Samsung Galaxy Note 21 & Galaxy Note 21 Ultra - RETURN!! - Galaxy User Guide

There have been several reports regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The most popular report is that SAMSUNG will not continue its notes series. Recent reports show that the Galaxy Note 22 series may be in preparation. According to the report, the company is preparing this device for 2022 - the main highlight of the Samsung Galaxy Note. A new samsung patent however shows that the company hopes to add some more skills to the s-pen project. Recently let's go digital exposed, a Samsung Electronics patent for a portable terminal with a detachable camera. The patent shows that samsung adds a wireless camera module to the pen, which then can perform multiple functions.

Firstly, it can replace the front camera and act as a magnetic pop-up when the user needs it. Finally, the spen can include a clip that allows you to fix it on clothes or other objects. The device will of course retain its complete pen stylus functions including the remote control as the main camera and support for air gestures. A report from ice universe also claims that supply chain rumors suggest that Samsung is preparing for the Galaxy note phone next year. As of now reports of a samsung galaxy note, 22 series is at a very early stage. There are still some factors that could hamper the arrival of another Note series, for instance the more successful the Galaxy z fold.

The lesser is the likelihood of a note series launch if clip shortage continues. samsung may have to make difficult choices so guys..

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