Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 1TB storage 12GB Ram Unboxing + First Impressions Unlocked - Galaxy User Guide

This is the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus it has one terabyte of storage and 12 gigabytes of RAM and it's the most expensive Galaxy S, 10 they have currently on the market and it is ceramic white. It also came with these Samsung Galaxy buds limited time offer not for sale, so you get it free, at least when I did. The pre-order he did now that they give you one hundred thirty dollar gift card, which is enough to purchase these and then right off the bat, you get the Samsung Galaxy s, 10 plus in ceramic white. It didn't appear when I went to the Samsung show for the unveiling of these, but I saw the other colors and it looks like rose gold or something on the side. It is really difficult to see in this lighting, but yes, it is a hefty phone too.

If it has a good weight to it, baby headphone jack still alive, three cameras at the top here and then right there your two cameras on top. I think it is in a good spot before now - it is just a little higher but I guess I will get used to it. Look like they are almost like a wireless device, like with small stems sticking out. Nevertheless they are wired headphones and then you also get a charger matt white. These are like eco-friendly packaging and accessories inside the box. Unlike in the past years, and then you get this little thing that is a wonderful device. So I will put one nine, seven zero to send data and you can see it's already starting to send this data, settings and stuff to the Galaxy S ten plus from my galaxy note 9.

If you have a galaxy device that makes it super fast and easy to do it. If not to, it is gonna restore from this backup. It's gonna do 101 apps 1700 contacts, uh those would probably duplicate, and then you can see what else you can uncheck some of the stuff. If you don't want it to backup your stuff, but then 3.2 gigs of one terabyte can see, so that I have enough storage left over to protect my phone face. So it is all right- and this is the setup I did a video on this, but it will kind of walk you through the fingerprint setup and it's asking me to go harder all right: I will do it [Music], [Music] [Music] and there is the fingerprint sensor added. Let's add the other [Music] I'll put on the screen with the fingerprint sensor.

That is obviously one of the new things about the phone this year, okay, so I'm finally on the home screen, but obviously it's still downloading my apps and stuff like that to get it all set up. Finally, this phone is completely setup for the most part, and I signed in almost an extra. Almost all my apps at this point set up with my home screens the way I want in my backgrounds. All that kind of stuff is ready to go and a couple of things just to keep that I've noticed that I've run into so. The other thing is when I swipe quite often I'm actually hitting the camera and I know that gonna make it blurry, it gonna mess up a little bit with it.

So these are two things that I noticed right off the bat that I don't know that I'm not in love with it'll, definitely some getting used to like I said in the beginning of the video, but so far like I said, hitting that camera when I swipe down to get to my notifications, quick taskbar and then also power button just a little too high and I've already played with this phone slightly earlier off, you say at the Samsung think so kind of have an idea like I know the speaker sound, really really Obviously, this is also new on the front and on the back I'm going to show a fork, a front camera sample that I recorded with this phone here is a sample of the fork, a front camera footage of the galaxy s 10 plus, and gives you a good indication of how it sounds and looks again.

It is 4k, the first selfie 4k camera on a cell phone and the Samsung Galaxy phone is at every version on the S10 II, yes 10 and the S 10 plus another exciting new thing about the Galaxy s 10 and s. 10 plus, is the fingerprint sensor in the display. The display in the middle, so I'll show you and that's another of the things I'm not totally loving, it's it. Sometimes I I do not know that it is supposed to get better over time - and maybe that's just the issue. Some people claim that you can just tap I, don't have to really press to get it to work.

I'm not super amazing if I press it as hard as I can or just let me tap that one working a little bit better I mean maybe it's awful if you have to learn how to do it so, but it's a really cool feature about the phone, to show off to your friends, but I feel like it's still. In the development stage I want to bring you into device care to show you that I'm using 103 gigabytes already and I have up to 1024 - aka a terabyte of data so that all is true and when I go into memory load this up I'm using six points of two gigabytes of 12 gigabytes. Also, the rim left - but this is still pretty amazing feat with that much ramp.

This certainly feels like I'm going back to Galaxy S 9 where you get six gigabytes of RAM, because that is what this has and not a huge difference. However I do know it is, I mean, just a surface level. If this, you know, the camera holds in the top right, they bother me I guess that it's just you know it's the same experience that you're gonna get with every other galaxy phone for the most part. Don't expect too much of a change in that regard, but overall I will definitely put it through its paces and give you a more direct response. Hopefully give you such a turnaround time in the next few days, but if you've got any questions or comments..

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