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I went ahead and pre-ordered it, but let us talk about a phone that came out two years ago: the Samsung Galaxy S10. If you pick up this phone, you will be for so many years to come and that has never been more true than now, because I look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 and I look at this phone and I still feel like the Samsung Galaxy. Between this phone and the s21 two years have passed and this phone is still a killer device in so many different areas, and it's worth more now than the video I did last year that is so crazy, so the Samsung Galaxy S10. If you want to pick it up, links will be down in the description, you can get them from there and help support the channel.

In the same way, the front of the s10 I mean first of all that this is still one of the most beautiful aspects about this phone that 6.1 inch panel on it I mean 1440p hole punch display, you have a look like a very tiny bezel on top and bottom, but still such a beautiful panel. Whenever I look at this phone and whenever I make videos about it or anything else, it just looks so good on the camera that it is not even funny. Even though the s20 is still, you know my favorite phone : the Galaxy s10 is such a good looking device both front and back. You know what I mean, and the panel of this with the fingerprint sensor still holds up completely and it still feels like a flagship phone hands down on the bottom.

You have this USB type-c port with that headphone jack, which is a very interesting thing because, as you know most people do not have headphone jacks anymore, but this device has it, which is beautiful. You know the volume buttons power buttons all that stuff, but you have the micro SD card slot which is beautiful. You look at the Samsung Galaxy s, 21 Series. All those phones there they remove the headphone, they remove the micro sd card slot which is so sad. That was like one of the best things about a galaxy phone and i still remember the galaxy s6 when they removed that micro sd card slot.

Now they have they added it back and now have fully removed it from their series device very sad but again there's nothing I love you know: frosted back glass or whatever. I love this a lot more than this, but I still think you know that having glass on the back is perfect. We now have a plastic back on the galaxy s21 very strange and I'm not trying to make this into a comparison, but I love comparing what we had to now and seeing that back then is even better than what we have now, which is so insane.

Reverse Wireless Charge, all that good stuff which is great, and this phone still feels like such a flagship phone when you hold her in your hands, so when it comes down to it the way it feels still got a thumbs up for me and my books now in terms of the camera we'll go and hit on the camera, because this is very interesting. Then you have a triple camera setup with 12 megapixel wide angle lens, 12 megapixel telephoto lens then a 16 megapixel ultrawide sensor. In my opinion, this camera still holds up completely ok. I have done so many comparisons between this specific camera and a lot of other phones that came out the iPhone 11s, the iPhone 12s, the Galaxy S20s, all of them other phones.

It has the three camera setups that are the most important - the wide angle lens which is this standard lens -, the telephoto lens - which allows you to zoom in a lot - and the ultrawide sensor - which allows you to zoom out a lot - So you have quite a bit of range: there are no camera sensors here that are boring or that are like a miscellaneous, and these are solid camera setups for sure, and you still have 4k 60. You have a lot of features built in this camera, this ui had 2.5. So there's really not a bad way to look at this phone in terms of the camera, even the front one. This is also another huge advantage for this type of phone we have.

You know you can do 8k on it and everything, but this camera is still perfectly fine, and you know for the year that it came out, 2019 for it being a two-year-old phone and you know for the price that you can pick it up. This is seriously one of the best cameras in terms of like a budget type phone that you can pick up for sure. In terms of the camera setup that pretty much covers it up. When it got Android 10, whatever you like to call it, we did get the announcement that it would receive an extra year of support. That in and of itself is another huge thing that propelled it to practically last a year, so in a way it was already like a brand new phone in a way.

It's probably going to end on one UI, four if I'm honest but that's still a really decent version of software for the Android device compared to ios. You have a few more years or at least a year of security updates, so you have a longer lifespan on this kind of device too. So for sure, when it comes down to it I'll say: software-wise, it's still OK, for the most part moving towards the performance side of things. The Samsung Galaxy s10 had that qualcomm snapdragon 855 chipset, octa-core, cpu, adreno, 640, gpu and eight gigs of ram each of the model of this device. You had a 128 gig model and then a half terabyte model, which I didn't even know about, and the micro SD card slot, which is crazy.

Keep this in mind the s21 theoretically should be faster, but here's the thing the Samsung galaxy s10 is still much more than enough fast. For me it's still more than enough speed - I'm not someone who uses a phone like crazy. The back of my mind, I like, oh, if I really wanted to do something on my phone, I could do it. You know it wouldn't like the hangup or anything like that, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is still one of those devices. All that can be done pretty fast on the Samsung galaxy s10. It is a killer device when it comes down to performance, even though it doesn't have the latest and greatest chipsets, and all that is still more than enough fast of a phone.

No version of software on this phone was perfect, just like any other device, but it is a little bit glitchy here and there, which is totally fine for the majority of the time, that's expected. It's not even going to be a really smooth budget phone, but it's going to be perfectly fine for pretty much everyone's use case for it. So when it comes down to performance wise, it gets a thumbs up for me, whatever you are going to do with it in terms of even light tasks, to extreme gaming may heat up a little bit, but it's going to get you there and I would say that this is still a really good performing budget phone or really good one.

You know two-year-old flagship phone for sure in terms of performance, so in terms of performance that actually covering it now almost, to end off with battery life. The battery life of the phone was actually pretty good as well. I would also say that the s10 plus had I think better battery life than this phone, but I think the battery life on this phone was pretty good and even if you use it today I think you are gonna have a perfectly good experience with it. So, in terms of that, that pretty much covers it up and kind of sums up the whole video and answers the question: is the Samsung Galaxy S10 worth it in 2021? The first is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has such a beautiful design. You have a really good premium phone.

Even though at this point it is four years old, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of those devices which have a beautiful display. 1440P fingerprint sensor in the display hole punch display that for sure you have the usb type-c with Samsung decks. That is an in and of itself a whole slew of feature sets that you can get into and that is also a really awesome thing. Microsd card slots support glass on the back, reverse wireless charging, still a fantastic camera setup for the front, and the back, which is amazing. For the most part, battery life is pretty good. You know that it's on one Ui, is definitely not one of my favorite versions of android. It is my responsibility to decide whether this thing had stock android or had the opportunity to put stock android on it.

It holds up completely, is not a bad phone, it is not an ugly phone by any means and still has so much power in it.

You can always use a custom launcher and stuff, but it's still not quite the same, and I would have loved to see some sort of difference when it came down to it, but when it comes down to everything about this device, this phone still holds up completely and there is just not that much to hate on it's still a perfect phone and even when you look at the Galaxy s21, it's surprising how the Samsung Galaxy s10 automatically feels like such a better device compared to its newer successor So basically that covers it up, if you guys have any other questions or anything like that, let me know in the comment section below, but definitely hit the Like button to me, every single subscriber that we get really counts. If you guys can also get that check out the other links in the description.

Plus important is everything I'll sell every single one of you guys; hope I'll catch you guys in the next video peace... until then [Music]..

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