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What's up Let's return to my name, this time I review the camera capabilities of Samsung Galaxy S w3tc, video and photos but I'm not alone, this time I'm accompanied by my friends. We start this video don't forget for both of them. This time was photo and video portraits, So I was accompanied by my two friends as the main object of taking photos and videos. The test will be carried out under various lighting conditions. We will also use features in this SWT camera and we will use eslen here to create content for outdoor use. The test is conducted on the home page and the lighting conditions are very good during the day and we use three main lenses. The details of the Samsung cameras are bright, bright colors. It is how we get lighting daily.

The result is that light facing directly towards the camera can be reduced and objects are still clearly visible and lens reflections make photos more aesthetic. YouTube The results are very satisfying, but if we look at the telephoto lens and the ultra-wide lens in more detail it's starting to get a little difficult to get better details, However, we do not get the indoor light that will do this, Here we do it in the living room with good lighting. The result was that the lighting produced was brighter than it should be. Details are still very good, but here the ultra-wide lens and the telephoto lens started to lose detail.

So that it produces a brush paint effect, even though the noise is minimal, then we will again do this dartmoor test in my room, but in Lampung, we turn off everything and close the curtains so that the condition of the house is very dark. The results are very surprising as if light is coming. The details that get the skin tone are also close to natural and the color look balanced Similarly the pictures are good with the backup. Direct sunlight makes the photo less dark in the room with light, even though it is not as well as outdoor. If you don't zoom in, the photo looks detailed at a glance but if you zoom in, you can see the rice effect of capturing videos indoors with good lighting. The ultra-wide lens produces a good video with Tom.

The color is a little different, but here the telephoto lens produces a video that looks quite noisy. We continue to record video in a room with poor lighting. The three lenses straddle light handling conditions. The telephoto lens is for outdoor video recording. At the end of the video, we will put it as well as the content creation test session. Twenty is also equipped with a model Pro or manual. You can adjust the white balance, focus, lens aperture, etc., so that the photos you produce are long in color. In videos, according to your wishes, not only manual mode photos are also present. Think that the video in the Bokeh section is complete I think you can take the rear camera booking on front, camera, photos or videos.

We get a little lacking at the very least in the part where the background is quite complex. In the portrait section, the person gets the cut. If you have MSG leaves. this has to be media blur, but the focus of the slow motion feature works very well in sufficient lighting with a resolution of 1080p or Full Azmi. Here we are doing an experiment to make a simple dreambot in super slow motion. Makeshift equipment with a resolution of only 720p needs very, very good lighting conditions, but the video produced from here is quite fun to watch and test.

Twenty has a feature called Single Take where he takes pictures for about 10 seconds and squeezes Hai produces photos with various glues, filters, poses, fast power, videos and also boomerangs and there is a photo feature in an interesting way. For example, there is this jump, then there is a food mode that makes your food photos more savory and more Instagrammable Hi everyone, back to my daily vlog in the padmini era,. This is perfect for those of you who like blogging. We plan to get out after that, but still wear a high Mountain Thyme mask. This is meant to test this SWT camera in video recording, whether it uses the main lens or the Reza White, as well as the first audio produced by the S20 microphone hello hello, I would like to ask this rich.

After we come out of this noodle dish that has not yet been finished. What are your plans It's too long to pray because I would like to take a break and go with my friends on a trip to the bank, right? It seems that now it is ripe, it is hard to find everybody immediately until social extension. What do you think two of you think about the quality of videos and photos from Es lending Wow? The videos are really good if we use it because the light looks like Riau and it's different from other products and the features are so many, okay. If you like the video, if you are the next instag There is something wrong with the ram, my friends, and Edwin e Hai, it is important to use this often enough sustenance..

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