Samsung Galaxy Note9: Introduction - Galaxy User Guide

It takes the mobile experience to a whole new level by focusing on what matters most in today's ever-on mobile world. Our team of engineers and designers developed our most extraordinary performance features. Yet like our new, powerful all-day battery, it takes you on just a single charge through your entire day. With our cutting-edge processor, you can enjoy remarkably fast performance while using the advanced water technology. Our engineers have completely transformed the S-pen by embedded Bluetooth technology.

The all-new S Pen lets you command presentations without touching your phone and for the first time grants you the power to remotely access notes and advanced intelligent camera systems with just a tap. Our revolutionary camera takes photography to a whole new level adapting like a human eye for spectacular photos day or night. We have embedded an incredibly powerful AI in the camera to intelligently recognize scenes, optimizing their colour and automatically detecting flaws. All new Dex is engineered to turn your phone into a dynamic PC so you can work on the big screen and leave the dongle bag behind and with Knox.

You have the security of a mobile platform, which is fused at both manufacture and hardware, so that your data is protected from the chip up the moment you turn off your phone with note..

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