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And welcome to for testing a galaxy together, 20 5 g. Yes, this time has been around since March 2020. The price at the launch in the 128 GB version was still 999 euros, and now a really nice, compact device I can find everything we need to know about the Samsung galaxy s, 20 5 g in this video start with the housing and the display that it has 20 5 g, a housing of aluminum and glass is protected against water and dust as ip68. Gorilla Glass process is 6 years old and yes the martphone is very compact. Only 152 mm high and 69 mm wide, so it is also very narrow, and the construction depth is also extremely low at 7, 9 millimeters.

All this with a weight of 163 grams, so the housing really leaves nothing to be desired, The display of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5 g has a screen width of 6.2 inches and a resolution of 3000 x 1440 pixels, which results in a pixel density of super-sharp, 564 ppi and yes. Candelas You can always read this smartphone in extreme sunlight very well. The display supports a screen refresh rate of 120 Hertz. Au├čerdem, you can activate the normal frequency of 60, hertz, and yes. The display also supports HDR 10 plus if you can watch the flicks watching nice high-contrast cinema films so that makes everything pretty and as I said you have glass 6 on the front and the back.

Let us take a look at the features of the first 20 and start with the scope of delivery here, as usual, cardboard box with the tool and a few instructions, and then there is also a small box in this deadly here is usually a USB adapter for copying the data of your all phones that is now in the press sample that the power supply unit with I, think 25 Watts or super fast charger says it can fast charge. Afterwards we have these wonderful Akg headphones in the scope of delivery, which have not changed for years. You can, of course, bet on it and included are three different sizes. Yes, what else can you do and then the protective cover is unfortunately not included a small disadvantage and then, of course, the smartphone itself.

That was the scope of delivery, and now we can do with the subject of performance. That connection does not need a network connection now, I'll show you what we found in the benchmark on board for a value of 500 8200 and two points that is very, very neat. There is also a fairly fixed CPU here, namely the Samsung exynos 99 from samsung itself. This is a victim core cpu clocked at 2, 7 ghz main memory, 12 GB ram, is housed in this smartphone and the internal memory is 128 gigabytes. I'll do that in the compartment then you can see how it looks here with the expandability. That's oddly often the case with some high-end smartphones so that you can't expand them. The internal memory has it but that is by the way the case here.

So he also introduced two name regimes for pulse operation or nano sim and micro sd card that can then be equipped with a maximum of 1 terabyte. The battery, which is permanently installed here has a capacity of 4,000 milliampere hours. That's okay is not going to be bought back, but that is okay, especially as this smartphone is so slim. That's okay too, that at samsung it's classic so no record values are created in comparison to some other competitions, samsung da or its past samsung a bit behind, but eleven twelve hours, that's very, very decent for a 4000 milliampere hour battery. It is also inductive lapa, so that it can be charged wirelessly and is also fast, as stated with the supplied mains adapter.

You get the battery fully pumped up in about an hour, which is also good. So even if you find some kind of power very quickly, you need ten minutes for the charger and then it starts. Basically that is very neat, too. Really it was so that the samsung will only be delivered in 20 android apps, but he sees that yesterday. Strangely enough, I don't always manage to do Wof for effect, but then it appears here, so Android 11 is now installed here. After the current update and above also is the one of July from samsung and in the meantime are at version 3.0. So something has changed, and yes it's the same to usability in terms of Samsung,. Whoever comes from android smartphones does not have problems but there are many other things that can be achieved here.

You can see that by showing you the interfaces here how many interface icons are spread over three pages unbelievably so that you can choose everything possible. So that's quite impressive in terms of look and feel would be to the Samsung Bixby here I've now gone back to the wifi here, so there isn't the google cover newsfeed if you are here from left to right freedom but just this own solution from samsung xp news ge layer is a bit of a matter of taste, but I never really got warm to be honest, but I think it's just a matter of getting used to it all the apps come from the bottom up. You can also make them a bit smaller if you want, but I think that they are actually very good and yes. I have someone who has gesture control by default here.

The Android control buttons are set but the good? I think that gesture control is actually quite comfortable for me at least. That is it on the subject of equipment, performance memory, battery and scope of delivery. The main camera has three lenses: an ultra wide angle, with 12 megapixel, aperture, f, 22, the main camera, far hinkel 12, megapixel 8 and the valley here with 64 megapixel resolution and aperture f, 2.0 is relatively bombastic. There are two optical image: the stabilizer b ei, the main camera and the telephoto, and of course also electronic screens lisators. It has a resolution of 10 megapixels with a aperture of f 2.2 and now we looked what pictures this 20 can take like this. The lighting conditions in the stable are always medium good.

I always open a flap and then hold it in there so I'm especially bright, but not really dark, but that makes the Samsung pretty good. I have to say my cat in front of the Christmas tree right here, that is, a great job, because it is not particularly bright there either. You can see the field really well recognize. This is relatively well dark, say little, but really not that great, and still with this aperture v on 11 18 these are the shots taken in automatic mode with the main camera. I love it very much, the colors on SAMSUNG are always a little popy. I think you can see it quite well here with this shade of green because samsung always exaggerates a bit in my opinion. The pictures have a little bit of that but a nice depth looks very lively here too.

The red of this flower here of this plant, it's a bit red knight than it is actually in reality but as I said, samsung has always done that and I can live with that. Here I show the automatic recording again, always pay attention to the dark spots because it can be seen really, and here in the automatic mode more at once details are present that makes samsung also very good focal length series. This is the ultra wide angle, with 12 megapixels of f-22, very nice and sharp so that it would return to normal. It is, of course, always beyond doubt and then the tele comes here, three times optically enlarged that was taken with 12 megapixels, and here again the same ultra wide angle from the skylight, and this is the normal bremer here.

So the wide angle lens again and here the triple telephoto, then you can also zoom in hybrid even further I. Was this once here to 10 times I think, that's pretty I have to say you can get really close fetch objects, and this is the maximum magnification 30x meyer here Yes, now two more safe is not outside without a bouquet and this would give the interior that is full of quality, excellent and now the example like. At the time, however, I quickly made a small test video with which I set 20 5 g with the main camera ch. Now I go out into the sun, the sun is shining, the man can't believe it, and that it's nice on Dec 21 and yes the smartphone has two screens of this shape.

I like the compactness best and this is one thing that you tend to forget but in everyday life, the dimensions of a smartphone have actually a very significant relevance and this with one hand is 20 can operate it here without any problems and the fingerprint sensor works great face recognition. There is obviously also supersoft a 3d scan if I'm not wrong, and so that's real great the workmanship. I said at the beginning that it was besides doubt, so it's just fun to grab it up this time and use it. That is also not absolutely unimportant if you also want to use the smartphone outside. I had already mentioned this to myself, I don't know, I think I'll show it again. Here has the possibility to set a high refresh rate of 120 hertz but then the battery life goes down.

For example, if you scroll through a website here it’s fun and doesn’t sound funny. Yes, that was already possible, and I believe that the reason why Netflix was installed here can also be hd plus again, so this v ideo standard. That leads to a really strong contrast and that is really the case. You can see that when you watch normal videos here on netflix, well, it probably won't be over now... no matter I will turn it off. This section has no jack socket for loudspeakers always a good provided headphone socket. This akg headphone in it is super because something is connected to the PC via USB. There is actually nothing to complain about now, but if you've spent a lot of money already in old headphones, then you might look a little stupid.

What I got here in the press trade there was now that he can do it but how, on anyway you can also connect any headphones via your adapters, but then, as always, it's a bit. What I also noticed is that the telephoto lens here has a resolution of 64 megapixels. Strangely enough, the photos with its shoots have themes but then in the end a resolution of twelve megapixels. But what I find so strange about this whole story is that if the steles and the 64 megapixel sensor have then I activate the photos here if I am fit, but 16 is not like that. So that’s what I found, I’m a bit strange, but I ” make a mistake in thinking ”. You also say that in any case, the aim is that you have v Orhin, from the quality really excellent, also photo and video I have here.

That is also a bit tidy, or now there are actually only two main pictures and video and then there is the single story and everything else is hidden here. There is more live focus than the container does images. There is also a live focus mode, video mode, which is, of course, great. If you shoot a video and, for example, the person in the picture is only the person who is first in focus out of focus, other phones can do that in the photo area, any smartphone can do that, but in the video area only very few can do that.

The camera is definitely one of the great strengths and you've seen that it's one of the best smartphone cameras ever in the entire es 20 series and also here with the es 20 5 g is no different, so it's actually fun, actually, that was it and now we come to the competitors. Yes we were comparing the es 20 5 g with its two sister models the es 20 plus and the s20 ultra priced about 20 5 g and the 20 plus at a level that ultras are still substantially more expensive about 200 euros, more expensive and yes. The two of us are not so far apart that it 20 ultra wins this comparison mainly because of the larger display.

It just has a huge screen here with 6.9 inches and then it will just grow smaller and smaller to the right that the 20 plus had 6.7 inches and that subsequently existed only 6.2 inches in 2005, but of course the devices are different in size, so I think that is a huge advantage up to 20 5 g. The camera has history here, with the ultra dc100 8 megapixel sensor, abe r, all three cameras have standard ultra wide angle or telephoto and yes, the technical equipment is identical with the three smartphones. The Ultra would win this comparison and that it 20 5 g ends up in second place, even before the first 20 plus case. Now, let's look at other makes of sony xperia five mark 42 there you can see the Samsung Nc20 5g quickly in the pocket.

It resonates with the best equipment whereby was a point deduction war because of the missing services, yes, that there were 20 nice and compact in terms of speed, no big differences here in terms of display size and resolution, not really, but in terms of the screen brightness. This was it with the test for the Samsung Galaxy S, 20 5 g. Here it has everything to find out what you wanted to know and wanted to know about this beautiful smartphone. I wish you a happy christmas and a healthy party until then, bye, bye... ''.

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