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Hey guys what's up, it's Bonnie from Aurora comma here so I have the new Galaxy s, 20 plus that I've already made a bunch of videos with incase. For those who don't know what this phone is about, in this video I'm really talking about the camera because that's what a lot of you guys wanted to know and wanted me to wake slow. Except for this video, smash that subscribe button right now, we go ahead and get started. I have actually said the power lever button over here to open the camera using double press. So when I double press the camera will open up quickly to view how you can actually edit the side. In my tips, video in case you guys did not check it out that really check that out, because in this video I went over the most awesome tips for your new Galaxy S 20.

Now that you know how to open the camera, let me show you guys around the UI and then we will get into the camera modes and what each mode does - the first option we have is for setting, but we'll get into that a bit more in depth later. Many of these photos in my Tips are spoken about again in this video. We have filters and all the beautifying effects you can change on the s20, so you can try that out and they're actually a bunch of filters here for you to pick from, so you can go ahead and try it out and see what suits your needs now coming into the bottom of the floor, near the option to switch between camera lenses.

Also we have the Ultra Wide-angle sensor at 0.5 times, then we have the regular Wide Sensor at 1 times, and then we have the 3 x Telephoto sensor on the Galaxy s 20 and at the bottom this time Samsung has implemented. This neat little thing, where you can zoom on the Galaxy's 20 plus to up to 30 times. But if you have the s 20 ultra, you can zoom it up to 100 times. So your options might vary based on which device you have. Therefore I'm actually using the s 20 plus to show these functions in this video [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] next year on the bottom of the screen You have the option to enable or disable the scene optimizer. So basically it will use AI to identify what scene it is and optimize the picture on this basis.

You can enable or disable it from here and you can also tap on a certain area over here and you can set the focus the way you want on the s20 here to get the best shot possible. That does basically mean that it will give you on screen guides to take better photos. If your positioning is not that great, this will help to keep better pictures and it's nice to have that every day on it. What this will do is when it recognizes more than two people in the frame, it automatically switches to a wide-angle selfie camera. It should be something that you should have for every time you want to scan a QR code, you don't actually need to install another app. You can just open your camera and scan any QR code from there. Actually, you can create a Jif or take burst photos.

It takes the photos as quickly as this, so you can pick between what you want, whether you want to take photos or we have the Save option. So here you have the option of sharing your photo in Htif format for better efficiency and also to save some space. I actually suggest that you guys turn this on and then you can turn on raw copies for every picture you capture in the pro mode. So UK, you can also get that option here and then there is an ultra wide sharp correction. Check out video definitely to see more about this, and then we have the 16 by 9 aspect ratio options for Full HD as well as Ultra HD in various resolutions and frame rates.

So you can pick between this and then we have the full screen, video and one by one video only to put square videos on Instagram if you like, so all these functions are built directly into the camera of the galaxy s 20 series. Here is 4k here on the galaxy 20 then we have full resolution and one-by-one. Once again we have a setting for advanced video recording options here, so again for just probable pictures. So you can try that out to optimize the contrast and the color of each scene, so Samsung is actually doing a lot of work here to help you guys capture better videos on your s20 Samsung has also built in the Zoom in Mic.

So, basically, if you capture video and zoom in the camera, is smart enough to identify the amplify, volume of that particular zoomed area so it will be much better for you to listen to it, so here's the sample for you to see that in action. We have now the settings for auto HDR so that you can enable that to make your pictures pop in more detail and it'll brighten the darken areas here as well. It basically will add a warm or cool thing to your selfies. So then we have tracking autofocus just like this [Music], so basically the autofocus will track the subject that you have selected and keep the camera focused, but that won't work with all sorts of resolutions that are available, just work with certain ones.

When you go to select video resolution it will say if it supports it or not. Next option we have is for pictures previewed, so basic Menu Selfie will appear in the preview without flipping them. So if you enable this option next we have gridlines, so basically in the camera, it will show some gridlines for you to better frame your picture and better take better pictures on your phone. I strongly recommend that you enable this, especially if you use something like Google Photos, it will really be helpful to keep track of all metadata and let you even sort the pictures later in case If you guys want to learn more about Google Photos check out my video. I have already made a detailed video on google photos and how to make use of it to improve your life.

There are actually a few options for you to choose so the first option is the volume button function, which you can choose whether to use this to take a picture record video for zoom or the system volume. The option is yours: Personally I prefer to leave it during a photo or video. So basically it takes a picture if you say something like smile, cheese capture or whatever. So let me show you that right now, capture the smile cheese, so with my voice I can control my camera. If you enable this, you will have this floating shutter button here and there, so you can use that easily to capture pictures. So if you enable this, you can simply point your palm to the camera to capture a selfie. Samsung has also included an alert to clean.

If your camera lens is clean and they know that it's quite dirty it will also give you that prompt and that's very nice. So now that I have gone over the settings and now let me go on to all the camera modes available on the new galaxy 20 series and give you guys camera samples and video samples of each mode so that you understand what it is like. So basically, like I said in my Nisha, hands-on video with this mode. This is a really nice mode that Samsung has built into the s20 here. So give this one a shot certainly here are some camera samples from the single take [music]? So, like I mentioned, from here you have the option to zoom in and out, and with this mode you can easily take pictures.

In the video mode you have actually the option for Ultra Wide, normal wide-angle as well as the Telephoto camera just like the pictures, and you have the option to zoom down to 13 times on your device for the video recording. Let me show you guys a camera sample with the video sample so you guys understand what video quality is on the s20 series. When you are recording with your violets recorder you can still switch between the three cameras and audio zooms mentioned in my video as well, and then you can actually pause your video here and again restart the recording or you can flip the camera from here or capture picture while the video is recorded from this button on the bottom left side and there is option to stop the video recording.

So we first have the Pro Mode, which gives you the manual control for your ISO, the shutter speed white balance, as well as the focus. You can manually focus on the 20 galaxy from the camera and how to identify what the region is actually focusing from these green color particles on the screen. So basically, with the footboard, it will emphasize the food and give it more color and saturation as well as put it in focus. If you love to take foot pictures for Instagram, here is a foot mode camera sample below; we have the night mode over here. So basically with the night mode, if you capture a dark scene, the night board will up the exposure and it will actually let you capture some solid night mode shots on the s20 camera.

This is basically similar to the portrait mode on the iPhone so that you can have accurate whoo levels of zoo and from above you have access to different modes that are available here on the live focus mode by clicking on this button here. So here are camera samples of all the live focus modes available for the galaxy s 20. The video video, just like life, focus photos. Basically, this is the same thing, but with videos so that the phone will be able to keep you in focus and give you that amazing bouquet here ; there are actually a few options to pick from here as well, and here are some video samples for you to see the difference [Music]. So basically, with this you have the option to adjust the IES or shutter speed, the focus and all that in video, just like with photo mode.

So it's awesome that Samsung has this built-in, so that you can actually make use of your phone like a real DSLR with this Pro Video mode. Next we have super slow motion mode on the s20. So basically, you can use this to capture some incredible super slow-motion shots, so here's a sample of what that looks like [Music]. But this is the basic slow motion that you have always helped us: here is a slow-motion video sample. Finally, we have hybrids that are more dissimilar to the time-lapse mode that we have on other smartphones so that you can capture some nice time lapses with the Galaxy s2 and using this option, here's a hyperlapse video sample [Music]. Enfin, you have Option / Tips for each mode on this page as well.

It actually shows some tips for you to use to take better pictures and then there is the Edit button below. So you can actually edit these camera modes based on the priority that you have and based on how you use these things as well as AR soon, since those things are not primarily about photos and videos I'm not going to touch on those things in this video, hey guys, that's about it for this video I hope you guys can now take better pictures with your Galaxy S20 Plus I hope you guys found this video useful. If you think this will be useful for someone else, you could definitely go ahead and share this video with your friends as well.

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