Samsung Galaxy S20 CAN still operate in 2021? - Galaxy User Guide

Hello Hello, welcome back to the Indonesian TV channel, today I want to discuss a Flexin released in the middle of 2020 endaryani Samsung, which is in the middle of vc, which is starting to be held in Indonesia, is it still worth buying in 2001, here is a review of the Galaxy S 22002-1 check it out of solid metal and coated with Corning Gorilla glass on the front and back of Galaxies 20. Even the impression that is displayed is more luxurious than one, because the S21 uses polycarbonate,. Currently it's still really classy and the material looks really solid, even if what I don't like here is the fingerprint magnet. This is the casing, so parties in the dark, yes.

Yesterday the S20 is one of the compact fractions in 2020, It actually makes it more comfortable to hold compared to its 6.2-inch sister and screen. I really like this, I found AMOLED UX. It's really wow compared to other cellphones and the deficiency that is already 120x can still be relied on for this in 2002. you can't enjoy Wi-Fi service, yes it's already Android, 11 yes, and want you, I 3.1, it's updated again, and the part I like most about this cs20 is the sound of our signature. Speaker of Rini and surrounding are fereh up and down, and sound is enough.

The next part we will discuss is the camera, yes, with three cameras, 12 megapixels for white, 60 megapixels for taking pictures and 12 megapixels for the sons of white, This is a camera phone sufficiently superior in 2020 to even be compared in 2002. H, because both are 10, megapixels, and later also I have compared video results with the Huawei P10. You can check the above photos and videos. Here we finally show Hi, which is the full xt60 srt9 video display. We test that in Pon with 60 FPS, so that Super credion mode. The results are like this : the key in this technique.

flexjobs has a front camera display area, Yes, for a resolution for cake or bigger, In the video comparison, you can check OK Let's try a gaming test on mobile Legends Yes the settings can be found, here it is stuck in hair and oatmeal,. It's just that if we try it for long to play. Mobile Legends, in the settings, n Haiti he's a bit hot, guys. Usually, when Zaskia has been playing for an hour, it is considered hot and sometimes performance is a bit low, but still playable. So sessions are quieter on the medium. If you want to play longer, but if you want to play it won't take long, a little too long,. Yes, still OK. Diagx, shorter duration. Now we're in the pubg mobile game for settings can get smooth.

Okay, we'll just try it on the extreme smooth, Okay we have so the 3rd papji mobile game, Fit, Smooth Extreme, is more in between, If you use the police signal it goes down fast enough to play games that are very intense. But if possible, just occasionally, then I usually use it twice to chat with a note that the resolution is only flash plus and the revision is normal, not 120/20. Even better, okay : Was Galaxies 20 worth buying or not in 2001, I. Was it just given the creation story, and the price option was only so much so it could be used for a time period, because all of the Indonesian versions of the S20 and so on are still a shame if.

You have more money, but you can still use it for a long time-- it's really long but if it is still, because the other features are still very good in 2001, the camera is still very good. If we set Hi, Hi, it was over an hour, the performance has begun to drop and the heat will be also hot this morning, One still why but it's even better than playing on mobile Legends. Is there anything that could be achieved by s20w other than battery power and performance of the team? This cellphone has seen you again in our upcoming videos and if you like, don't forget to like the video in the comments if I ask for this, don't forget to share and subscribe bye, bye..

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