Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Repair Take apart & Replace - Galaxy User Guide

Hey there What's Up Hope, you are doing great today in this video I want to show you how to take apart the OLED and glass screen assembly on your Galaxy S 10 If you watch this video chances are that you have probably cracked your glass or OLED display on your Samsung galaxy s 10 and in this video I'm showing you how to take it apart to replace it? The device are gonna take the sim and SD card tray up here at the top, so push in a sim ejector tool and take the tray. So next up we are gonna have to heat up the back cover of the phone. We are going to give it heat around the edges. It's gonna have some adhesive there, that is holding it in place, so give it heat and continue moving around so that the phone doesn't burn in one spot.

You can also set it on a hot plate which is what I prefer to use I set it to a hundred degrees Celsius and leave it there for a couple minutes. And here are some of the tools that we will be using for this repair. So we'll use this plastic card, a suction cup will be used, a small Phillips head screwdriver used and some plastic prying tools such as this one and this green one and we'll be using rubber gloves to protect us from the heat so that we don't burn our hands while holding the hot phone. Remember we're gonna have a link below for all the parts and tools used for this repair in the description. We gonna take the suction cup and put it on the bottom, where the charging port is on the back cover and then we will lightly lift the suction cup up.

So this card is perfectly because it is super thin so we can squeeze it in there very gently and it will go very easily into the frame. We then move around to release the adhesive, that is the glass holding it. We can wedge it in there and it will help to keep the back cover open and the next we will go down one of the sides of the phone completely with the plastic card. Now we can remove the suction cup and then we'll just go gently down the side here with this card, removing all the adhesive that holds the sides together here. It is recommended to use a plastic pliers or a card like this so that you don't damage anything inside the phone when we slide it all. The way down we can wedge another prying tool in here to keep it open.

Then we'll work our way down the other side of the back cover with the card to remove the adhesive. Also, you don't want to stick anything too much in there because you can damage the wireless charging, cable and also internal parts of the phone. If you feel that the adhesive is getting hard to remove, go ahead and heat the phone up for a little while and it will help loosen the adhesive to continue removing the rest of it right, so it is gonna. So let's go ahead and finish : removing what is left of the adhesive here at the top of the phone, so go ahead and lift up from the bottom of the back glass here just finished: releasing any leftover adhesive that may still hold the back cover on the frame.

Here is some in this corner so I'm going to go ahead and remove it with this plastic card. You can wiggle it around and move it up until the adhesive is completely released. You can go ahead and lift the back cover up and we'll come out completely in one piece, so another thing is to inspect and realign the adhesive on the back cover so that it is ready when it's time to reinstall the back cover. So the next step is to remove 15 small Phillips head screws that hold the back parts of the phone to its frame with a small screwdriver. So once all the Phillips head screws are removed we're going to remove the back piece of the phone, we're using the plastic prying tool and we're wedged under the Wireless Charger cable.

Here it is gonna be glued down to the bottom speaker so we are gonna wedge under it gently and remove the adhesive by sliding it in there and lifting it gently up. Now we have to remove three small Phillips head screws - one here at the top of the cameras and two at the bottom of the charging port. Let's go ahead and disconnect this flex cable here for the top front camera and let's disconnect the small flex cable here for the headphone jack once that is removed. You might have to remove the battery cable out of the way and then lift up the entire motherboard and it will come out completely if what you want to replace is just your LCD and glass screen assembly.

It can be heated with either a hairdryer or a heat gun by moving it or on the screen, or you can also lay it on the hot plate which is what I use and then what is hot enough? We give it a little pressure between the glass and the phone frame. Although you can also change the entire assembly of the phone which will come with the OLED panel, the glass and the housing frame of the phone so they will come simply like this and we'll have just to remove and reinstall the small parts left on here on the new frame. Next let us remove the vibrator motor with a thin solid, squishing tool. You can squeeze it there, and it will come up pretty easily, and then next, we'll have to also remove the ear speaker.

Do this again with a hair dryer heat gun on the front screen of the phone, or you can lay it on a hot plate and when it is hot enough and the adhesive tightens up the battery, you can go ahead and just lift up on the battery with a plastic prying tool. It comes with the OLED panel, glass and the metal housing frame of the phone. You can also order this entire piece, which will come just like this and then all you will have to do is put everything back together in reverse order and we'll have links down below in the description to where you can get all parts and tools used for this repair, [Music], [Applause] [Music] and then just make sure that the adhesive on your back cover is properly aligned so that we can go back to the frame of the phone.

First, once you have the that in there aligned correctly, then we can go ahead and place the rest of it down to the frame of the phone and then make sure everything is aligned properly and then go ahead and squeeze all the edges, giving it pressure and squeezing them firmly together to enable the adhesive to do its job and then put your SIM card tray back in and then you are ready to power up. Your phone back on so that you can test it out, alright everybody, so that was just a quick video helping to take out the OLED and glass screen assembly on your Samsung galaxy s, 10..

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