Samsung Galaxy S10 hands-on. - Galaxy User Guide

We love the extremely thin bezels that really pull you into an all screen experience. There is luckily no eyebrow-shaped notch on these phones that will interrupt your view of the screen. Instead, Samsung has sharpened up this expansive screen by cutting a tiny hole for the front camera to fit into the display or in the case of the s10 plus an oval that fits into lenses. One other big feature is an in-screen fingerprint reader which unlocks the phone. This is a huge improvement over searching for the nines fingerprint reader blindly. Other phones with fingerprint readers use optical sensors which are criticized for being easy to fool. This time I didn't get a chance to put my own finger in my final review, but I will be there.

They have a water resistance headphone jack and wireless charging support, and there is even a mode. You can turn on to share power that lets you charge another Qi enabled device using the Galaxy S tens battery reserve. By now, you probably have noticed that the S 10 phones come in flashy colors like flamingo, pink prism, blue prism, green and canary, yellow, in addition to glossy white and black the larger Galaxy S, 10 plus comes in white and black variants with ceramic backs. Sorry, in every country there is not every color, but she should have at least one snazzy shade to choose from Samsung cameras. These years, at the galaxy s, the 10 Plus and II have a 16 megapixel ultra wide lens and a 12 megapixel wide lens.

The s10 and SN plus add now a third camera to the back, a 12 megapixel telephoto lens with 2x zoom. The 5 G version we'll see later this year will have 3d depth, sensing camera on both the front and back, but it's for better portrait shots and not for unlocking the phone like the iPhones'face. This is brand new and it gives you guidelines for getting the best pic AI software onboard. You will also recognize the scene you are looking at and apply lighting settings automatically to help make it look good. The bright night setting automatically kicks in to improve a low-light scene.

[Music] still good with me, because there are more our old friend Bixby is back with some routines that you can program to change her phone settings automatically as you go about your day. These phones are the first to come, pre-installed with the Samsung UI software, which runs Android 9. You care about this because it is Samsung's attempt to overhaul a previously cluttered galaxy skin when your eye is supposed to help make navigation more one-handed, but I did notice that you still have to reach up to the top of the screen to activate the notification shade, but that I will say that larger buttons do seem to be easier targets for your fingers to hit okay. Well, the Galaxy S 10 5 G, which we weren't allowed to turn on, is the largest of the bunch with 6 points.

The regular s10 has a 6.1 inch screen and a main selfie cam, the s10. A screen drops down to a 5.8 inch display, all of the galaxy's turns run on snapdragon, an 855 processor. You'll pay 1,000 bucks for the Galaxy S, 10 plus 900 for the s10 and 750 for the s10 II. Those three knives are on pre-order on February 21st and you'll get a free pair of Galaxy buds as a gift they all sell on March 8 in stores. But if it's the 5g Galaxy S ten years after you, has to wait a little while longer in the US, it will come exclusively to Verizon in the second quarter before going to other carriers - pricing is still unknown. This was just a very brief taste of all four new Galaxy S ten phones, but we are gonna dig in with a full review..

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