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Hey guys, I'm Kim PhD with your first look at the most anticipated phone of 2019 by Samsung, and that turns out it's actually three phones. So, first off I'm gonna focus on the two main ones that say the flagships, the Galaxy S 10 and the Galaxy S 10 plus and I'm off the bet they do look pretty good I mean, I, never thought. We kind of saw that coming from the renders so first off there are three main improvements for the Galaxy 10 and then a lot of small ones, but the main ones are the display, the fingerprint sensor and the cameras. It's got a 6.1 inch screen for the s 10 with a six point, four inch display in the s 10 plus and they continue the tradition of Samsung, having literally the best displays in any phone for a couple of years running and it continues to get even better.

But now it's also HDR 10 plus certified, and they've changed the name a little bit, calling it a next-level infinity display. But still it goes right up to the very edges and you have of course the camera cutout right here in the top right corner, like we've seen in all the leaks. It is a laser-cut hole in the AMOLED panel to precisely cut this hole for the camera to come through and nothing else, and it's a single 10 megapixel selfie camera for the galaxy s, 10 plus an additional depth sensor next to it for the dual cutout in the S, 10 plus, so no ultra It doesn't really shock them anymore to see that cut out here in person, instead of just in a leak or in a render. Like we saw that a design start to come up on her phone but this time it was on the left side of it.

It pushes the battery and the signal indicators from the right edge and, of course, Samsung will cleverly include a bunch of wallpapers. That's slightly dark in the upper right hand corner to make the whole thing less jarring, and they also draw this fancy animation around when you switch to the front-facing camera so I guess they're embracing it. So there it is, Samsung can say they have a notch technically never done. The Galaxy S ten has officially moved to Ultrasonic under the glass fingerprint reader which is pretty dope. So you see the word ultrasonic in there and that's not just a name they are just setting up that actually means something as far as the technologies use for you and I.

They don't need to shine a super bright light on your finger to read it so it'll be way less annoying and dim light or at night and number three it can read the fingerprints before waking up the display at all. That is a pretty sweet feature that I'm really happy about. So the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor I'm looking forward to using brings us to number three. The third main new feature with galaxy s: 10 which is the cameras plural so Galaxy s. 10 now has the triple cameras on the back so Samsung is finally doing the three different focal lengths, one main camera, one telephoto and one super wide that is sick I have been waiting for that and I hope that.

Apple gets on this train next, so Samsung has had one of the best camera in any smartphone for a while, so fingers crossed this continued improvement and image. All these things are in the full review so make sure to sign up to see that when it comes out, but the new cameras on the back are already welcome. The main camera is a 12 megapixel sensor, dual aperture f, 1.5 or 2.4 with oh. The telephoto is also f 2.4 and has OIS and the ultra wide doesn't have. Everyone adopts some sort of ultra wide camera, I personally love the look and then in software like Apple and Huawei and LG do.

You can sort of seamlessly zoom between the cameras and it'll automatically switch which camera Iran, depending on how far you zoomed in and it also keeps the intelligent camera with improved scene, recognition and all that, honestly, it looks like a winning package in the camera department, but of course we have to test that all to find out matter of fact make sure you follow me on Twitter and also on Instagram, to see those sample photos of this when I start to get it. It goes on from the day that this video gets uploaded and posted I am. Well, already starting uploading samples of photos so you can see those, so that's it for the main changes but of course since it's Samsung they've also thrown in a ton of other small stuff because that is their style and it's good stuff.

So that's nice and specs and materials are variable. That's great because the Galaxy S ten starts at nine hundred bucks, and for that you get eight gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage, but there are also eight and 512 versions. But when you spec it up as 10 plus turns into a ceramic back instead of glass and then there is an 8 by 512 version or a ridiculous 1 terabyte model with 12 gigs of RAM. I don't know if you have a habit of bragging about how much RAM your phone has.

Dear friends, I don't know what kind of person would use twelve gigs of RAM, but hey - you can do it now - twelve gigs of ram in a phone and - let's not forget Samsung phones - also have expandable storage via microSD, so 1.5 terabytes of memory, so with just that Galaxy S, 10 and S 10 plus, you look pretty impressive. Obviously, wellspect flagships for 2019 and all of that leads us to Samsung's other phone that might nerd out in all this, which is the Galaxy S, 10 II and I didn't want that to get buried or anything so I have an entire separate video on the Galaxy S 10a and everything that's new with it and different from these s10 s. It's essentially their answer to the iPhone 10 R.

It has a couple of tradeoffs like a regular fingerprint sensor and a slightly smaller display, etc. to make that lower price, but it doesn't cut off too much and it ends up with 750 bucks. But it's a pretty direct comparison there and then Samsung also dropped this little bomb on us, the Galaxy S 10 5g. We just know it gonna be a bigger S10 with a six point - seven inch display and an even bigger battery, but also to the shots only. Let me hold it, which leads me to believe that could easily have been a model of a phone.

That phone does not exist yet it is expected to come out in Q2 of 2019, but that would be a whole separate thing when that comes out, but as you can see, from the S 10 and the s 10 plus and from the specifications and from holding them, they continue the Samsung tradition of checking every possible box. There's still whatever they check the box, but there's also this feature now called wireless power sharing. Aka reverse wireless charging. So Samsung gets on board with that too, like we saw earlier with Huawei Mate 20 pro, so now Galaxy s 10 will be able to switch between Troll mode super fast. Four Points : five watt Qi, wireless charging of other devices - I mean that it works fine.

I have said before that but it's pretty gimmicky I wouldn't want to actually do this unless it's a literal emergency, but it's for accessories like the new Galaxy buds, they're wireless earphones that have achieved while charging case is also rumoured on the street Apple may be thinking of doing this for the new iPhone with the new Air pods - which may have a wireless case, but that's all maybe stuff, we'll see so To me that green is kind of cool but I will probably end up with black they're all glass, so they all are fingerprints and then of course, you'll notice, that they run Samsung's new improved One UI that is actually quite different from previous versions of Samsung skins and the main thing you'll notice when using it is it moves a ton of things like menu items and quick toggles and controls to the bottom of the display.

So everything is more reachable on these huge phones and it's just overall more well thought-out and well-designed than previous Samsung software, at least in my opinion. But some things are also cartoonishly huge and I wish they would be smaller or a little more subtle or less crazy. Colorful I, don't know I'm working on my thoughts on it but so far it looks pretty solid but that's pretty much it from my time with hands-on. I mean I like how the phones look and feel in the hands, so I think I'm pretty in love with my 900 or a thousand dollars. Of course, the full review will be the tell-all, but is it sufficiently enough to get you to actually change your mind? This video is also brought to you by the newest round of mkbhd apparel.

It is live right now on the site and it is legitimately the softest hoodie I have ever worn, like that's not even a joke in my life. The s10 e-video is below, but feel free to share this video to anyone who would be curious about Samsung's new tenth generation flagships until the next one. Thanks for watching you later puddle peace..

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