are going to get a slightly longer battery life, but the smoothness factor will disappear. Even though it's going to be fast and snappy, it is not going to feel as smooth as when you have this set up with a high refresh rate.

It's going to feel like butter and it is going to be a snappy phone you're going to love this experience, but it is up to you like I said: If you want a safe battery you can go with standard. If you do not care about the battery, you want the best and smoothest animations that you go for hi and that's all and a more thing you can do with your home screen is when you press and hold on any application on the home screen, it's going to bring up the shortcuts menu from here. You can do a lot with the individual app or you can make modifications to your home screen. Let's say here, I create a brand new page. This page is empty, but I want to pick up four of these applications or items and dump them right here.

I only press and hold the item, select all the items together, press and hold and now they're bundled together. There is absolutely fantastic way and quick way to customize your home screen all right. Also, if you press and hold, you can remove a given application from here or if you press and hold again you can tap app info and that goes to the app info page to give you information about a particular application. Now I'm not going to show you anything with the folders. If you tap really quickly on a folder, you can customize the color of its content. You can tap on this item here that circle and then pick any color. In red, media can again be like this. Tap the circle to pick any color that you want.

When I start tapping done then let me go home, I'm going to pull it down one time and have a slider for brightness here. You can change my brightness easily from there. This one has two stereo speakers on the top and bottom. You tap on this one and you want to make sure that dolby atmos is enabled. When you enable this, you will get much more good sound from the stereo speakers and on top of that, if you tap again, you go inside. Dolby Atmos is OK for movies music or voice media. You can also set auto and that will pick everything automatically. Now you go back here and you also want to make sure that Dolby atmos is enabled for gaming so when you're gaming you also get the best sound quality, and finally, for people who are more into sound than the other.

If you are into this kind of thing, it's an option that is available, I just keep it at normal. Next thing you want to modify is your navigation buttons at the bottom? You want to go into your display, scroll down and go into the navigation bar and tuck this guy and look at this. Recents can be here, that's up to you, I like it this way, but if you don't like buttons at all, what you can do is go to full screen gesture mode that is going to disable the buttons and it will give you the gesture navigation system. Okay, just pull up to go home and if you're on display, let's say you are on display, you can swipe to the right to go back. So that's going to replace the back button going to home and, of course, brings up the recent options.

As you can see again, that's going to be displayed under the table. You can even go here to swipe gestures and tap on additional options and customize your navigation gestures based on your needs. For example, i tap on this one. Let me bring it back just right up and this is for going back again right up, but I like to keep it in buttons mode, so I'm going to go over here and choose buttons and that's the way I like to have it, but it is all up to you now, one more thing when you swipe up here in your phone to the side which you have access to every day. Okay, now I like to pinch the screen over and disable samsung daily.

You want on the screen so that when you hold the phone a certain way, you have that shutter butter that you can tap to take a quick photo and the one that is over here is staying there also but you have a second setting to tap on and also when you are done with this, you can just grab it and put it back where it belongs. Go down to the ground all the way down and make sure you enable grid lines Let me discuss the next thing i want to talk about with your lock screen. So let me lock the phone real quickly. On the lockscreen to the top, let me turn it on. If you swipe. again, you can see your clock and your or your date. Let me double tap into log in if you go into your settings and if you go right into the lock screen, this is all you want to do.

These are known as the face widgets on the top and I can enable a bunch of them. It says: take medication, Uh, that's the alarms! Okay, if I can also set this up and then I got my routines and I got my time and my date back. If you go into your settings it will be under the lock screen under Face widgets and you can customize all the things based on your needs. If you want music option at the bottom, then you should also move it to the bottom, so that is a great way to customize your Lock screen now. While we're talking about the Lock screen, there's another thing I want to talk about. What I can do with this is I can go into my lock screen settings again under settings lock, screen scroll down, go to shortcuts you tap on it and you can change those two applications.

So the left shortcut can change that to calculator. Pick it up and you just leave the right shortcut as a camera. I have the right access to my calculator now for now when I go outside. I just log in boom dumps right into it or as I have mentioned, you have quick access to your camera but the point is that you can customize these as you need by using the left and the right shortcut option all right. The other thing I'm going to talk about with the lock screen is what you can do. Can you tap on the contact information you put into any text, a quote whatever you want, your name, your number and you can say it on the lock screen in my case, right underneath the date. It's going, say saki tech. In fact, it's easier to see that it's a nice contrast there.

Now when I go outside it's going to be a black clock icon on the top, and I just got my signature right there that says sakitech at the bottom right now. Okay, you can go right into your advanced features right here and the next thing you can do is you can actually activate the one-handed mode. If I tap into the one-handed mode, let's just enable this look at what happens now. What I can do is, let me choose the button option. I'm going to double tap and now the phone has minimized itself. With one hand, I can use the whole phone because the screen is now much smaller. Now I can add the entire screen to left.

And I can do everything right on this small screen with one finger : or if I am right handed, I can have it on the other side, no problem, and I can even resize to customize the size. We go on easy to use the whole phone with one hand when I'm done taping the black area and you go back in business all right, you get the full display alright. Scroll down, go to advanced features and what you want to do is to go into your movements and gestures when you tap on that there are so many options that are very useful here. One of them is double tap to wake the screen. If you did not have this enabled all right and you try to double tap it will not work.

It's only going to bring up the permanent display, so tap this to make sure double tap for wake is enabled and also enable lift to wake up. So if you enable this guy and if you turn the phone off then what happens is that I can just grab the phone and lift it up and it will quickly show me the display and give me a message. Look at my notifications, that's the option Lift to wake up and the last thing I have here under this setting is if you look at this one easy mute option is amazing, so enable it and look at this, let's say somebody is calling you and you don't want the phone to ring all you do. I want to give you guys a bunch of tips and tricks to fully customize your phone and make it your own.

Those with questions, comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know, and for now guys have a fantastic day, all right. If you found this video useful, then if you see that button, then subscribe to Saki Tech and also click the bell icon on the side to make sure that you are notified every time. I upload a new video and if you use twitter, instagram or facebook, you can follow me online at sakitech to get the latest updates..

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